Would you Travel 5,000 Miles For a Cup of Coffee?

With over 800 billion cups of coffee consumed each year worldwide coffee. It’s kind of a big deal at 56% more Americans drink coffee than don’t and all told they spend forty billion dollars a year on it with over fifty [five] thousand coffee shops in The us and many sees you barely more than a few blocks from the nearest [wan] provides still too far You’ll likely find coffee in a break room any restaurant gas station or even hotel. Lobby coffee is pretty much anywhere But what if that all went away, and you still really want your cup of coffee Then where would you have to go and how hard would it be well? That’s what I’m going to find out despite its usual abundant convenience coffee itself isn’t actually all that convenient first off coffee only grows in the tropics and then Usually only in the mountains for the extreme temperature swings between day and nights help get the coffee strong flavor To decide the best location to get my beans [I] sampled a wide variety from Cafe imports and discovered the Mexican beans from the state of Oaxaca [where] actually what I prefer best So that’s what I’m gonna have to go the mountains of Oaxaca with six hours of flights Followed up by [eight] hour bumpy car Ride down the narrow, Whiny Mexican roads? The end of the Journey I arrived at the Tiny village of guadalupe Miramar I Could tell we arrived because I could look right out the window and see coffee trees right there beside the road next morning [run] to the field and start the harvest [affair] a Cuatro Años Para que Mp Si La production entonces Lo que Hacemos [La] [Haute] [Rose] en, El Tiempo, de Te Madres Ya Listo Para Cortar Los grandes De cafe. Son Estos Tienen que estar uniforms todos Los colores errand Estar, Ojos Todo, Lo ho Vs. Koujun Todo Todo, Lo Rojo este no Este Tampoco estos no Pororo ho going through by hand we collected the barracks selecting out just the red ones and throwing them in the basket [I] never actually seen a coffee tree before so is rather surprising to see this is where your morning cup of coffee comes from I? Made a drink from these trees, I’d expected to turn up more like a fruit drink [follow] [me] [Tempo] Raimondo. De Agua. De Trabajar Dos O tres Los que estan tisk ando y y el otro en Corrado que se Viva Los coastal necessary Hostel is an official Middle was [Benina]. Now are picking the handful of beans I need my cup [of] coffee wasn’t too horrible couldn’t imagine spending my days Traversing the rugged Mountain sides picking berries off of the trees every single day Next up the berries need to be separated so Mammoth [prolly] on who will help me wash and separate the good bad berries [Roma] Novias Buenos dias MI Nombre Es por La Espanol t’s y pidemo hacer Lo Miri Este ese Vasya The top of floating berries give me some flashbacks to another instant from an earlier project The coffee cherries are immersed in water bad or unripe fruit will float and are discarded well the good berries will sink to the bottom After that was a puppy machine to separate the skin and pulp from the beans At her Cuando Esto G the rising Sun was starting to get into my eyes a little bit and Foley on graciously gave me one [of] his hats to help keep the sun on my eyes that it It was a little small Of all the people, I met along the way [crow] [leone] was one of my favorite very energetic and Super friendly [I] still have his hat we met him because he also runs a local corner store [where] we first ran into him the first night we went to get a soda Despite also being a farmer for over 50 years He’s still been having difficulty breaking into the market and selling his coffee at a fair market price knowing How much is normally spent on seemingly overpriced cups of coffee? It was a strange perspective to meet someone who’s not even able to get a fair [price] for the actual beans themselves Next my beans still need to be dried. So I laid them out in the sun where they dry for several days From these the poor quality beans are removed and the rest are ready to be exported All right, so now I got my coffee to take back with me usually go through an extra step where they remove the outer skin before exporting But I’m going to take this home and do that manually myself But the outer parchment later the beans remove time to roast them in preparation for this [project] I previously learned some roasting tips from the master roaster at [Dunn] Brothers so just slowly roasting my beans until they reach just the right color and to listen for the distinctive first crack for Lighter roast or a second crack if I want a darker roast All right, I think we’re hearing some of the first crack now Yep, definitely in the first crack get it into a medium roast now just about Where I want it, so I was gonna give it Definitely crack it so I think we’re basically done now I’m gonna take it off put it into the colander here and look cool After carefully cooling laying the beans breathe next up they’ll need to be ground and brewed hustle in preparation I’ll end Several Possible brewing methods from Jackson FPS coffee He claimed in the end if you know what you’re doing simply equipment can be used I can brew you a good cup of coffee Using the cheapest like piece of stove top cookware and a sock as a filter so that’s what I’m gonna do use a sock Makes a modern trade in specialization you [have] a fresh cup of coffee [ready] for you in minutes almost anywhere in the world But without that convenience it took me a six-hour flight an eight-hour drive an hour of harvesting by hand several hours of washing and separating Several days of sun drying Then bringing them home to roast and brew myself And the worst part of all is that I to do all that before having my morning cup of coffee but now I have it and [it] tastes, it’s all right chocolatey Leathery it’s a little bit of a grassy taste. You have the same time a little bit of a Darker roast taste [Dark] Dark It’s got a hint of coffee, too it Doesn’t even taste like dirty laundry, but kind of a inconsistent [roast]. It’s kind of left with the interesting mix I’m glad I can say that if it came down to it. I can make a cup of coffee from scratch, but in the meantime I’m glad I can just go down [to] any local coffee shop and just order a cup of coffee and enjoy it a lot more convenient Thanks for watching if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and check out our other videos where we deconstruct other everyday items that we? Take for granted such as the chocolate bar or a sandwich if you enjoy our videos be sure to support us on Patreon So we can afford to keep making more videos like this in [the] future. Thanks [again]

