What Is The Best WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, Thrive Architect Compared

In this video to help you answer the question
what is the best peach builder for WordPress or better yet what is the best page builder
for you hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com were really sits unaccounted to help you get
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be linked in the video description below what an introduction will hate this videos actually
going to be sort of a follow-up to a video that I made last year it is right here let
me click to it I made a video last year comparing the various page builders and a lot has changed
in the 10 months since I recorded and uploaded this video and this is a pretty popular video
over 50,000 people watched this video and it helped a lot of people make their decision
on what page builder that they wanted to use it for their situation and it is the perfect
time right now to remake this video because a lot of things have changed in the last 11
months there’s been several updates to some of these page builders some new entrance and
there’s a lot of things going on with WordPress in general so buckle and this is can be a
little longer of a video I’ll try to get through the information as fast and concisely as possible
now the first thing I want you to know is why should you even listen to me on this topic
there are a lot of people that write reviews and typically I mean I record reviews all
the time typically you get the product you install it and you play around with it for
a half-hour or so and then you come up with your impressions and write your review I’m
not that guy when it comes to page builders I use all of these page builders and you kinda
get a different perspective if you’re using something for 30 minutes or if you been using
something since it came out or for several years and so with the page builders that I’m
to be talking about in this video I have been eight actual user of these products are not
someone that played around with it for 10 or 15 minutes and am coming up with all these
impressions I know also where all these page builders are headed and what to expect in
the next 12 months a lot of times because I’m communicating with the developers of these
plug-ins so there is a little bit of a additional reason to watch this video and consume this
information is to help you make the best decision for you when it comes to choosing a page builder
now in this video I’m going to make a big deal out of certain things and try to focus
on several things so first of all I think that it’s much better to have a front and
page builder versus a backend page builder and so it’s a totally different page in content
creation experience a Bakken page builder you’re just virtually moving things around
you don’t have any idea what it’s gonna look like in your in this constant process of updating
viewing refreshing and all of that a front and page builders kind of like a what you
see is what you get experience in this is the type of webpage building experience that
I think is an absolute must today there is no reason that I can think of to use a Bakken
page builder when there are phenomenal front and page builders available and it such a
huge timesaver next I want to make a big deal in this video about content login and what
that means is there certain page builders when you use them you kind of have to use
them for life there really is no way of getting out of it either when you stop using that
plug-in your content disappears permanently or it’s gonna be loaded up with shortcodes
rendering all of the content useless anyway and this is a point of difference from the
video that I made last time where I was cutting some content login page builders a little
bit of slack but were in 2017 I do not think that anyone should be using your page builder
where you’re locked into that page builder for life next I mostly had to be talking about
theme agnostic page builders versus a theme specific page builders and what that means
is a theme specific page builder means it it’s pretty much a page builder that will
only work with the one theme and it comes sold as a bundle versus a theme agnostic page
builder where you can use it with any WordPress theme and lastly I want to bring up some issues
of backwards compatibility that you should really be thinking about because if you are
using a page builder that has been around for say five or six years unfortunately those
stage builders are very restricted in what they can do because they always have to make
it backwards compatible now there are also two things I’m not gonna talk about in this
video one of them is going to be the page load time is speed of these builders and there’s
a big reason why things are so mature these days with page builders in the code that they
create so it doesn’t really matter if a website takes a fraction of a second longer to load
because using one page builder versus the another page builder it’s complete nonsense
I know we talked about a lot of times and having a fast loading website is good for
SCO when it absolutely is it’s actually better not as much for SCO as it is for the user
experience which if you give someone a bad user experience they’ll bounce off your site
and that hurt your SCO big time but if you’re doing proper things you have a proper host
