Why Choose a Travel Trailer for FULL TIME Off Grid Boondocking!?

What’s going on guys! Welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time with us, welcome to our 1988 Scamp Travel
Trailer. We custom-built it for full time off-grid living and boondocking. Over here’s my beautiful girlfriend Andrea, making jewelry as usual, and this is Zeus.
But in today’s video, I wanted to take you guys through some of the main
reasons why a travel trailer is the best choice for off-grid living. Now I want to start by clarifying that this video is really meant for those looking to get off the grid, and kind of live among more remote locations, while boondocking like
we do. It’s not really meant for those who are looking to do the traditional camping of kind of campground to campground. before we started our journey,
we did look into other vehicles like vans, and buses, and even like shuttle
buses and things as our living space. But ultimately, we came into the decision of
buying a travel trailer. And having the travel trailer, what it really comes down
to is the ability to detach. So to be able to detach your living space from your vehicle is an amazing aspect of living in a travel trailer, because it’s
pretty much like having a home. It really is your home on wheels, so if you go out
to places like national forests or BLM land, you can detach your trailer in one
place and leave it there for two weeks at a time. And that’s amazing because it
really does feel like home base, and you can take your vehicle to and from town
while running errands and doing the things you need to do. That one simple
aspect of detachability has so many advantages. For example, one of the
biggest reasons I’m glad I have a travel trailer, is that I meet people all the
time who boondock with a van, and they either get their spots stolen or they
get their campsite gear stolen when they have to go to town. Or they have to leave
somebody at the campsite without a living space and they have to run to
town. So having that simple sturdy home base of a travel trailer
always there, you don’t have to worry about someone swooping in and snagging your spot. Which is a very big reality! Especially in the summer time, campsites
can get packed. Even the ones that are out in the middle of nowhere, people will swoop in and they’ll take your site. They don’t really care
if there’s a tent there, or a chair there that you left behind,
they might even steal it while they’re at it! So we like having the entire home
base set up, and just kind of feels more secure. And if one of us needs to run to
town, but the other might take advantage of being able to stay here. Like Andrea
is doing jewelry, if I need to go and upload a video to YouTube, I can go to
town for a few hours and Andrea can still be productive back here at home. Now, in the near future we do plan on investing in a signal booster just to
get rid of that problem. I only have to go to town to upload videos because I
don’t have Wi-Fi out here with my laptop, to do editing and things like that, so
that would be a great investment for us to maximize our efficiency a little bit
more. But for now, I am taking trips to town so we cram as many chores into that trip as possible. Andrea comes with me sometimes, sometimes she’ll stay behind to work on jewelry, but we’ll do laundry, go grocery shopping,
go to the post office, whatever we need to do, we try to cram it into one trip to
be more efficient. and I think another thing to consider with something like a travel trailer over something like a van, is that there is a little bit more space.
You’re not quite as crammed. So you do have an external vehicle to use for
storage and things as well, and you’ve got a little bit more of a larger living
space which if you’re doing it full-time, you’re gonna want that little bit of
extra room. You don’t want to be in too tiny of a spot. Some people can do it, God
bless you, that’s amazing. That’s not for us. We needed a little bit of extra space because we have a large dog, and two people. So we weren’t going to do it in a
tiny little van. It just didn’t seem like it wouldn’t be fun for us, and we built a
fully customized stamp travel trailer. So it still kind of has the same basic
layout as even the new scamp travel trailers, it’s got all the same general
things in same places. But we were able to customize it completely for full-time
living and exactly what we wanted like the wood stove over there. I think the scamp was probably one of the harder travel trailers to customize
just because it is an egg-shaped fiberglass camper. So that “rounded
corners” was really hard to work with. I put in all-new 2mm plywood
walls with two layers of reflectix and a 1/2″ air gap between them. So we’re really well insulated in here, and we can pretty much adjust the
temperature down to five degrees whenever we want to now that we have the wood stove. But also converting it to off-grid was pretty simple. We ripped out
all the electronics that used to be hooked up to the campgrounds, and just
threw in an electronic system. 215ah AGM battery, we had a folding solar panel that somebody stole a few weeks ago in Florida, if you’ve seen the last
few videos. And now we are upgrading to 200 watts of solar power where we only
had 120 before. And if you were looking for some great solar information, you
should definitely check out Will Prowse on YouTube, I’ll leave the link to his
videos in the description, but he’s got a great way of explaining to the beginners
and the experts how a solar system works. If you’re starting your journey on a
budget like we were, you can click on this video right up here… and that will
take you to our more detailed breakdown of what it took for us cost wise to buy
the travel trailer, and to customize it into a full time off-grid living space. So I hope that this video gave you guys a little bit of a better idea on why a
travel trailer has so many advantages for off-grid living and boondocking. A van or a bus might still work better for your specific lifestyle, but if the
lifestyle that you’re aiming for is kind of what we’re doing, I think a travel
trailer is honestly the best option. But thank you guys for watching this video, and if you enjoyed it, please remember to click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE on the channel
to keep up with more videos like it, and our personal journey as well. Thank you guys for watching, and take it easy!

10 Replies to “Why Choose a Travel Trailer for FULL TIME Off Grid Boondocking!?

  1. Hope you have a great Easter weekend! Another great video! We often leave our trailer and it IS really nice to keep the spot you like. Van-life definitely takes more planning if you want to leave your spot for groceries or errands. Oh, SOLAR FTW!! So glad you'll be able to replace the panel soon! Can't wait to see that video!

  2. Another great video!
    You made huge points!

    We have a 41’ motorhome with solar.
    We tow our Jeep.
    We have 2 little chihuahua sisters.
    We’ve been full-time since 2008.

  3. Yay! I'm not getting a Scamp but found an amazing deal over the weekend I will try to seal the deal tomorrow. Super excited. I like how you made the Scamp your own. I'll have a cat with me, so that has its own complications. See you down the road! 🚘

  4. Another great video and a cool Scamp rebuild ! Btw, love the exterior colors. Lol at Zeus's ear and then his entire head behind yours in video ! He is so comical for the cam and has quite the personality lol. Hope that You, Ms. Andrea, and The Boy had a nice Easter holiday weekend !

  5. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Where do you leave Zeus if you have to go to a place where he isn’t allowed… like in hot weather? I’m asking because I have 4 small dogs and I’m wondering how it will work out for us when we travel.

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