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Now packing your carry-on is very much like
packing your diaper bag, but on a larger scale, because there are more things that you’ll
need handy while you’re in the air. So keep in mind that you can have a personal
item, your diaper bag, as well as your carry-on. So in your carry-on that you stow in the overhead
make sure you’ve got things like extra diapers and wipes, changes of clothes, things along
those lines. But in the bag that you’re going to keep with
you at the seat you need to have all of the necessities. Obviously you’ll need some diapers and wipes,
and a changing pad; and you want to put those all together in the bag so you can grab them
and run to the restroom in a pinch. Also make sure you have diaper cream and a
pacifier pod. If your little one uses a pacifier you want
have a couple easily accessible. They are great for helping the baby’s ears
pop at takeoff and landing. If you have an older child, you might want
to try some raisins as well, or really any food that will get them to chew. Don’t forget your nursing cover. If you’re still nursing you’ll definitely
want that on your flight. And your child’s favorite toy. This can keep them occupied and also act as
a teether if they are teething. And speaking of teething, don’t forget your
medicine. If your child is teething, chances are they’re
going to be no more comfortable in the air than they are at home, so don’t leave home
without your teething tablets or any other medicine they might need. You obviously want to have your bottle and
any formula if your child is formula feeding. And don’t forget a trusty Ziploc bag. It’s great for trash, dirty diapers, soiled
clothes, really a whole host of things. And snacks; make sure you have snacks handy
and a variety of them just in case your little one doesn’t want their favorite Cheerios in
the air. Don’t forget to also keep all those free cosmetic
bags you have. They’re perfect for flying because they fit
all of your small items, and you can very easily grab and go, put things on the x-ray
belt when you’re going through security, etcetera. One thing you might not think of putting in
your carryon is a table topper or a pack of post-it notes and crayons. These are both perfect for your tray table. Fold out the tray table, put on the table
topper, and your child can color for hours on end. Making these fun little art kits is a nice
surprise for your little one. Surprise them with that while you’re on the
plane. The other thing you want to make sure you
have handy is your gate check bag. This is perfect for when you gate check either
your stroller or your car seat, so keep that handy as well. Enjoy your trip.

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