Zagreb Top Things To Do: Travel Guide in Zagreb, Croatia

There’s so many people waiting the
suspense is building we are in Zagreb Croatia we’ve been here
for a couple of weeks now and we absolutely love the place hey guys I’m
Ross and I’m Bek! And today we’re gonna take you around the city and show you
well the vibe of the place show you the things that we think and I must do
things in Zagreb so I’m ready I’m ready let’s go one of the best things about Zagreb is
that a lot of the must-see sites are really central and easy to see on foot we think Zagreb is really underrated a
favorite thing to do is just walk around and take in the relaxed vibe All right my little kid inside of me
is about to come out we’re gonna catch the Funicular up to the top into the
old town great views from the top are just the
beginning we are at this really quirky museum called the Museum of broken relationships we don’t know too much about it but so
many people have recommended the we come and see this so we’re checking it about 40 kunas yeah about 40 kunas about $10 so yeah
we’re about to take you around and check it out it might seem like a very random
collection at first but it’s the touching funny and sometimes tragic
stories that really ties it all together when we want to get out of the apartment
we love to work in local cafes and Zagreb has some really cool cafes I’m
dying for a coffee so we’re gonna load up on coffee just for you guys these are
our absolute favorites we’ve worked our way through them! Try the ice coffee at Botanicar. Or try the elderflower lemonade’s One of the things we love about Europe
is every city always has something quirky something different
this place has a cannon shot at midday every day there’s so many people waiting
for this to pop off and the suspense is building oh all right. I’m like standing right under this thing and I thought it might be like a little
popper or something that thing was like the real thing I swear man like Zagreb just gonna bombed by that thing I’m so hot sweaty up here
we ran to the top just to get here in time all right so in Croatia they love that
smoked sausages and well this place is really good fantastic sausages they do
all different types and they give it in this delicious little toasted bun that
is amazing there’s like a honey mustard in there some other type of mustard this
a really humble so salad this and pickles and tomatoes unbelievable there’s loads and loads of fresh markets
in Zagreb. Dolac market is probably the most popular that’s in the city center
and there is a massive variety of stuff there fruit veg meats and all the really
cool stuff but we prefer the local markets near where we live in our Airbnb
there’s this local market and they know me as the Australian they say hi mr.
Australia it’s a really cool place to visit just topping up on fresh fruit
every day is a pretty cool experience this is really cool street happening
where there’s lots of locals lots of tourists all coming in here and drinking
craft beers or cocktails or whatever it is that you fancy there’s a couple that
we really like doppelbock is our favorite after working through the menu
it’s a mix somewhere between a light beer and a dark beer but it’s seven and
a half percent it packs a solid punch so a half a litre of most of the craft
beers down here is about 19 Kuna for about 15 or 14 Kuna you can go elsewhere
in Zagreb and drink a beer but come here for the extra five enjoy a quick little pro tip down here is if
you want to take some back to your Airbnb by the takeaway version of these
same beer same amount of beer half the price after a massive day of showing you
around zagreb and sightseeing there’s no better spot than to come here put your
feet up drink beer and people watch just watch watch the people anyway cheers
guys we hope you enjoyed this if you did
please give us the thumbs up hit subscribe and we have more videos coming
very soon It’s good. I’m getting some hairspray to us
we’re getting some hear spray. pigeon time I can’t take him anywhere you you

57 Replies to “Zagreb Top Things To Do: Travel Guide in Zagreb, Croatia

  1. Zagreb looks beautiful! Brilliant city guide you two! The beer street at the end is incredible.
    My favorite travel due! ✌✌💕💕

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  3. It is a very beautiful city
    The Cathedral is so cool ❤️❤️
    It's a perfect place to walk around and relax indeed
    Wow that's so cheap for the cable car
    Wow museum of broken relationship hmm
    Booksa is super cool
    Wow that's amazing that tower 👍
    Yummy smoked sausages and the sound of that bun 🤤🤤
    Beer is great to end the day
    Mate, what should I say about this city? It's very surprising how they look after the city and what they have in there 👍👍😅
    Ps. Love the bloopers 👍👍👍
    Have a great week ahead guys

  4. We spent a couple weeks there last Christmas. The town was so festive and filled with Christmas markets, music and food. Wonderful city.

  5. Woahh would definitely visit Zagreb in summer, city looks so beautiful 🙂 Of course the food look amazing too , great job ross & bek 😀

  6. the beer in Zagreb was surprisingly amazing, so underrated! glad you showed your favorite spots here. this makes us want to go back for food and beer (and to catch that cable car because we missed it!) also the coffee shops are low key awesome! spent so much time editing there haha

  7. The architecture is phenomenal in Zagreb. The museum of broken relationships sounds interesting. The smoked sausage got me feeling like breakfast right now. Cheers!

