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  1. They strip the expensive parts off because it would be impossible to secure and police ethat entire property 24/7 from determined thieves. There was a place similar to this in North Las vegas, NV that didnt strip off the expensive bits and they had a serious issue with people stealing generators and A/C units off them over night.

  2. Want to know where all the slightly older models are? Trashed, here in the grave yard. They arent BUILT to last. They charge $100k for a 'disposable' product. You KNOW our society is on its way out when we cant even afford to live anymore. These manufacturers are a prime example of how Americans work.

  3. if i owned this place everything would get stripped for parts that can be sold and the rest would be scraped sent to the junkyard for recycling. if you add up the cost of towing these rigs plus the price of this land and any other expenses what you get in selling the parts then what is your profit margin it just seems like you would be getting 10 to 15 c on the dollar for your trouble to mess with a pile of junk scrap everything and turn the land in to something useful at the end of the day this is a hobby instead of a for profit business

  4. Interesting information but a video of this type should have been produced by professionals, not some wannabie RV journalists. Sound quality was poor, flow of information and ideas were disjointed and there was clearly no plot except, "hey look at all these totaled RV's!" Amateurish at best!

  5. It's just another junk yard full of junk. Our society is full of them. We buy stuff and it eventually ends up in Kentucky, or similar places lol.

  6. I have lived in KY for 57 years and never knew about this place. I got to find it so I can go there.

  7. Man you are playing on that TERROR crap to much. You would have to be a complete idiot not to realize that they burn up, get wrecked, and end up in storms just like anything else. It is a fact of life, if you can drive, sit in, live in, party in, cook in, or anything like that, it can be destroyed. Give people a little credit.

  8. This might or might not be larger, but it's definitely a hell of a lot nicer and cleaner than the one you were at. https://colawrvsalvage.com/

  9. I think that LPG fridges shouldn’t be allowed only compressor ones. The USCG is very diligent on leisure boats, maybe we need that on RVs as well.


  11. Very Interesting topic .. . if I buy one it will be a small size easy to park and drive . . any advice … thanks guys you take care

  12. Too late. I'm terrified now! My Motorhome is a 1987. I don't know anything about how it's been maintained (just bought it last weekend.) Now, I'm not sure I want to use it at all. 😲

  13. Why not refurbish those RVs and turn them into homeless housing, and create a homeless RV park. Especially, homeless Vets.

  14. Most not even stored on concrete, so all the oil and coolant leaks straight into the ground, real environmentally friendly, you wouldn't be able to do this in most European countries.

  15. united satates are the king of garbage.. mexico must do the waall only for content the garbage that are in the united states.. AMLO please do the wall and mantain closed

  16. These guys should just start stripping, lebeling, and open an on line parts store that way. Crush the left over for scrap. These things are ROACHED!

  17. **Did they check and tell you there door would fit. Is that why you guys went there? Hope not if they send you the parts.**

  18. I have little doubt that most ruined RVs are the result of people buying them when they are unqualified to operate them or unable to properly maintain them.

  19. THANKS! looking at buying an AC roof unit for another skoolie conversion we are doing! Awesome, they are closer to us here on the eastern portion of the US!

  20. Fascinating, if in a sad way, video! Thanks for sharing!!! Such an important message to get out there, especially about the tires! New tires was the first thing I did too when I bought my used rv, before filling up the propane or gas tank.
    So did you find the basement door you need?

  21. Super interesting, kind of like a car wreck where you can't look away… Thank you for taking us there, lot's to think about on the cusp of our purchase! thank you!

  22. Fires are the leading cause….either fridge fire, engine fire then electrical related. Very likely in that order.

  23. A Very Good Video that these Folks put together.

    The one word that comes to mind is COMPLACENCY! Of course Safety and Preventative Maintenance should be the KEY to keeping your RV up to DATE and SAFE.

    Far too many people are Complacent about Safety and the idea "It won't happen to me"!

    There are so many Unsafe drivers and RV'ers on the road it makes your head spin.

    And like the Bennett's said, most of these Dead RV's are from Tire Blow outs or Tire Fires! Yes, Tires can catch on fire while driving down the road, from Low Tire pressure on the inside duels, to overheated brakes. These are things that must be checked frequently to insure your trip and RV are Safe.

    Over 4000 RV fires occur each year and the #2 cause is FRIDGE Fires! I would love to see the RV Industry get away from GAS / ELECTRIC Fridges and start installing Residential Style Fridges in all RV's!

    I always tell people, SAFETY should NEVER Be Compromised!

    Have a good safe day!

  24. They really need to put an end to this, the pollution and out right blighting of a beautiful woodland is sickening! You bought the RV, well then dispose of it but not in this manner!

  25. Hi there. Missing your videos. Hope all is okay. Maybe taking a well deserved vacation. You have had more than a few busy months.

  26. I just shared this vid on my blog because we just found a huge issue with our new-to-us 2005 Monaco Windsor with arcing wires around the alternator. We're a diesel pusher but this video just kept coming back in my mind! I don't want us or our home to end up in the graveyard just yet! Thanks again guys! Great video! So educational!

  27. I've been to car salvage places, and heard of plane salvage places, just never thought of rd salvage places. Thanks for the video and all the info. Not something people even think of. This will hopefully be a wake up call for folks to check everything electrical, especially the fridge. Check for and recalls etc. Please all rv and camper folks be safe and carry a fire extinguisher in front and back. Make sure to have an escape route in front and back, besides the doors. Safe travels.

  28. She compares a RV to a car. Cars are not made out of wood & flammable materials, like fiberglass, & most RVs are cheaply built. I do not care how nice it looks, a pig in a silk dress is still a pig.

