Yes, You Still Need a Travel Agent

You might tend to think of travel
booking as something Google can handle but there are certain benefits to
working with a professional. We’ve got five reasons why you should consult
travel professionals for your next vacation. First, you get professional
access. The average traveler may not realize just how many relationships a
travel professional may manage with hotel brands, airlines, and other services,
and those relationships might score you upgrades, perks, and stellar services
without breaking the bank. One of the biggest misconceptions about travel
agents is that they cost you money, when in fact they do just the opposite. They
can sift through thousands of deals and vacation packages on the market and save
you hundreds, if not thousands. Also savvy planning. Travel agents make sure you’re
making the most of your precious vacation time by planning your trip in
an intelligent, time-saving, efficient fashion that no computer or online
service can hold a candle to. Another great reason, they’re experts. At this
moment in time there are more travel brands on the market than ever before.
Whether you’re looking to travel by land, up in the air, or a board a luxury travel
ship, travel agents can help you sift through the mountains of travel deals
and vacation packages out there and pick the perfect cruise line, hotel, or airline
for you. And finally, peace of mind. How much is yours worth? Earthquake? Canceled
flight? No matter what the emergency may be, your peers will be scrambling to make
last-minute arrangements, while you can just sit back, relax, and dial your travel
agent. They’ll take care of the rest. A travel agent is like a good plumber or
electrician, if you find a good, one hang on to them. Have you ever used a travel
agent before? If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming video just like
us on Facebook and share your travel professional experiences and you might
be a guest on Travel Savvy. Travel Savvy and see you next time!

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