What social media networks should a travel agency use? | Tip For Tip Episode 32

On this episode we talk about what social network you should use! Hello and Welcome to Episode 32 of Tip For Tip, where you asking your marketing question in exchange for a tip in your industry. My name is Aaron and my name is Christian today we have Angela Kelso with Cruise Planners Hi Aaron and Christian, it’s Angela Kelso from Cruise Planners American Express and I have a question about what social media platforms or how many two or three I guess, that I should be using as a travel planner you know I go I plan trips all over the world land and ocean and I typically will spread the word through Facebook and a tiny bit of Twitter but also Instagram is something that are really probably should be using as well as emails of course so I’m interested to see what you your expertise advice is thank you. Normally what we tell our clients is to look at their audience and see where they’re at but a good rule of thumb is to always be on Facebook and have a good presence on Facebook and with the travel planning business I think a good idea would be also to use YouTube and do videos maybe customer testimonials and link back to your website. Absolutely and what it means with leaning back to your website is the SEO version of that so search engine optimization more people are going to find you online with those videos. The biggest thing that from looking at your page your Facebook page right now is that you guys have good content you have good value the the videos or industry-specific it’s really good the problem is that it’s inconsistent with the amount of post you’re doing so it doesn’t matter which platform those are great suggestion for platforms I agree but if you’re not consistent with those platforms then there will be a little gap with the amount of people who are going to your site so if you step those up as far as consistency and creating the videos on Facebook and YouTube then you’ll have a lot more traffic to your website and book more trips. Yeah absolutely I think those tips were were pretty good and pretty robust and I think it should get you going, you and your company going and let’s see what tip you have for us. A travel tip well let’s just talk about what it is that I do as a travel planner advisor and it’s really about making your dreams come true making my clients dreams come true I mean it is it is I just love to do that and and rather than looking on a screen and trying to figure it out then why not why not work with me also what I love is I love bringing people together so many people will come to me and be like you know I’ve gotta I want to go here I want to go to Italy or want to go to my first cruise or whatever but I really don’t want to go alone and that’s what I love to do! I love bringing people together we have and we have so much fun and because people now they’ve got past that thought of okay you know what I have more confidence now because I can travel maybe I’ve never been out of the country before and now i’m not alone but I’ve got people around but i’m still traveling independently and and creating creating my dreams so that is really really the core of really what we do and what I love to do so yeah it may be a tip but just know that we’re out there we want to we want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what it is you want. Angela even though you said you didn’t give us a tip what I gathered from it was they even if somebody is traveling alone what you guys can do is pair them up with somebody else and let them be more comfortable and travel with somebody so they aren’t actually traveling alone. Yeah absolutely have that actually first-hand experience and in 2013 I did hire a travel agent in order to.. I mean I traveled by myself but I met with 30 or 40 people that we’re still friends up to this day so its pretty cool. So great tip and Angela thank you again for coming on our show all the information for you guys will be above in the text so you guys can find out more about her but if you are a business owner would love to come on the show and get free advertising on Facebook all you have to do is go to bitbranding.co/tipfortip that is all we have this week because obviously can’t talk too much longer my mouth is too dry or something. We’ll see ya next week!

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