Why Olivia Munn’s Big Family Can’t Travel with Her Anymore

That’s real pretty. Thank you. I love that. Thank you. Thank you. You look great. Thanks. So do you. It’s good to see you. Thank you. How long has it been? Your first appearance– You know, this is
my 10th appearance. I know. So when was your first? How long ago was that? When you wanted me to
be your best friend. Well, and it worked. Yeah, 2012. You are my best friend. Yes. 2012. Six years ago. Yeah. And you begged me to
be your best friend. Yep. And it worked because
now we’re best friends. Now we’re best friends. I go to your birthday party. We text. Yeah. It’s a dream come true. Yeah. Well, and then we had
the necklace that– what happened to yours? OK, every time we talk about it. It broke on the show. And I keep it in a
safety deposit box. Oh, I see. Yeah. Fireproof. It’s safe. That’s why I never see it. Next time I come,
I will bring it. I promise. All right, good. Do you have yours? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Not believable. So I saw a picture in the
meeting this morning of you in Aspen. Is that like– a lot of
people go to Aspen and ski. Are you a skier? No. I hate it so much. I went for a girlfriend’s
birthday party. They all went skiing. I just think there’s nothing
worse in the world than to just be cold. Like, you get all bundled
up, and then you get out there just to go down a hill? Right. I just don’t get it at all. Yeah. I don’t know. Do you like skiing? I’ve never skied in my life. I’ve never– I don’t– I took that picture. Yeah. And that’s what I did. That’s what I did in Aspen. If you don’t like being
cold, it’s not really covering a lot of you to– [LAUGHTER] If that’s your issue? That’s true. Well, I just literally went
outside for the picture and then went right back in. I think the hotel
is right there, so– Yeah. In the left of the picture. You’re like, take it. All right, and you
were in London. What were you doing in London? I was filming a new series
for Starz called The Rook. I was there last summer
for, like, four months. Four or five months. Yeah. Did your mom go? Yeah. My mom did go. How was she in London? My mom in London. Let me just say, it may be–my
family travels wherever I go on location, my
whole family, like, there’s eight or nine of them
together, they come visit me. And this might be the
last time I allow that. Because my mom goes to every
Chinatown in every city. She just wants to see
if they’re all the same. So no matter what– we go to Montreal. No matter where we are
in the world, she’s like, I gotta go to Chinatown. When do we go to Chinatown? Can we go to Chinatown? Then once we get there,
she always goes, mmm. Same. And that’s it. And I was like, I don’t think– I spend so much money and
did all these amazing things and all she cared about was that
Chinatown be same as everywhere else in the world. Yeah. So let’s talk about
this pet adoption thing. What is it called? It’s called Adopt Pure Love. I did this special PSA campaign
with the Shelter Pet Project to highlight the very unique
and special bond that shelter pets have with their owners. You know, my dog’s, Chance
and Frankie, are shelter pets and they are the most amazing– that’s them. That’s our little
PSA we did together. And they are just the sweetest. You know that’s the
thing about– that people don’t realize. I mean, I know that you
rescue your animals, and people don’t realize. So Chance is a purebred
Cavalier King Charles– that’s a show dog. And he was in a puppy
mill and rescued and I found through a rescue. So no matter what
kind of dog you want, whether he’s purebred like
Chance or street like Frankie, who was found in downtown LA. Any dog you want,
hypoallergenic, whatever– there is a rescue and
a shelter place that has them. Yeah. And so we did this campaign
with the Shelter Pet Project to help also break
down the stereotypes that people think
about when they think about shelter animals. Right. Yeah. Yeah, I think people– look at that. That’s Frankie. I’m sorry, there’s a difference
when you rescue a dog– the way they act and how
grateful they are, especially coming from
a cage or something. It really is the
best experience. Yeah, they are and
they truly are. Look how sweet they are. They’re just the sweetest,
smartest little dogs and I honestly don’t
know what my life would be like without them. It really does complete
the idea of what you think a family should be. I know. I know, that’s– That’s adorable. –a doggie bag. That’s ridiculous. All right. Go to our website
to find out more about the Adopt Pure Love
campaign and the Shelter Pet Project. And we’ll be right back. Olivia Munn.

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