YouTube TV vs Hulu TV 2019 | Which Is Better?

Hulu Live and YouTube TV are easily the two fastest growing
streaming TV services out there right now. You guys are very passionate about these, so if history is any guide, I’m about to get a lot
of comments on this one. Let’s get started. (techno music) Now before we get started,
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like that these days. Right now it’s five Chromecasts that’s available for a few more days only so make sure you hit subscribe and check the description for that. Now to compare YouTube
TV versus Hulu Live, I’m gonna tackle a few
different areas of each. The available devices, the channels, the DVR, simultaneous
streams, and of course price. Now if you’re sharp, you noticed something left off the list. The interface. I’m sure there are a few of you out there who love the interface of
one or the other so much that this will be the deciding
factor between the two, but I don’t think it should be. And anyway I can’t possibly
rate those interfaces since frankly it’s just too subjective. For instance, I think Hulu’s
interface looks great, but I actually hate the layout. But that doesn’t mean you have to. Anyway we can do future videos on exactly how all these interfaces work, but for now let’s get
into exactly why Hulu Live is the number one streaming service out there right now. – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Look that’s a pretty bold claim there. I’m here to contend that YouTube
TV is in fact much better. – Who the hell are you? – I’m you, only smarter.
See? – Maybe so but why do you get a podium? – Well thank you. YouTube TV can’t be number one because it’s not even available
on the Amazon Fire TV, because Google and Amazon won’t just kiss and make up already. Hulu Live is available
pretty much everywhere. – Well it’s not on the
Android TV platform. It’s also not on PlayStation. – Well you know YouTube TV
isn’t on the PlayStation either. – Yeah, that’s true. But Hulu is missing some of the
greatest channels out there. No AMC.
No BBC America. Everybody’s gonna miss out on “The Walking Dead” and “Doctor Who”. – Nerd! Oh please. You just named two channels. Neither of them is even
in the top 10 on cable. YouTube TV is missing Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, Lifetime. These are some serious omissions. – Wait, wait, oh!
Transmission incoming. Yes, this just in. YouTube TV just added a
bunch of Discovery networks, so now they do in fact have HGTV, Food Network, and Discovery. – Oh. – Hey at least we’re both
missing all the Viacom channels. – You know I don’t think that’s something we should be bragging about. – Well maybe not, but I bring it up because either way somebody’s
probably gonna add Philo to their service line up in order to get those Viacom channels. But there are a lot of repeat channels between Philo and Hulu Live that you end up paying for twice, but Philo and YouTube TV actually
fit together much better. – Maybe so.
Maybe. But we can at least both brag
about our local channels. Those are both great. – Yeah that’s true. We are pretty even there, so maybe we should talk
about the DVRs now. – No. – No really. Give us your best pitch
on Hulu Live’s DVR. – Okay, fine. At no extra charge Hulu Live gives you 50 hours of recording. Then for a nominal fee
of 10 bucks a month, you can increase that
storage to 200 hours. – Right and what else does that
nominal fee allow you to do? – Well it also let’s you fast
forward through commercials. – So okay. (laughs) You mean you can’t fast forward through commercials with the free DVR? How delightful. Alright so my turn. At no extra charge, YouTube TV gives you unlimited storage, and recordings are kept for nine months, and you get to fast forward
through your commercials. – Yeah but doesn’t YouTube TV swap in their on-demand content
for your recordings with all of the commercials. – Yeah, they used to. Yes it was pretty bad, but they’ve gotten a lot better at it now. They don’t do that very much. Pretty much works as advertised now. – Alright but you know what
this is really all about? It’s all about family, right? And Hulu Live is the
friendliest service out there for big families because you
can get unlimited streams. – Yeah for 10 bucks a month. – Well sure at 10 bucks a month, but listen to what I
said: unlimited streams. So if I’ve got a big family
or lots of roommates, 10 bucks is a pretty small price to pay. – But it is a price to pay. So for no extra cost, YouTube TV gives you three
simultaneous streams. Better than the two you get
on Hulu Live’s base package, and frankly three is plenty
for my small household. – You know I’m glad you brought up price. Let’s talk about price. Hulu comes in at 45 bucks a month and YouTube TV is– now remind me was it 40 bucks a month? – Okay fine. Yes, they did recently raise their price to 50 bucks a month. (laughs) – Awesome so now with Hulu
Live I can get Live TV plus all the regular
Hulu on-demand content. I could even bump it up to
the no commercials version of Hulu and it’s still
cheaper than YouTube TV? – Look I’m not thrilled about this either. – I am. – Well hey at least with YouTube TV you don’t get a bunch of add-ons. 50 bucks a month may be quite a bit, but you get the great DVR and the three simultaneous streams. – And for less than that,
Hulu with Live TV gives you: Hulu and live TV. – Alright well here’s my final pitch. Look the price may have
been raised recently, but it is still the simpler option with a much better DVR. And I think you can all agree with me, and if you do, hit the comments below. Let me know why I’m right. – Well Hulu has more content
and a cheaper base cost. The value is easy to see, and I have no doubt that these good people will agree with me in the comments below. (techno music) You know you fit in
those jeans really well. – You know if nothing
else, you smell delightful.