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  1. The coffee bean was actually discovered in ethiopia where a sheperd found out that one day his cattle grew excited and got active after eating a certain berry. This berry was brewed into a stew by the local monks that is now called coffee

  2. Question for americans, how hard/easy is it to find proper turkish coffee place, where they server you coffee in a turkish cezve?

  3. very economical coffee right there haha. Just like using a chorreador, I have just done a video from my trip to costa rica. .. sadly no socks though

  4. I know is super late but, here in Mexico for obvious reasons that type of coffee preparation process is called agua de calcetín:v

  5. Seriously dude Mexican coffee? Colombian, Costa Rican maybe but bar none the best coffee in the world is Puerto Rican coffee. I think you just want to go to Mexico because there’s no way that Mexican coffee is halfway decent.

  6. his coffee didn't taste great because he put the beans in a pan full of oil (he fried them instead of roasting them). then as you can see, not all of his beans were roasted to the same color. the lighter color beans probably gave it the grassy taste. his method of crushing the beans in a sock created a lot of other problems for flavor. the random size of the fragments means that the kinds and amounts of flavors coming off of each chunk would be totally different. this plus the variation in roast probably gave the coffee its muddy flavoring. he didn't control the water temperature either so we can assume that the final drink was burnt to shit – probably what he called the chocolate flavor. a consistent grind could have been obtained by sieving the coffee through a simple mesh, something he could create on a loom.

    i love this guys' channel but i wish he would spend a little more time researching how to make the end product quality a bit better. he seems to get tired halfway through then take shortcuts on a lot of the projects.

  7. Where can you go in the US to do different coffee bean tastings? Such as the one in the video with the warehouse of beans.

  8. Okay but really.
    These people are real heroes. And they must work for a veeeery below average wage. That is so sad :/

  9. I got into home roasting coffee and have been doing it for about six months now. Without spending too much money, a metal bowl and heat gun is definitely the way to go. There is another cheap effective way to roast with a popcorn popper but you don't have much control in slowing down the roast with those setups. About $5-6 per pound of specialty green coffee isn't bad when you pay the same for generic roasted beans at Costco and grocery stores.

  10. I've picked my own coffee and dried then roasted it in the same day, it was decent but not as strong a flavor. Probably weaker since i roasted it the same as you did in a pan which Is probably too fast to caramelize(?) the sugars in the beans.

    It's a shame you used a sock and i hope you had more than just those beans to try for your work and expenses lol. You dont even need a filter, just coarse grind the beans and throw in a pot with hot water. The beans sink when the coffee is done and you just pour off the top. The last cup will get a little grounds in depending on your pouring skills but that will also sink to the bottom of your cup. Had to do this when i didnt have a coffee maker.

  11. The right answer should be "i am getting a little of socky taste may be a hint of unwashed feet taste.

  12. Number 15, medium roast foot fungus, the last thing you'd want on your cup of joe, is someone's foot fungus.

  13. I half remember a story about the way coffee was discovered. It's native to like Asia Minor, right? It's not a new world crop, right? Something about farmers noticing their mules getting all crazy buzzed and hyper after eating the cherries.

  14. 8:07 – "It's got a hint of coffee to it."

    Wait… the coffee has a hint of coffee to it?! That's it! Shut it all down!

  15. Sure he didn't roast or brew his coffee very well, but he did teach us and himself the coffee making process very well

  16. For those surprised by the sock haven't you seen the video of Barack Obama hosted by Putin whereby Putin's barrister made coffee (or tea) using an old army boot?

  17. Sorry to be that gai but as someone that pan-roast's my beans every week I want to give a few tips in case anyone want's to try for real. You shouldn't add the oil to the pan, seasoned cast iron is fine Just don't add any extra. You get much better results if you fill the oil-less cold pan with one layer of beans and use a whisk to constantly stir them while bringing it all up to temp. You have to do it over low-medium/ high-low depending on your burner and do so s l o w l y. It will seem like noting is happening for quite a while. But after a couple of hours you end up with a beautiful and if you stirred enough even roast.

    I'm sure it seems like a lot of work but I refuse to buy a good a multi-thousand dollar roaster and detest the roast given by cheaper home-grade units. As well as given all the work that goes into getting the "green" beans to me in the first place, makes me feel more connected to the process.

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