using proper caching what you’re going to need both of those anyway and I can have a
problem with speed and if it’s a fraction of a millisecond longer person from using
one page builder versus another I think it’s really a pointless argument and the second
thing I’m not in a talk about is the actual rendered code so you make your page layout
and then you’re looking at it one page builder might have a few extra lines of code over
another one I think it’s pointless to make those arguments that this is better because
there’s a couple lines of code I mean some people literally think Google’s come at your
site and they’re saying all my gosh there’s five extra lines of code were going to have
to knock them down or there’s a couple extra lines of code we don’t want to recommend that
site because his other one has a couple lines at less of code is completely nonsensical
if he asked me and it makes absolutely no sense so I am not going to bring that up as
well in this video don’t I’m mainly going to focus on four different page builders but
I want to briefly talk about each of the page builders and I’m not gonna talk about a whole
lot and I want to say why now these are in no particular order but let’s just get through
that right now number one I’m looking to talk about the cornerstone page builder this is
a theme specific page builder that is with a thing called the X theme the reasons I am
not gonna talk about this page builder is because it’s tied to that theme and you have
this big content login problem where if you ever wanted to stop using this page builder
your contents can end up being useless because going to be wrapped in so many shortcodes
I have use this page builder before I find it very nonintuitive in this is just my personal
experience but I don’t think anyone should go with the cornerstone page builder for the
mainly because of the content lock-in issue and because of that short code issue there
it tends to be a lot of incompatibility with third-party plug-ins that you may want to
use on your site so that is cornerstone next one is a fusion page builder and this is pretty
much the same thing as cornerstone it’s a theme specific page builder it’s completely
back and page builder and there is huge a login on your content and there’s a significant
compatibility issues with other plug-ins that you may want to use booking plug-ins event
plug-ins all types of plug-ins there’s gonna be some compatibility issues so next plug-in
page builder is optimize press this is actually the problem and optimize press as it stuck
in 2014 the website the same website from 2014 when this came out 2014 it was the bees
knees I mean this was applying and having it and dare I say it was one of the first
kind of front and page building experiences but your content is all locked in and it is
a very cumbersome to work with if you use it I just there’s no reason today to use optimize
press what it did in 2014 was nothing short of revolutionary were about to hit 2018 it’s
completely outdated it hasn’t really been updated or changed much in the last three
years and is sadly I mean it was a great great plug and when it came out but sadly it is
very slow to work with and anxious no reason to use optimize press these days unfortunately
the next one is oxygen I actually did a full review on oxygen builder this is actually
new and it’s kind of interesting how it works it’s a plug-in but it kinda takes over your
entire website and the big negative I see with it is that you get this content lock-in
so if you ever to stop using oxygen you just all your content completely disappears and
it’s not really technically at page builder but you could kind of use it as that you can
use it with page builders I would recommend just watching the full review video that I
did on oxygen app to see if it’s for you there are certain people that it’s great for its
little technical to use so that’s up to you whether you want to use oxygen or not but
if you’re interested in this definitely check out the full review that I created about it
next let’s see here we have site origin now site origin is used on a ton of websites it’s
active on over a million websites it is I a front it’s actually back and page editor
but they tried to add some front and page editing to it and you do not want to use this
page builder and all your pretty much it is very cumbersome you have complete content
lock and if you were to disable it you lose everything that you created your stuck using
it there’s actually no reason to use it right now obviously it’s free so I think that’s
why gets a lot of activations but there is a way better free page builder available for
WordPress right now I don’t really see any reason to use site origin I think the reason
those numbers are so high is because it’s been around for a very long time it is very
nonintuitive to work with and you get that content lock in next we are talking about
hunt visual composer I’m going to get some visual composer folks for sure now visual
composer you buy uncle Canon it’s been purchased a ton of times 311,000 times now the reason
people are purchasing it there not purchasing it because I know I want to use visual composer
the reason for buying this thing is because they’re buying a theme on Theme Forest that
has this built into it and they get a little message it says if you want update you got
go over there and buy it and that’s the only reason it’s been purchased 300,000 times I