100 Replies to “YouTube TV vs Hulu TV 2019 | Which Is Better?

  1. With Disney's new streaming service and they owning most of HULU you can bet they will have some kind of bundle

  2. Both good services, but the Hulu add-ons add up quick and before you know it you're right back at cable TV prices to get the features most comparable to Youtube TV. Also, keep an eye out for locals. Hulu did not have locals in my market. I would have had to watch them from stations 300+ miles away. Right now Youtube TV wins out, but it's an ever changing landscape, so it may change from month to month.

  3. I'm a sucker, paying for Dish Network, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Youtube Music. I'm looking to ditch Dish but I live in rural MN and top internet speed available is about 15Mbs. and I only get about 3 channels OTA. Youtube TV seems like a decent option, but I'm waiting until its available on Fire TV devices. If Google made some package deal with Youtube TV and Youtube Music, I'd be all in…

  4. I'm debating sacking cable in favor of a streaming service. I still need the Internet through my cable provider tough, right? Then I have to pay $45 or $50 depending upon whether I choose Hulu or YouTube? Does YouTube or Hulu provide the local channels, NBC, CBS, ABC?

  5. What kind of quality do these streaming service provide? I am in the market for a huge, flat screen TV with all the bells and whistles. If my streaming service only has quality of 1080 (for example), why bother leaving cable? Can anyone speak to the quality of these services?

  6. $50 down from $163 for direct TV is a steal. Especially since there is suddenly a dispute with CBS causing us to lose Smithsonian among other channels too.

  7. Thanks for mentioning Viacom, I appreciate you being as thorough as possible for all of your viewers.😘

  8. I just turned in my equipment for Spectrum (a.k.a. Satan) and tried Hulu, Sling, and YouTube Tv all at the same time. YouTube TV was actually the last one I signed up for, but it’s by far my favorite!! Granted, they don’t have one of my favorite channels (A&E), but I found an app for that😂👍!! I didn’t watch Live PD when it was on anyway so I could avoid the commercials. I can still watch it after it has aired!! I love the platform!! I have binged on Law & Order all day long!!! Hulu doesn’t have the plain old Law & Order! They have some of the Criminal Intent and SVU, but I don’t watch those as much. YouTube has the best channel lineup for the price, and you can go to a channel, pause it and wait to watch it so you can FF, or you can simply stream it from the beginning and still be able to FF through the commercials!! I went with YouTube TV and LOVE IT!!!

  9. I'm just starting the process to cut the cord. I pay $163 a month for Dish and they dropped HBO and not my price. I'm trying to decide between Hulu Live or YouTube TV. I like the unlimited DVR and 3 streams you get with YouTube. Both Hulu and YouTube are priced at $50.00 a month. YouTube also appears to have more local channels than Hulu.

    We have an amazon prime account so we have access to Amazon video's also. We might include the upgraded HBO package.
    I figure with internet fee, YouTube TV or Hulu live with HBO added in, we will still be saving at least $50.00 a month, but if you don't include the internet cost, we would be saving $100.00.