  8. Great video! Zagreb looks amazing 🙂 The Museum of Broken Relationships looks pretty interesting, and that cannon seemed so super loud! 🙂 Love craft beer too so we will have to visit that street

  9. Hi !!!
    Congrats for your nice video and for your great Channel !!!
    I Love it 💜😁💜

    I am a World Traveler and It will be a pleasure to stay connected !!!

    Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  10. Man you guys already sold us on Budapest now you about to sell us on zagreb Croatia too 🤔 the town looks really awesome totally agree that it's underrated. Looks like just the right amount of modern and old school charm 👍

  11. Hi Ross…..beautiful video…full watched …thank you for sharing my friend….i wish wonderful sunday for you ….

  12. Really like the architecture in the city. Definitely don’t hear as much about Zagreb with all of the love Dubrovnik gets

  13. Wow the toasted bun sounds so crispy! Smoked sausage sounds great and definitely looks like Ross approves

  14. Hi both Zagreb looks amazing for things to do and see! That cannon woke everyone up at noon, great stuff! You really got to know the place well, super food and drinks, I think we need to visit there😎👍💕

  15. Great video guys! We were in Dubrovnik last month and felt it was way too overcrowded so we thought we wanted to visit other parts of Croatia as well and Zagreb was one of the places we planned on visiting so this guide will definitely come in handy! 👍🙌

  16. I am so thankful and surprised that a beautiful couple has brought me to beautiful Croatia.Thank you for a great video. The best. I have joyfully 'sub'ed to your channel. Please Give it to me.

  17. Totally agree! Zagreb is so underrated. It's crazy that the cathedral still is under construction. We were there 2 years ago and it looks exactly the same – Trevor

  18. Ok, I’m really adding Zagreb to my wish list of places to visit! You made it look like a beautiful place to chill, explore, eat & drink. I can so see myself there.
    And I love the music you used on this video 🙂

  19. The city looks amazing! This is a really helpful guide if we plan to visit Croatia. Omg that "bombing" is so real!! Ahhhh and ofcourse, all the good food and beer 😉

  20. Another great video guys! Can’t wait to see what you get up to next! I’ve just posted a video of my two week trip to South Africa that I’ve just come back from! Would love any feedback!

  21. How long is the tunnel?
    Love the architecture, such a nice mix
    The funicular is less than an euro? Is it scary at all to get in?

    The name of the museum is awesome, let us see !

  22. Coffeeeeee!!!!
    That foam of the first coffee is magical!

    Nice selection of cafes guys! This is very important to know for me (Maria)

  23. Mmmm sausages!!
    Wow that is crunchy, Ross that’s awesome 👏🏼 lucky you, you look so happy 😀
    Fresh local markets are the best, I miss those.
    The outside bars and restaurants are so cool.
    7.5%? Nice, the tip about half the price is awesome…
    I miss Europe so much!

    People watching is the best.

    Love the video guys

  24. Zagreb seems like such a beautiful city. Definitively on our list. Glad to hear that everything is close by. Very nice architecture and parks. Cool funicular! The museum of broken relationship is very unusual indeed. Botanica looks so fun. We would totally go see that cannon! Smoke sausages for the win! Yum! Takeaway beer?!! What?! Niceeee!

  25. Great Zagreb travel video guys!!
    We’ve never been to Croatia before.
    Hahah the museum of broken relationships! What a name for museum 😱

  26. Looks like the price for transportation and food are much cheaper than Australia.
    Very nice 👍🏻 love everything cheaper than Aussie haha

  27. Love that sweet ending 😍 Thanks for showing us another awesome place to visit. You guys are really having the time of your life! 🤩 Thumbs up and full view as always from your friends 😊

  28. Thank you good People for promoting my Zagreb! I'm happy you enjoyed it here (or maybe you're still enjoying?). Did you try "Peka" dish? BTW Great video! 👍

  29. Hey Ross and Bek! This is an awesome travel guide! I love watching these, so informative. I need to make a visit to Croatia one day! The architecture is beautiful 😍
    Whoa that cannon is so interesting! Really cool that they do that every day. Mm love a good sausage!

  30. oh! interesting, but yeah, a bit random weird museum. good idea if presented all together with the same topic!

  31. YEEEESSS! That craft beer street!!! we'd pick our accommodation very near that street! or maybe right there! HAH!

  32. how long will you guys be there? we are going to be rolling through there tomorrow! lets meet up for some beers and food. double travel couple date

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