have never met one person that was stuck using visual composer and was actually happy about
it it is a very slowly I mean it is probably the slowest to use page builder out there
it is very frustrating to work with you get nickel and dime for everything so you you
think 34 bucks is not a lot of money at but then when you see there’s over 200 add-ons
for it and every little feature he wants 20 bucks your 30 bucks there it hits just the
worst experience of building a page that I could imagine it is littered with shortcodes
meaning if you were to deactivate and stop using this any piece of content you created
is a virtually worthless and because of that short code issue you’re going to get a lot
of incompatibility with plug-ins that you’re probably gonna want to use on your site like
an event calendar or something like that booking there’s tens of thousands of plug-ins on WordPress.org
and you can have some compatibility issues for sure I have yet to meet or come across
anyone that has said anything great about using visual composer usually you’re using
it because you’re stuck using it because you got some theme on Theme Forest which I won’t
even do anymore but you get some theme on Theme Forest that has this integrated into
it and there is a migration though people are starting to these theme developers are
starting to allow you to use other page builders and not just visual composer which I think
is going to be a great thing the next page builder is theme five yes theme five builder
and I did get a lot of comments about theme five builder and then actually reach out to
me out recently that to see if I would talk about theme five builder and I did consider
may be doing more of a review on this because I hear people asking me but I gotta say five
minutes after confusing this I do not like it at all him and show you the interface itself
it I want to be mean okay so I’ll just say I don’t like the interface I’ll leave it at
that you do get that content lock-in and the interface to be gentle I’ll just say it’s
kind of clumsy let me kind of show you the interface right here so I have it installed
on the click on the theme five builder in wait till you see the interfaces that I’m
about to show you you’re gonna see this and it just it just I mean it’s lousy I mean this
is just I don’t even know where to click I see a bunch of icons and you know it’s it’s
pretty bad I’m clicking I don’t see anything happening if I want to add something I click
this plus but I can click on it half the time because of this overlay and then I can only
see this but it’s being cut off with what’s below it I mean this is really not anything
I would recommend anyone consider using on their website I know it’s cheap it’s also
built into a lot of their themes but they’re trying to kind of pull it out and make it
a little bit more theme agnostic but this is just something that I mean I don’t know
why anyone would inflict this on their life using the theme of my builder it’s that I
really don’t like it at all now part of that personal preference you have to take that
with a grain of salt so if you’re the developer and you want to attack me I’m the first to
say take it with a grain of salt you check it out yourself but I think you’re going to
agree that the interface is extremely clunky and it’s there’s just much better stuff out
there so let me go ahead and get into the first page builder that I’m in a talk about
I did try to alphabetize these to show that there is no preference in these four main
page builders in the first one is the B so I’m talking about it first and that is Beaver
Builder and actually Beaver Builder is the page builder I’m using on my main site WPCrafter.com
several websites so I’m using a lot of these page builders this one happens to be using
the Beaver Builder I’ve used Beaver Builder from day one on that website it doesn’t make
any sense for me to change I will be transparent with you I was considering changing themes
last year 2016 in the summer but when I caught word of a new product that they had coming
out called Beaver Themer it was a complete game changer for me and caused me to stick
around with Beaver Builder here’s the thing Beaver Builder 2.0 is about to come out I’m
in a show you Beaver Builder 2.0 right now it’s about to come out maybe six months ago
I released a video where I compared Beaver Builder to another page builder and I was
pretty harsh on both of them exposing all of the weaknesses with it and every single
weakness that I pointed out about Beaver Builder they changed in version 2 would Beaver Builder
it is a pretty much an amazing sight to see a big game changer though with Beaver Builder
is this thing called Beaver Themer and they were the first to kinda come up with this
concept essentially if you get Beaver Themer as well it’s can allow you to use it Beaver
Builder the page builder to create.dynamic headers on your website footers it’s can allow
you to create templates for blog posts and that something that I’m totally using on my
website custom post types styling I mean it’s it’s just amazing what it allows you to do
but it’s a little bit more advanced if you paired up with Beaver Themer some people are
having a hard time wrapping their mind around Beaver Themer and everything that it does
for you I like to say it makes yours your website a smart website because there’s all