    Reading the bulk of the comments below it appears to me that YouTube seems to be the clear choice.

    Thanks for the review

  10. You Tube TV is definitely better. It has all the local channels that I can't get with an antenna where I live. Hulu does not have live ABC network. It has all the sports channels you should ever want. The DVR works great although you have to watch some short ads unless you watch a recorded show on the same day. Do not subscribe through your Apple account because they add a $5 fee for the service. You Tube TV is much easier to navigate.

  11. There is one issue with Youtube TV that makes it unusable for someone that watches most of their TV from a DVR recording. They mix the DVR recordings with a whole bunch of on demand recordings for just about every show. This makes it virtually impossible to know what you have and have not watched, if you are recording a bunch of television every week. Bottom line: If you record and watch a fair amount of TV on DVR, your are going to miss a large percentage of your shows because their is just no easy way to tell what has been recorded over the past few days and what has and hasn't been watched.

    The recordings are commingled with multiple seasons of on demand recordings. You also can't delete recordings after you watch them like you can on Hulu's Live. They just automatically get deleted after 9 months. So if your used to looking up your recordings to see what you haven't watched yet when you sit down to watch TV, youtube won't work for you.

    If you like to watch live TV or demand TV with commercials, this DVR issue probably doesn't matter to you. Having said that Hulu is the king of on demand and they don't mix it with your DVR recordings. Hulu's biggest problem is their limited guide, but they are reporting they will have a full guide before the 2019 fall TV season. Also the telephone customer service at Hulu is really impressive. These people answer the phone with next to no hold time and they are very knowledgeable, incredibly professional , and very good at explaining how things work. Hulu does cost a a few more dollars then Youtube if you get the upgraded commercial free 200 hour cloud DVR serves.

  12. I like Youtube premium educational entertaining relative content for my interest movie guys are stuck on there own junk.

  13. I tried all the streaming free trial I could find, and ended up liking YTTV the best. I like the interface on my Roku tv and my phone better than any of the other interfaces, I like the DVR, Cobra Kai was cool, it was just what I liked best. But, with the cost increase, and Disney's partnership with Hulu, I may revisit this decision.

  14. I have never had cable. instead, i used netflix via mail, then netflix went to the web so i did that and still do. SlingTV was a great option for the past few years for television content, but they cannot keep up with the competitors. ive been on Hulu with live TV since its release. I wouldn't pay the $44 that i do for hulu tv if it didnt come with hulu on demand content like its always done. i also have netflix and prime. glad to say i've never needed cable!

  15. very unhappy with hulu live, whenever I watch fox sports detroit it stops and goes back to main menu. very frustrating.

  16. I appreciate the reviews on these different apps. It’s hard to keep up with the ever changing competition out there.

  17. These are the channels I need AMC, Bet, bravo, ID channel, history channel, Lifetime, MTV, TLC, Which one has all these?

  18. I have tried both. YouTube TV has less channels than Hulu, but I felt like its service was more reliable. Hulu Live TV is a little cheaper too and has more channels.

  19. I have HULU regular. Im NOT happy with the price increase to YouTube TV. I canceled DirectTV due to rate increases and the service was not all that. Im really considering to cancel YoutubeTV. They added new channels of which I do not watch and i dont watch sports so there are too many sports channels for me. So the service is not worth my $50 a month.

  20. Both are too expensive for me. I'm cancelling my xfinity and opting for antenna TV. All we end up watching is free network TV anyway. 🙄

  21. Can Hulu tv or YouTube tv add Nfl Network with Nfl Redzone and some real Spanish channels like Univision Deportes, ESPN Deportes, and Fox Deportes that would be nice

  22. the best deal from CoNcast is $69 /month it does not included set top boxes, taxes etc. you are looking at $113.00. Regardless, these streaming services are both, priced reasonably, unless you want to rely on an antenna. CoNcast price does Not include premium channels, DVR etc Incidentally, that is only an introductory price for new subscribers.

