Your SkillsFuture Journey

SkillsFuture aims to provide opportunities for every citizen to develop themselves through life. It will promote skills mastery in every job and for all Singaporeans. So what can your SkillsFuture journey look like, at each stage of your life? Today, our children in schools are already equipped with strong foundational skills that prepare them for work and life, and are given opportunities to access multiple pathways that cater to their diverse strengths, interests and aspirations. However, as our children navigate through the education and career landscape, we know we have to do more. That is why under SkillsFuture, our students will get more help in schools to discover their strengths and interests, allowing them to make well-informed career and education choices. Learning, and the acquisition of skills and knowledge, do not stop when our children step out of the school gates though! As an individual just entering the workforce, you may sometimes wonder if you are making the right career choice, and whether you are equipped for the job or industry that you have chosen. SkillsFuture is also very much about helping every Singaporean make a better transition from learning at school, to learning at work. We’re talking about integrating learning at school and learning at the workplace. Those just starting their careers will have opportunities to earn a salary while gaining industry-relevant skills and industry-recognised qualifications at the same time. This will give them a career head-start, and help them be ready for the future. After some years of working, you may ask yourself: “Will my skills continue to be relevant?”, and “How can I pursue further training or upgrading?” This is where SkillsFuture steps in to help you deepen your skills, update your skills, or even learn new skills. SkillsFuture will provide a broad array of education and training opportunities. You can look forward to greater access to an expanded variety and range of courses offered on a part-time basis… …by our universities, polytechnics, ITE Colleges and other continuing education centres. No time to do a full course? Don’t worry, because you can take short modular skill-based courses that allow you to learn at your own pace. Your learning journey will be boosted by higher course fee subsidies, as well as study awards and sponsorships. And thanks to technology, you can also look forward to more innovative ways of training and learning, so you can learn anywhere and anytime. Even when we enter the retirement years, does learning go on? Yes! Learning is a lifelong journey that knows no boundaries. SkillsFuture is committed to helping every Singaporean continue learning for personal enrichment, or for work, and also to share their knowledge and life experiences to help others and contribute to society. SkillsFuture – Your skills. Your asset. Your future.

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