these conditional things that you can do with it let me give you a peek will here let me
just look at the pricing of Beaver Builder real quick and then give you a peaked Beaver
Builder 2.0 so if you go to pricing right here Beaver Builder’s only $100 just for the
plug-in if you wanted the theme that they sell as well it’s 199 so $99 is really inexpensive
and you can use it on unlimited websites it does get a little pricier if you want the
functionality of Beaver Themer Beaver Themer is going to come in at 147 there two separate
products and so if you want Beaver Themer you also have to have Beaver Builder so if
you factor that all in now the cost there the cost to use both tools is a $246 so that
is the cost of Beaver Builder and a lot of folks use the Beaver Builder theme there’s
actually multiple themes now that will work with any page builder I even made a video
on that recently okay here is one of things I wanted to actually talk about how tired
he clicked on it one of the weaknesses of Beaver Builder the builder is amazing it’s
rocksolid it is trusted by more agencies I think than any other page builder it is methodically
developed updated built and maintained and what that translates to you if you are making
websites with the page builder for customers nothing is worse than clicking update and
then having your whole site get screwed up you have an upset client or if it’s even your
website now you’re embarrassed and you gotta spend all of this time to figure out what
the heck went wrong and it’s just not worth it sometimes this is not going to be your
experience with Beaver Builder it is so methodically cared for that bill the updates that they
let me put it this way out of every plug-in or theme I’ve ever had for WordPress the one
that has given me the least amount of problems next to zero problems is Beaver Builder and
that is because they are so careful in everything that they do with it Beaver Builder there
is no content lock and I’m making a big deal out of content locking you get no content
lock-in with Beaver Builder which means if you stop using Beaver Builder it retains the
vast majority of your content just the way that you had now a big negative with Beaver
Builder is that they are more focused on having the most rocksolid is stable and functional
page builder and what’s lacking is a lot of the advanced modules and styling that is can
offer you to use on your websites and so what this does is it opens up a third-party marketplace
for an add-on package so right here is the very best add-on package for Beaver Builder
it’s called ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder it’s a $69 which is very affordable it’s going
to add page templates it’s can add road templates tons of modules and I’m using this on my website
right now if you click on modules your to get a list of amazing modules that it brings
to the table and it doesn’t slow down your website it all and this is the package I’m
using on my WP crafter website to bring so much to the table they recently added gradients
so you can use ultimate add-ons to create beautiful gradient backgrounds on your websites
you get all of these page templates that come with it you can just come here and check out
the site beautiful functional and useful page templates are all included’85 Look at the
pricing real quick and then I want to finally show you Beaver Builder 2.0 only 69 bucks
if you wanted lifetime licenses 249 I own the lifetime license that I purchased here
is Beaver Builder 2.0 this is the new interface now here are some of the things that I didn’t
like about Beaver Builder that they have totally fixed if you noticed if you familiar Beaver
Builder version 1 and you’re looking now you notice that you can now dock the settings
panel so there’s this little thing here I can click on and I can undock it I can have
everything float so if I wanted to make an adjustment it could just float or I can pin
it to the left or the right side so now I can pin it on to the right side so whenever
I click on something I can change it right there and here is the biggest improvement
that I thought well that’s huge for me but check this out you can also notice when you
when you are using Beaver Builder version 1 and you would click on something you would
get this pop-up and then it would take a second or two for to actually show you the settings
now with Beaver Builder 2.0 everything is instantaneous so if I click on this bit of
text will see I click on it and then on the left it’s immediately there for me to change
and this is pretty huge is a vast improvement over Beaver Builder version 1 I’m so excited
that they added this instant ability to change the settings I love this doc setting here
as well and another cool thing that they have I really like you see how unfortunately because
I have some whites in the template that I’m using right here and the built Beaver Builder
interfaces kind of white is check this out if I go to the drop down here I can change
it to dark mode I actually like dark mode on everything my YouTube’s on dark mode everything’s
on dark moan my phones on Dyke dark mode I love it and tell you get this dark mode right
here you also get shortcuts now so you can just enter single keys on the keyboard to
save and preview and all of that and now they also added a preview for mobile so I can choose
one of these mobile devices or these different orientations I can go mobile tablet or whatever