  23. I have been trying to make a decision between YouTube and Hulu. It seems with the power of internet I still don't have an answer to a simple question. We live in a state that only cares about collage football. Especially Sec. Football. When I go to Hulu or YouTube TV to see what is available it gets confusing. I need all ESPN and Sec network. Which one provides that and about how much it cost?

  24. The only thing live tv means is you pay a higher rate to watch 20 min of commercials for every hour of programming. And the advertisers also pay the networks for you to have the pleasure of watching their 20 min of commercials for every hour of programming.
    And you will not be able to fast forward or skip them.

    I want these platforms to understand one thing.

    I do not tune into a certain network on a certain day at a certain time to watch my favorite commercial.

    and HULU commercial free tv is NOT commercial free.

  25. Very informative and creative LOL The debate and special effects were seamless, on top of getting the pros and cons that I needed, the video was very convincing and entertaining! Would you DM me and let me know how you did this I'd like to make a video with 2 of me for my family? I was impressed with the little details as simple as looking at your other self at the correct eye level great job! If I could thumbs up twice I would!!!

  26. Going to try YouTube. The fact Hulu says you can use multiple devices and then tries to connect to one static IP address is like a kick in the face to its long standing customer base.

  27. I recently switched from Spectrum to YouTubeTV. I have no complaints, although I would like to see consistent navigation through all of my devices. It wasn't hard to learn the diffences, however at times it can be a bit confusing. Having said that, I can watch TV on all 4 of my TVs simultaneously with no problems. If you are on the fence, I will tell you my personal experience with YouTubeTV has been great.

  28. 5000 tv channels worldwide for $19.95 monthly no contracts. Live tv, series, any sports you want, free pay per view, and much more. Do yourself a favor and take the 30 day trial for $9.95 and see for yourself.

  29. I’m surprised this channel hasn’t compared AT&T Watch TV to other services! For $15 a month & the channel line up, its actually not that bad. Of course just like other services it has it cons as well. But seriously, should do a comparison video on it 🤓

  30. I was hoping to see the interfaces. Not everybody is comfortable with computers or patient with confusing interfaces, or those that spam links to "recommended" On-Demand content, etc. If I'm going to sell this to the rest of the household as an alternative to traditional TV, then the simplicity of the Live TV interface is important.
    You didn't have to "rate" them, just show them so the viewer can make their own opinion.

  31. So, here is the tie breaker guys. YouTube TVs seems to be compressing the image for transmission more so than Hulu. But! I use YouTube TV and prefer it over Hulu just because of the AMC channel, and because it's part of Google services so that's one less account I'd have to create. But technically I'd say Hulu is a much better deal 🤝

  32. I like youtube tv so far, on the free trial. But I am thinking hulu is a much better deal just because of a massive on demand library. A number of my fav shows on youtube tv only have a few episodes or only 1 or 2 seasons, which is pretty weird.

  33. Very entertaining presentation and comparison! I tried Hulu for two months after Directv Now basically imploded, but I just can't get used to the clumsy interface. I just want to watch TV, not f*** around with up, down and sideways keystrokes and clicks. I just canceled Hulu, and YT TV looks like a good bet.

  34. I have had Comcast cable 1st then PlayStation Vue when it fist came out which was buggy and didn't like the interface and Comcast was charging for HD 10 a month then 10 month for DVR and 10 a. Month for box. On Comcast you can't watch all the channels on steam so I tried YouTube tv . I love it. It has the best interface Has top picks bases on your shows you watch, great BiG Guide with time left on the show and unlimited DVR and very reliable and 3 steams which great for a family of four .

  35. I had Hulu and trouble with Hulu on my firestick. Went to Youtubetv. Got all but 2 channels we wanted. They both are not on either. so it would cost me the same to get the extras. I have not had any problems with Youtubetv.

  36. Im not happy that Hulu doesnt have BBC America. I have Sling on a Roku 2 and it reloads a lot which is becoming tedious. None of the other Channels I have does this. I need to upgrade and I suppose I'll have to take the quantum leap in price to Hulu Live and see how it goes. Philo is Ok but I want more choices and guess Ill have to pay.

