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Ahora si regresar atrás Si! Todo bien, aquí vamos no pueden ver mi corpiño, eso esta bien Estos chicos no los buscaron de la escuela como hace tres horas Son tan ruidosos. Ojala mi micrófono solo me grabe a mi, esta voz y no sus patinetas. Hola chicos! Soy Rydel Wow,
eso fue como específicamente, el mismo tono, exacto y todo lo que hago siempre Hola chicos! Soy Rydel Esta bien, vamos a intentar algo nuevo ¿Que tal chicos? ¿Como les va? No, no ¿Como les va chicos? Nop, eso suena raro hola chicos! Soy Rydel Hola chicos. Hola a todos. Hola chicos! no puedo hacer esto Hola chicos!, Soy Rydel, bienvenidos de nuevo a mi canal En el vídeo de hoy. Les traigo el: ¿Que hay en mi bolso? Versión viaje, whoa esto luce impresionamente genial en camera. Chicos amo las bolsas holograficas. Oh por dios. Mi mamá acaba de conseguir este para mi No compro mochilas, entonces todas las mochilas que ustedes pueden ver que son tiernas son de mi mamá Estamos por ir a Japón en un par días Y esta es la mochila que voy a llevar en el avión con mis cosas esenciales Vamos a dar un paseo dentro de esta enorme, literalmente es como una mochila de bowling Amo su forma, oh por dios, esto es oh! Me olvide que había puesto eso ahí vamos a tratar de que se vea lindo para comenzar mi principal viaje esencial es mi manta esto podría estar aquí en algún momento pero usualmente suelo sostenerlo todo el tiempo o tirarlo de esta manera Siempre tengo mi manta conmigo porque es confortable y me recuerda a mi casa y cama Y es suave, y me encanta la franela, esta es franela, mi abuela me hizo esta manta para mi Realmente ella me da una nueva cada año Nunca voy a ningun lado sin una de estas Por supuesto, tengo mi teléfono aquí Ustedes lo saben todos tienen sus telefonos, tengo que hacer algunos boomerangs en Instagram para ustedes chicos en el aeropuerto Los snacks del aeropuerto son caros, entonces me gusta tener algunos aqui.Puede ser cualquier cosa, ahora mismo He escogido anacardos orgánicos enteros sin sal porque sin sal es mejor para ti Si! Delicioso No de todos modos Este es un bocadillo rápido muy saludable, bloop lo agarro si estoy en el avión muriendo de hambre con estos bebés sastifago mis necesidades Tengo una gran botella, de lo que amo de la mayoría de los aeropuertos es que ahora es que tienen una estación de servicio así que en lugar de: uno, pagar una agua realmente cara en el aeropuerto y dos Sin desperdiciar plástico, puedes viajar con una botella, solo tiene que estar vacío antes de atravesar la seguridad. Y luego lo llenas después de pasar por segurida, y boom estas listo para el vuelo Bastante elegante, ¿qué más es elegante aquí? I have a legal a TBD wallet with me when I’m traveling I don’t really need like my full-size wallet that has like my Costco card target card stuff like that in it also logo Cudas is it’s like a Sexy like Japanese lady in arias is really cute so it Fits the occasion cuz I’m going to Japan next I have a my makeup bag this is Pretty empty right now I just throw in random Stuff in here if I want to do a little touch-up before you know we land in Tokyo and I’m taking pictures with you guys And I look crazy Then I need to can he do do a little bit of this action. I have my sejuani’s Swan ease You guys have probably heard Ryker talk about these before but basically they’re like health classes I’ve got a cute little cat I 100 they’re really dirty right now these block out all blue lights So I don’t know if you can see all the blue like hitting this right here Do you see how that’s all blue it blocks blue light which is very bad for you If planes are like solid blue light and when you’re just stuck in this metal – the blue light just makes you like Drowsy for me. It gives me a headache. I always get headaches on planes and plus I want to watch a crap ton of TV, so if I have a headache I can’t like look at a screen So these are a must for me personally because it makes me able to stare at a screen for 14 hours straight I’ve got another pair of glasses these just glasses or regular cute. Fancy ones. Let’s see Screenshot Job you never know when a flight is gonna be delayed when all Electronics are out of battery and you need entertainment And we are a card family, so I always have two decks of cards because you never know what game we’re gonna play Some games. You only need one deck some games you need to this is fitting I always have a fan with me because I have hot flashes because I’m a hundred years old okay? I do get hot though anyways this actually says Riddell in Japanese Right yep, I grab the right one. I have a Lincoln’s too. So I makes him up boss feels good It’s hot in my room right now like all these lights on me like someone made this I think it was my first trip to Japan which was like four and a half years ago or something crazy So I have held onto this baby, and it’s still it’s not broken or anything. This is just like every small random essential possible which Includes we got papaya enzymes this is if my tummy hurts on