and it’s just a pretty amazing everything that they have added to Beaver Builder 2.0
I will say when they first announced Beaver Builder 2.0 and they first released the alpha
version of it I was 100% underwhelmed but they picked up speed in the development they
added this docking so that you can move the setting panel where you wanted to go and then
what really’s rule it really made me a believer is when they made it so when you click on
anything you can instantly change it and I do know that there are lots of additional
things that are coming to Beaver Builder some things I can talk about some things I can’t
talk about some things I’ll talk about later in the video when I’m talking about other
page builders that have these various features but this is pretty huge improvement for Beaver
Builder so Beaver Builder is fantastic it’s super reliable to really get the most out
of it I really think you have to buy one of the add-on packages that’s kind of a negative
because it adds a little bit of cost to it but if you are not interested in Beaver Themer
now you’re just looking at $99 for Beaver Builder and $69 for ultimate add-ons for Beaver
Builder it’s an amazing combination that’s gonna get you pretty much everything that
you could want in a web design next let’s take a look at Divi of course Divi is kind
of one of those I guess a cup 800 pound gorilla meaning they may are a big chunk of the market
of people that use page builders is a lot of problems with Divi that I’m in a talk about
right now number one you have content lock-in and what that means is you can’t stop using
Divi and retain your information there’s no elegant way there is a way to kind of extract
some of it but it’s not really that elegant or easy to pull off and here’s the problem
that I see with Divi Divi is one of the original page builders for WordPress they were out
a very very long time ago there on version 3 or talking years and years and years they
were pretty much the first out of all of these page builders that I’m talking about and what
happens is if they’re going to release a new version of Divi they have to make it backwards
compatible with all of the older versions of Divi so they don’t break people’s websites
this is very good but it’s also horrible because they’re restricted on what they can do with
Divi so Divi is known for having these shortcodes and there’s really no way for them to get
away from shortcodes and that is because of this a backwards compatibility let’s take
a quick look at their pricing I think one of the main advantages with Davey is there
pricing they do have very aggressive pricing they recently increase the yearly plan to
$89 per year but they are one of the only page builders that has a lifetime plan for
249 you get lifetime access to Divi which makes it very attractive if the main consideration
in choosing a page builder is price I personally don’t think your main consideration should
be price but I can understand if that is one of your considerations you can actually go
to Jimmy’s websites and you can demo the user interface of Divi and here it is I think some
of the things I would say about Debbie is they do have a very unique interface they
came out with that about a year ago and it is a very innovative they created a interface
that they say to kind of have the interface kind of disappear one things nice it has in-line
editing that means when you click on a bit of text you can start typing right there and
you get this in-line text and experience and this is something that you don’t currently
get out of Beaver Builder however I do know that they are going to be adding that after
version 2 of Beaver Builder is released now Divi is mainly geared towards designers but
the problem that I’ve always had with Divi is if you go to Divi’s website go ahead and
click on their blog and look at some of their tutorials or go to their YouTube channel and
look at some of the video tutorials they have if you want to do really anything kind of
custom or unique to their any site that you’re making with the DB builder it requires you
add so many different lines of text to the Divi builder it’s just insane there’s no problem
with adding custom code in the certain spots but it becomes kinda hard to manage when you’ve
got lots of code and lots of places and then you have a problem and is this bit of code
conflicting with this bit of code and you start to have these problems that happen and
you don’t even know how to begin troubleshooting it is uniting to remember that bit of custom
code that you added a year ago now I will say that Divi is coming out with some really
innovative features to their builder they have one that’s really need it’s called selective
sink and I remember when they announced this in a video a few months back I thought wow
that is a brilliant feature where you can actually sync up styles so if you Place the
same module in different places on your website you can have the style changes be synced so
you can change the style in one spot and it will change on all of the spots is actually
pretty innovative way of doing things and I also know that a lot of new features have
been hitting Divi and are coming out were Divi and it’s pretty exciting to see however
for me I think that I would not use the V on a website if I was building it today because
I’m afraid of all that backwards compatibility that they’re stuck maintaining and they have
