Wynwood Walls Miami – Let’s Roam

Miami, FLorida. From the iconic art deco skyline,
to the international acclaim of the annual art basel show, the city is a celebration
of art and expression. Long after art basel has come and gone the
Wynwood district is where graffiti art thrives year-round. I just wake up walk to a spot, and however
I feel it, like it I feel it’s a perfect spot I do it. Yeah, we’re breaking the law, but
we’re expressing ourselves. The heart of the Wynwoood district runs along
NW 2nd ave between NW 20th and NW 29th streets. And the wynwood walls are a revolving canvas
where creative minds come to leave their mark on Miami. An afternoon spent wandering around here will
blow your mind. I’Ve been here since the beginning and there
wasn’t much going on here then. But it’s growing now. This old friend of my came in and said,
there’s a fantastic freedom here that I haven’t ever seen in America. I’ve been a lot of places
I’Ve never seen anything like this. Graffiti in the conventional sense, this is
not. Each wall is a masterpiece: from peculiar, to political, to straight up surreal. Courtney: So I have an idea, would you mind
letting me hop on and showing me some of your favorites. This is my favorite stop in the Wynwood Walls.
Every single person in here painted the wall. Vihls didn’t. He jackhammered the white wall.
Women on the wall, it celebrates female taggers, bombers, graffiti artists, it’s about time
we showed them too. I love these rocks, and I like that you can just drive through it,
sit on them, take pictures, just another example of some great creativity here. So when you come to Miami you have to make
a stop here in the Wynwood District. And when you do, make sure you say hi to Peter. We’ll be here. To book your miami vacation, go to Travelocity.com

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  1. Not the museum type?  In #Miami, #Florida you can get your art fix on the streets of the Wynwood District.  This week our Senior Editor, Courtney Scott, gives you a glimpse into the graffiti scene at the Wynwood Walls.  Where's your favorite city to enjoy art? #LetsRoam  

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