  37. I have HULU Live. I love it. I love the live tv and the streaming service of it for my kids. The only reason I am considering another service is because the walking dead is about to start and HULU does not have AMC. What makes it worse is they have some shows from AMC to stream like Fear the Walking Dead, but not the original. I don't know what to do honestly…

  38. I have tried both. And I really love both. But honestly, YouTube TV has everything I need for a better price. My only issue with YouTube TV is that I wish they would get the boomerang channel. YouTube TV also has BBC America, which is a no the channel that I love. The DVR on YouTube TV is amazing and The video quality is pretty good as well. Also, when I travel, is easy to change my location and pick up local channels in the area I am in. YouTube TV is more accessible.

  39. I've tried HuluTV, DirectTV and YoutubeTV, Youtube TV wins hands down and the $10 extra bucks a month compared to HULU is worth it. If you're a sports fan, YouTube tv is great because I dvr multiple games and can fly through them with no commericals! I hate being limited by dvr hours limits, I like how I can dvr anything and watch it when I want.

  40. I'm leaning towards YouTube. Currently have Hulu, w/out live TV, but the list of networks they carry is somewhat deceiving in that they carry say, Syfy, but not all the regular series you find on Syfy. And the DVR option is pretty full featured.

  41. Agree with what he said. Have had both. One thing he doesn't touch on is reliability. Hulu service drops often buffers often. Never been a problem with youtubetv. Called Hulu about streaming reliability and they told me to get lost and must be my internet connection that is the problem. YouTube tv definitely worth the 5 bucks a month difference

  42. I have Hulu and I pay for no commercials, however I still have commercials and you can not fast forward through them.

  43. I’m paying $56 dollars a month for Hulu!! Hulu is complicated to figure out too. I’m going to switch to YouTube after this pay period.

  44. I'm trying to get a friend to cut the cord but so scared of change. Worried about the dumb Xfinity security cameras and DVR. I know it's a better option for security cameras as well without the monthly fee.

  45. I have constant buffering issues with Hulu on my Xbox One. YouTube TV runs pretty flawless. Just wish YTTV could get South Park.

  46. Hulu doesn't have AMC..that means no walking dead..unless you already have netflix but you watch previous seasons..always behind on the new chapters…Youtube does have AMC

  47. Playstation Vue is canceling at the end of January next year so I'm here to research our options. Have these improved over the last 6 months? Leaning toward youtube tv at the moment.

  48. I signed up for YouTubeTV thinking the unlimited DVR made sense. Most of the shows I record still do not in most cases allow fast-forwarding. In my view that is a requirement of a DVR. I did not really have time to figure this out during the trial period, so I basically had to pay for one month to figure out this issue, particularly with CBS shows. I hope Hulu truly allows fast-forwarding with the upcharge.

  49. I think we may be trying YouTube TV, after we use up these free months of sling we got. We were going to go back to psvue after, but sadly it'll be gone in 2 months. Someone mentioned that they were surprised amazon didn't buy it, which would have been great! It was the only service I could change channels using Alexa's voice controls :'(.

  50. I never tried either but I was leaning on YouTube TV based on older reviews and name recognition. Also didn't like the interface on Hulu TV from what I saw. (I currently have Hulu now. )

    This video definitely made a case for Hulu TV for me though. They are now on more even footing.

  51. Honestly they're both about the same, just wish either one added UFC PPV for free as part of their lineup or at least added more Spanish channels and TFC. My dad watches the Spanish channels and my wife TFC but neither has TFC and both have only 2 Spanish channels which could be better by adding Univision and Galavision. At least if you could put subtitles in the regular TV channels would be awesome.

  52. I have fireboxes all over the house. No way I am going to replace all of those plus ask my low tech family to adjust. We will be migrating from PlayStation Vue which goes away in January to Hulu TV.

  53. Just switched from PS Vue to YouTube TV because PS Vue is shutting down in Jan 2020. I really liked it, and YouTube TV is just as comparable. Hulu Live isnt as appealing to me

  54. Soon cancelling or cable. Disney+ is coming next week, including Hulu and ESPN. Since we already have Netflix, these four services will be great.

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