a history of releasing aggressive updates which is good but then a lot of the sites
end up breaking so if you go to any of the Facebook groups for Divi right after an update
comes out there’s going to be a lot of people complaining that it crash their site and this
is probably because they have such a large user base and there’s so many sites using
Divi but it’s also probably part of that backwards compatibility problem so in summary I do think
Divi is a great value I think if you see all the most vocal people supporting Divi they
have always used Divi they been using Divi since the early days and they’ve had these
lifetime licenses is a lot of great people in the Divi community one of things I kinda
don’t like about the Divi community is there is this add-on market that has kind of sprouted
up and it’s very fractured there are some really good add-ons that people have created
there some really crummy ones as well and there’s this fractured next to it in my opinion
but I think that something that Divi’s going to fix later on with opening up its own marketplace
so next let’s move on to Elementor Elementor has really taken the page building experience
of building the websites of by storm and they’ve only been out for maybe a year and two months
or so and they just hit a great milestone of having over 200,000 active websites using
it it took my think about nine months to get the first hundred thousand it took him four
months to get the second hundred thousand and I think they’ll probably by the end of
2017 have over 300 websites actively using Elementor now what’s amazing about Elementor
is it’s completely free they do have a pro add-on package were to look at both in this
video but the core of Elementor is a free analyst times when there is a free plug-in
it’s usually just a couple of features so you can kinda get a feel for how it works
but that’s not how Elementor does things Elementor gives you a full-featured free version you
can save things you can get free templates there’s tons of it fully functional it is
amazing how generous they are with the free version of Elementor and I tend to think that
that’s probably what has attributed to their massive massive growth it is a very well coded
a plug-in you don’t have any content lock and if you disable it you still have all your
content there in a WordPress it’s pretty amazing let’s take a look at their Pro version and
their pricing and then I’m gonna show you Elementor or do I have it open here know that
the settings on the show you in a moment okay Elementor Pro actually just came out last
December and essentially it’s an additional plug and that you add to your website and
it adds procedures to Elementor including some really amazing additional modules now
let’s get to the pricing and then I want to show you what you get for it some scrolling
down what I like about Elementor is they it’s really easy to get started if you really only
need a page builder for one website you can buy a single site license for $49 and be in
business now they also have a three site license for 99 and unlimited sites for 199 I have
this unlimited sites package right here it is fantastic I will see the annual renewal
of Elementor is you get a 50% discount which is pretty massive as well Beaver Builder you
get a 40% discount and I don’t know if you get any discount with Divi so what this is
going to mainly do is it’s mainly can add these Pro widgets is going to give you the
ability to have globally saved items it’s going to give you CSS editing on a module
by module basis is can give you Pro designed templates but these additional features a
gives you normally would cost about $40-$50 by themselves on their own in the beauty is
if you are used to using Elementor write your use to the interface if you went and got to
say a form of plug-in gravity forms as you say gravity forms and you buy that that’s
40 bucks or so and then you have to learn its interface and how to do that what’s beautiful
about Elementor is you’re using the same Elementor interface that you are to get used to anyways
and now you’re able to do more things with it so it’s can add a sliders can add forms
so you can have a full form builder it’s the most flexible form builder that I’ve seen
in the sense that you can totally customize and style how it looks visually I’ve never
seen anything like this no other page builder has a form builder like Elementor you get
this amazing price table you get account out the price tables pretty amazing that you get
so many different options you can style it anyway you want without touching a line of
code you get a countdown timer which is amazing priceless is perfect if your restaurant or
urinal list prices out that pricelist is amazing flip box you get a bunch of WooCommerce elements
as well and in this amazing when they just came out recently called animated headline
that is amazing and you you can do more things with Elementor tuna kinda gives an idea of
where they’re headed you can create login forms coming soon pages maintenance mode pages
you can do some pretty amazing things with Elementor now this is the the pain stuff the
free stuff are amazing they have this shape tool a they have this hover animations to
everything they have gradients I mean if you are a designer you will fall in love with
Elementor if you’re not a coder you will fall in love with Elementor it is the best page