  29. There is a lot of industry discussion about how many RV's are sold each year vs how many are on the roads. But on our last trip, and even where I live, it is amazing to see how many RV's in various ages and states of condition are in the yards and fields of home owners across the country. That's where they all are. Incredible.

  30. To rebuilt these can be costly, too many harness to deAl with, and besides a fire can weakened the structure it was an experience Julie and Marc Bennet,thanks for sharing,,those badly burn ( 500.000-1,000,000) RV's can be crush for more room

  31. Too many cheapo made Chinese stuff these days. Amazon etc. are totally filled with it. There are many things that cannot be checked by linear logic of ordinary customers. Cheapness doesn't comes for free, all that stuff usually doesn't conform to standards. They can use wrong soldering, often use ordinary 1000v ceramic caps instead of special 1000v caps that doesn't burn being shortened, fake transistors that simply relabeled, wrong fuses, 40C wires instead of 105C wires etc, etc, etc, too many things that you will never realize being not professional engineer. So, my advice try not to buy stuff which is, for ex., lower than samsung ( or smht like that ).

  32. Thanks for doing this video it is really an eye opener for how fragile an RV Can be. I think a lot of people take things for granite and don’t Really consider the harsh facts of reality. I hope people that View this video will learn from it and I hope it makes them think of what the outcome or the consequences could be. Happy RVing.

  33. Always remember to remove your battery every time you put it in storage 😎😎😎😎🇬🇧🇬🇧so no short circuit 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  34. Thanks for sharing guys! Over 1 year later after starting to watch your channel and now 8 months in as Full Time RVers and still enjoy watching your adventures. 😊🤓 Hope to see you guys out there soon!

  35. Hun question by chance a person could ask you to reach out to me I've been searching for a list of camper more so then coach styles salvage yards are across the usa and texas area I would truly be grateful and indebted to you or even send me in the right direction learning so much about these units stepped my game up to bought a 96 Alpinelite 5th wheel a true gem to witch wasn't take the worlds best care of and remodeling and trying to restore her honistly she is beautiful and
    This would like help me get this completed so if away to contact me here to reach out for any help for a list names numbers place any thing I'd be thrilled and tickled pink as well as thank you

  36. Two questions what is name or contact info. An second question do they have refrigerator an black an gray tanks things like that.

  37. Watch this to learn how to handle tire blowout: https://youtu.be/lkwOE1yKY5c

    Do not run your refrigerator on LP while in motion. Add solar or wired fans to help cool the back of your absorption refrigerator.

    Install a temperature alarm and suppression system in the engine and generator bays. The alarm can alert you to an impending fire. This allows you to pull over and cool the engine to avoid ignition. Or in the case of the generator getting too hot, you're able to shut it down and slide it out to cool down. In the event of an actual fire, the coach may not be spared, but the alarms and suppression system will afford you valuable time to escape.

    Lastly, ensure all of your extinguishers are not expired. I have five of varying sizes throughout the unit and in the truck. As Marc and Julie said, proper maintenance is the key to fire prevention. If the engine or generator is running weird, it's going to work harder. A harder working engine is a hotter engine. Thus increasing the risk of fire!


  38. This video convinces me I won't have propane on board my rv.

    The fridge will be 12 volt/120 volt. No propane, I've never seen a refrigerator set fire to itself or the house unless it was an under maintained unit. The generator will be diesel, no gas or propane.

  39. Gearhead playground. I'd want to start assembling a dozen RVs together to make one huge, sick looking, track drive amphibious behemoth.

  40. So sad ! With all the homeless people, some living in their car, with kids ! you would have though they could fix some up , nothing fancy but enough for people to live in ….I know I’m a dreamer LOL

  41. I live fulltime in my Rv.
    So seeing all those abandoned Rv’s makes me sad, because many of them can become affordable homes. I would probably cry to see all those abandoned Rv’s in-person.

  42. When Hurricane Irma came through our Florida Keys in Sept 2017 the RV park on Sunshine Key was full of RV’s. It was so sad to drive by there 3 days after the storm and see how they had been tossed & rolled like toys by the storm. I wondered where they all went when the cleanup began. I thought they’d just go to a crushing yard. Even though this video has a sad aspect to it, at the same time it shows how a lot can be recycled. Once everything valuable is taken out do they crush them up ?

  43. Sad that such expensive rvs are so susceptible to fire. Time for the transportation safety industry to start making rv companies build their rvs to follow standard home building codes and inspect them like cars are inspected. Also time for lemon laws to be put into place so when rvs have problems they can push back on the ma manufacturers. But the RVIA will do everything in its power to make sure the manufacturers can continue building cheap crap. I’ve been going to rv shows for decades. I cannot believe the garbage being sold. Got so fed up I finally just built my own and built it right.

  44. Looks like most were sloppy wiring or gas fittings. So, so, too bad. You have to wonder who builds these rolling hazards. I say this because as they are shaking and vibrating and flexing as they go down the road. The build quality is way below that of the average car.

  45. MFG need to do a better job of equipping RV's of Fire Prevention systems, especially since they carry Propane and some use Gas, it is amazing that we see all these and I am sure there are many more, sort of scary though.

  46. There's a place in Missouri called woodland lakes or you can buy a camping lot and put an RV or camper in a gated community ….. You see a lot of people buy land there and then they buying older RV or camper and just leave it there all the time like a vacation house only problem is the roof start leaking the trailer deteriorates and the people stopped coming down there………. I kind of always thought that's where RVs went to die LOL

  47. Ace should be filling up that RV graveyard. What a POS💩 my dad lost his Damon Challenger to right side Dual blowout. I wonder if it is there or is still near the panhandle ? Nice Lexa and some other nice coaches.SHAME to see $80$ and Up coaches there.🤔🤧

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