When Indian Punjabi meets Pakistani Punjabi – Travel Vlog – Salzburg, Austria

see our color is same language is same we are equally naughty no worries, you can support India now the cup will be home only India or Pakistan its just 50 euros so 4000 INR Its 8000 Pak Rupees, bro I am trusting him with my bag Okay bye ! (Punjabi song) that means Lahore has really beautiful girls Any doubts ? Police stopped us at the station Why do refer to a girl as Bachhi ? Peeing is so costly here 80 INR..you give 180 Pakistani Rupees tell me one thing what do you like the most about India what about the politicians ? he is Indian, I am Pakistani Sat Sri Akal ji Welcome to The Punjabi Wanderer’s YouTube Channel Today’s video is going to be in Punjabi because I have met another Punjabi but from Pakistan Meet Muneeb I was just sitting in the hostel he seemed to be from my place only When I asked, he said Pakistan from Punjab so today’s video is going to be in Punjabi with a mix of Pakistani dialect some Pakistani words what else ? Indian people like a lot of Pakistani shows I also like the dialect Today we are in Salzburg Its raining and a bit cold we dont have anything to do we are doing “Poondi” what ? Poondi ? Checking out girls In Pakistan we call is Poondi Poond means a Bee Buzzing around flowers We have a similar term in India as well Tomorrow we might go for Ice Caves Tour Its just 50 Euro i.e. 4000 INR Bro its 8000 Pakistani Rupees Oh I didn’t realise that Now he is helping me Carrying my bag All my valuables are in that bag See I am trusting him too much Okay bye ! I was staying at some other hostel it was very cramped up we have to go this way It had very small rooms And was costly as well then I found a cheaper hostel now we are going there And my bro is helping me I am planning to run away with your bag what does Sheh Mean ? Sheh means a thing we can refer a girl as Sheh as well To a boy as well Why do you refer a girl as Bachhi ? we use that as well Sheh is a better word As a poet you say Sheh And street style is Bachhi It was so hot in Prague, where were you before Salzburg ? Slovakia It was so hot, it reminded me of Lahore so you are from lahore? have you watched Lahoriye no it has a song if we were allowed to marry in Lahore then why would we go to Chandigarh that means Lahore has beautiful girls without any doubt another Punjabi Song Pakistani saying Now I have to go to Lahore Now I even have a host there Most Welcome ! think of it as your own home world cup is going on Leave it !Leave it ! ( bcz Pakistan was already eliminated ) no worries, you can support India now Cup will be home only whether India or Pakistan one more thing I hate peeing is so costly 80 INR.. for you it is 180 but when we spend 80, we make good use of it they have this in the middle of the city this is the hostel left my stuff there now we will go out for lunch we will go some place or the other I am hungry are we going to Billa ? its a supermarket chain we will look for something cheap see we think alike but see the difference.. 80 and 180 we will buy whatever is cheap dont look at the things look at the price first I saw this then this then this its all apple juice but this the cheapest we bought bread bread and juice just 1.5 euro I had this already nutella ! we are having it like roti took a piece of bread dipped it in curry that guy who went viral is he from Pakistan ? pichhe to dekho ! that small kid oh yes..he is from Peshawar everybody there speaks like that ? that is Pashto its fun immitating the dialect its all getting mixed up we will put subtitles hows the view ? View is good but it is cloudy today we walked a lot first shifting hostels then to the fortress then here this place has the best views fortress is skippable right ? yeah if you like history then go we dont like it 15 euros or may be it was 16 euros so we didnt go inside lemme show you the view muneeb tell me something what do you like the most about India there are many first of all the People there is no difference same color same language equally naughty that was not required at all you can edit it second thing we grew up watching bollywood indian movies i love coke studio we play indian songs at our ceremonies me learning new urdu words what about the Indian Politicians ? I don’t follow Politics checked out the girls ? okay we are done we are going to our respective hostels see you later its the second day its all Pakistani colors today today India is playing as well whom are you supporting ? India ofcourse looks like India will win yesterday he bought this Pakistani hoodie for 4 Euros I forgot woollens and it was cold here I went to a shop this was the cheapest lunch today we might go to halstatt still thinking we both are lazy lets see bad luck we had a bus we were going to Mondsee Policemen stopped us at the station its common for me common for me too he asked where are you from he said India I said Pakistan I didn’t have my passport as well I was like what the *** but then had an app they had all the data against his name they knew that he is okay he was surprised when we told that we are from India and Pakistan how are they together ? then we decided to come here I didn’t know that Redbull started from here they have a museum which is free of cost free means we are going

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  1. Sir jee, kamal video! Loved it! And great initiative. Ap Jaise log hon to Pak India dosti and pyaar is very possible!

    And hats off sir! As someone who has travelled with Muneeb, ham jantay hen ke us ke budget ke saath do din guzarna kitna bara achievement hai! I’m surprised he didn’t make you skip the Rs.180 ka toilet! :p

    Going to follow sir and hope our paths cross some day! Aur Lahore zaroor ana hai when the climate allows!

  2. So, were you able to trust that Pakistani Punjabi or not? I don't understand Punjabi, but it was fun watching this video.

  3. ਚੜ੍ਹਦਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਤੇ ਲਹਿੰਦਾ ਪੰਜਾਬ ❤️❤️
    ❤️Love Punjab❤️

  4. One of d best video's of urs… gives a strong msg .. Made my day..
    We need more content creators like u.. #spreadlove

  5. My grandfather was from lahore and after division he came to india punjab and he used to say jinne lahore nahi vekheya oh jameya nahi …. thanx munir for entertaining us … zindabad yaria😎😎😎

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