the plane true the vitamin C Some Kleenex. These are actually from Japan to obviously telekinesis To I had so many of these and I’ve just had a pile of them waiting to be used athletic greens I just got one pack in here This is a super vitamin mix powder thingy that you just pop in some water Shake shake good drink that up Healthy more baby lips cuz she can never have enough look all advil I don’t go anywhere without Advil because either my head hurts, or somebody’s head hurts the boys like riddles. You’re a bad bill I’m like yes They do never go anywhere without aquaphor. I put it in my nose because my nose gets really dry Put it on my lips some hand sanitizer. This is the flavor peppermint, and it’s Essential oil based which I love is then it’s you know like healthy hand sanitizer I guess I spray this a lot when I’m on the plane, and everyone’s like what’s that peppermint smell? That’s me all the boys just like hand me their hand like Because planes and dirty and gross some delicious hand cream oh this is the best Ellington is obsessed with this smell. I put on my hands, and I kind of put it everywhere And he’s just like ha I mean he wants to like cuddle It’s great works like a charm some perfume here for when I’m smelling some stinkiness spray all over I hate selling oh my gosh I hate smelling so bad if I even like barely have you like the slightest amount like no one could smell it But me I’m like and I’m like spray spray spray spray spray because I just love smelling good So this is a Bath & Body Works bottle, but that’s not what’s in here This was the perfect travel size, so I just refill it all the time with whatever. I want. Oh my gosh There’s a lot of stuff in that bag I travel with a lot of stuff because I hate when I’m stuck on a plane, and I’m like darn wish I would have brought Blood ah. That’s no fun, so I just make sure I got everything must have my iPad ah I have so many Netflix shows downloaded on here. I have this nice orange. Hockey puck thing a portable Wi-Fi thingamabob err turn this baby on boom Wi-Fi didn’t share the password with anybody cuz I Own these small pockets on the side, I’ve got an extra charger. I have mints these are my new favorite minty eyes There’s just the Mentos mint I’m super sensitive to hot stuff and these aren’t that spicy which is nice in this side pocket hiding in here I’ve got I’ve got my passport Wouldn’t want to try to go to Japan without this dude my passport is lit I’ve got so many stamps Hmm earbuds I have a charger. I also have an eye mask I am obsessed with eye masks at first when I started using them They kind of bothered me, but now like I literally can’t go to sleep without them Even if we’re in a pitch-black hotel room or something there’s not single light anywhere I still wear this because it I just like the fabric But it has to be flannel. I don’t like the silk or like the furry ones This is flannel like my blanket, and if you didn’t notice. This is what Ross wore in the What he was the EP cover oh my god, that’s it wait, okay, I did forget one thing it’s on in here I forgot like my beats Big ear things I’m not gonna go get him. I’m just gonna tell you that those will also be in here That was a lot of talking Alright guys that concludes this video of what’s in my bag travel edition Sweet this worked out lovely Thank you guys so much for watching. What’s in my bag travel edition? I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please Like it and subscribe To my channel if you haven’t already do it. I know you can the buttons right there or right there somewhere. I post videos Every week once a week sometimes twice a week if I’m feeling extra groovy, then you get a bonus video Thanks again guys. I love you very much so so much so much. It’s ridiculous, okay I love you peace out. See you soon, Japan

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  7. We're a cards family too. Every time we go holiday we buy a deck from where we visit it's fun playing with decks from all over the world

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    When Will You return to Mรฉxico city?? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
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  11. Thank you Rydel so much for this video. This video was so helpful as I've never been on an airplane before. Love your videos and R5 band as well, I wish to meet you all one day.

  12. What's happening with R5? They say that they wont be doing shows for a while 'at least' and Ratliff gave his drumsticks away. I'm so confused. Guys if you are reading this know that we are all scared that you are breaking up and we just want to know what's going on. We love you so much and you are literally the reason why so many of us are here. We want to know that you are okay and that R5 is staying together… please. Don't just ignore what we are all saying I've already cried at the train station because of this and got some really odd looks. Please just speak out about what's going on. x

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