What’s the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?

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  1. Just a top tip!
    Actually watch the full video before chiming in with your ‘fastest way to travel’. Almost every one I have seen so far is actually in the video! 😂

  2. mumbo, that command part hurt my brain
    you can type /tp MumboJumbo ^ ^ ^500
    also you can just do arrow key + enter to recast the command

    when i'm in creative in my redstone testing world its huge
    i gotta do /tp CancelX ^ ^ ^200 ALOT

  3. If you actually wait until it rains you can use your trident that has that one thing where you throw it it makes you fly. And if you use the elytra with the enchanted trident then you start flying like a bolt of lighting

  4. would be cool to talk about how long should a distance be to justify using the nether. At about 3 sec (guess) or 6 sec to go in and out of the nether that's a 300 block lead for the dolphin path

  5. Dude… you are wrong with the TP…… because in all the other modes of transport you already new where you were going and didn’t need to check. (Carry on reading)

    You also didn’t include the time it takes to set up each mode of transport. So why include this time when doing /tp. You should time it from when the command is already set up and all you have to do is press enter.

    Typing the command is like building the ice path.

  6. personally, the fastest way i found was a Triton with Sog III and a Elytra, setting weather to rain for ever, spin yourself in the air, pop the elytra and keep spinning forward.Its so fast the Chunk wont even load for the most part

  7. Hey, super smart guy here. You said chronological when you organized the list. However, the correct term is numerical

  8. 10:37 Oh come on Mumbo, the tp command can be used much more efficiently, and it can be typed much faster than that if you are used to it.

  9. i mean, its not 500 blocks in the end you want to travel, also if you count the typing in theleporting, then add the time it takes to build the tunnel

  10. Ya all a bunch of dumb terd nuggets you cant even remember there is this text: tp/wherever_you_want
    Well.. at least if you have something tagged right there

  11. How about the slowest way to travel? Could be useful in a adventure map ..if you want the players to walk slowly to make it for example more unnerving and or like you were limbing from an injury

  12. In modpacks that can make it rain or give you things like quantum armor or power armor, these methods become overpowered.

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