What’s in a Manga artist’s bag? What’s in Cathy Cat’s bag?

I keep my manga ideas here. I write some lines here too.
– What?! This is the rough sketch of my manga. I also got this one.
– There it is! Hey guys and girls it’s Cathy Cat. We had the luck to meet a real manga artist and his girlfriend we went and ask them well… How about you show us what’s in your bag. Let’s go out and see what you can find Inside the bag of a real manga artist. Let’s go and Ask Japanese. You both seem to have your own unique styles. We are asking everyone this today: Show us the inside of your bag please! First of all he brings out a green backpack. Let’s have a look together. Green bag, green tshirt, green watch and green notebook You do like green. Yes I love green. If I see green things I buy them. This book as a lot of drawings. That’s because I make manga. Wow how cool! There are some great characters here. Can I have a look? This is my sketchbook for ideas and such. With stuff like this… I write lines here too. These are my rough sketches. You are so talented! – Thank you Is this your hobby or work? Half of it is work. I am not the typical manga artist you get. I am employed to a company, and I draw manga for them. But I also work as manga assistant. That’s amazing. I have the feeling something else that’s green is in your bag. I brought a spare set of glasses. Why one more?
– That’s my spare. These glasses are new. I am a bit worried so I brought a spare. These glasses are green too… And those are fully green too.
– You got it. I think there are more interesting things in your bag. This is my pencase. To our expectations This contains the pens I use for drawing. Some of those are green too. Since you are a mangaka, what is your favourite pen? My favourite pen? This mechanical pencil here is easy to use. I’m using it a lot. If you shake it, the refill comes out. And also this one. And a kneaded eraser. I see… Do you know kneaded erasors? They are popular. They are soft. They are like playing dough. Can you actually erase with them? If you use those for erasing, you don’t get eraser crumbs. That’s why I like using them. When I do a sketch, I first draw it with a pencil But when I use this eraser, I won’t get eraser shavings. So I can work in cafes without bothering others You really care about the people around you? That’s true. If you spread eraser shavings all round a cafe… I generally try to keep it all clean. I think it’s also tough for the staff if guests make the place dirty That’s why I care about that. I am careful to use my area in a clean way. My must carry item… My pencil, my erasor and my notebook … I will always carry them with me to draw. They are important. And my glasses. Why did you start drawing manga? I used to play games like Mario and Donkey Kong as a child. Drawing pictures of these was what sparked my interest in drawing. I played games and drew pictures… And then naturally I wanted to draw many other things… I studied about drawing manga And that’s what got me to where I am. I saw a lot of green with you and…. let’s look what a mangaka’s girlfriend carries. What do you think she has?
– She always carries a lot of things. This is gonna be dirty. I have a parasol… Some Japanese green tea and… My toothbrush.
– A toothbrush??? Why a toothbrush? When my teeth feel dirty I want to clean them right away. Do you always carry a toothbrush?
– I do. There are 3 super cute pouches in there.
– They are handmade. You made these.
– Yes I did. They are already falling apart. She is really good at crafts. Do you craft a lot? – I sometimes do. When I have the time. I knit scarfs and such. You are both really creative then. Thanks. Can I have a look at that pouch? Since it’s handmade. They are not that great. They contain my medicine. How cute. That’s it.
– I like it. That’s all I carry and then… I carry…. A plastic bag… Why do you carry a folded plastic bag. I might need it to carry round garbage. And then this one.
– There it is. Those are supplements that are supposed to help me lose weight. She always carries them around. The always takes them when we are already eating. You have to eat them in advance, but I always forget and eat them afterwards. They’re supposed to limit your calorie intake. But you are glad you carry them.
– I do. Better than not taking them at all. Those were all our questions. Thank you so much. So that’s the kind of things we can find in a mangaka’s bag and… his girlfriends bag. I loved the green design. So much. That was so much fun to see. I didn’t expect that. We literally just bumped into them and were really lucky. Now the director talked me into showing you the contents of my bag. Which uh… ok well… This is not my general Lolita fashion bag as you can see… I am not wearing Lolita fashion today… This is my casual youtube bag…whenever I need to carry a lot of things around you can see… This is my YouTube bag. It has a huge YouTube design. Down here, can you see it. I got this one here at a YouTube Space event when Ask Japanese reached 100,000 subscribers. Yeah that was like a big… festival event that YouTube did in Japan at the time. I got this bag there, I won it and… I’m taking good care of it. It’s my travel bag whenever I need to carry more things around. Today I had two clothes changes… Beause I was changing I had to carry a lot of clothes with me. They all had to fit into this bag. We start on this bag. I always have a little talisman with me. This one here is for health. Sometimes… already this year I got a little bit sick. I wanted to make sure that I get healthy again… so this one is on my bag and when we open it… It’s all the extra accessories like… all the bits… The hats and the belts and… And the other clothes and… Oh yeah and my parasol. There always needs to be a parasol here. That parasol saved me so much. The rainy season this year… the longest, one of the longest ones in history… It was either raining or it was burning hot It was either or… so I always had this one with me and this one always helps me to shed myself against the sun. And just in case it rains again. I got this one. Also, a good writer or any creative person should always carry a notebook with them and I always try to carry notebook with me too …. This one again is from YouTube . From a different YouTube event… I try to collect all my little Youtube merchandise things. See if there is anything else worth showing in here… Well that’s a bit random but yes… This is an adapter for my macbook pro… to HDMI so I can actually edit and do subtitles on a bigger screen. Pfff now I have the hair in my face. That’s something that’s in here too… See if there is anything else that’s exciting in here… My wallet of course… More items from…. More talismans… facemasks…. These are really good because…. In Japan, one person starts coughing then 10 other people start coughing… and then hundreds and then thousands… If it’s a season when there is a flu going round… I always try to carry a mask with me. Many Japanese people don’t cover their mouth when they’re coughing. I don’t think that’s nice. My phone obviously. Love my case but it’s breaking so I probably have to get a new case. Also in summer always carry …. a little deodorant around with me. Japanese summers, it’s so hot, it’s so humid, you will sweat… You should not smell… Because no one of the Japanese people around me is smelling. If you are a “good” foreigner, make sure to never smell and you always have a deodorant with you. Yes I actually do what I preach. I actually do what I preach… And well…. Fun thing here, you might know this if you have an Iphone 10 and up… This is the adapter that you need. I love listening to music… and there has been so many situations when I really wanted to listen to music and… My headphone weren’t charged and I couldn’t listen to it. I have this one with me wherever I go so I can always listen to music Get myself some cheap headphones. and the store next door. Uhmmm That is pretty much it… I can’t… Oh oh wait. Oh no…. Oh no I was supposed to wear this together with this one. My skelleton unicorn necklace I was supposed to wear this. So those were the items in the bag of a mangaka and the items in the bag of a YouTuber. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did don’ forget to give us a big like if you are new, don’t forget to subscribe for more stuff here from Japan… I hope to see you soon for more stuff here on the ask Japanese channel. Love you guys lots and I catch you soon bye. Matanyan! What what what are you doing? An apple a day keeps the doctor away….

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