builder for people starting out in you have a low budget it’s free but then it is great
if you don’t want to touch a line of code you have a good strong design sense to you
and you know how you wanted to look now there have been some problems with Elementor but
they recently came out with an update to kind of fix it they are very aggressive in adding
new features to the plug-in it is astounding I mean they are moving so fast and they are
really pushing the envelope and what they’re doing it’s amazing to see but because of that
and because they’ve only been around the year sometimes when they release an update it can
have some problems with your website and unfortunately it has happened I think it’s gotten a lot
better in the last two or three months there now doing more extensive it beta testing and
they recently added a feature to the settings panel of it so if you log in and click on
tools there is this option right here where it says a version control so first you can
opt into be a beta tester this way you can Beta test the plug-in before you unleash it
on your websites but this is really nice right here you can do a rollback a version rollback
so if you do an update you’re noticing some problems you can click a button and then it
rolled back easily to the prior version in your perfectly fine you can submit your bug
report and they will fix it and then you can go ahead and update I think out of all the
user interfaces for all the page builders I think my preference is Elementor it has
the best thought out user interface I find it very easy to use and it’s pretty amazing
what you can do with this free page builder let me just show you some of the things that
I was talking about here let me go ahead and I do have the Pro version enabled so you get
these widgets with the free version and here are the Pro elements right here right here
we have some general elements that are common the free version as well and then some WordPress
shortcodes you can click on add template right here and you can see this vast library of
very practical templates that you can use on your website here’s one went on I this
is exit 1 of the free ones right here let me go ahead and insert it into the speech
you can see some of the very advanced design elements so first of all right here this is
the shape tool you see how you’re getting that shape at the bottom this is the shape
tool it is amazing so I can click right here to get into the settings of this section and
then right here we have three tabs layout style advanced most of the things are in a
doer and style, click on here ominous scroll down and here it’s called shaped divider and
we don’t have a shape divider on the top we have it on the bottom and it’s the curve so
I can adjust the curve you see how I’m adjusting it right here I could change it to something
else I wanted waves I can go with waves and and adjust that down like this there’s so
many design options that you you have your you notice on each of these columns right
here when I hover over you get this however affect or just gets lifted off the page you
get these very nice styled covering effects have to show you this amazing at thing that
they added recently and it is that animated text where are you animated text it’s right
here animated headlines let’s see if I drag and drop that let me drop it right here like
that you see how it just did that it just circled a word while I think it’s pretty amazing
you can have it do this underline right here and you see just underline the like that you
have full control over the font style and everything I suppose it would look better
if I would make it white like this so I made the shape white let me make the headline whites
like that and there you go that’s perfect and then actually for the shape tool I would
probably want that to be like yellow or something like that like a highlighter maybe there we
go and we can preview it it’s just amazing this little things like that I mean I really
think that Elementor is good in so many different use cases it is by far the very best free
page builder for WordPress if you have a very low or no budget Elementor is definitely the
page builder that you want to be using it is amazing what you can do you can build stuff
so fast you can save template you can buy template you can export templates there so
much that you can do with Elementor I must say that for all of these page builders in
terms of features I think Elementor is definitely leading the pack and setting the pace with
everything that they’re doing and everything that they’re adding in everything that they
were planning I think they’re really shaking things up and I really believe they’ve only
just got started so a lot of those page builders I was talking about earlier that I’m saying
the got all this content login problems and all that prep example site origin content
login it’s a back in page builder well Elementor is free there’s no reason why you would I
would even use any of those paid once I was talking about over Elementor sold those page
motors cornerstone site origin visual composer all those ones I listed theme file those ones
that have [email protected] just totally squashes all of them it is just that amazing
of a page builder completely free and their pay version is a very very affordable now
I with Elementor I know I’m only scratching the surface on explaining it here but I do
have a ton of video content on Elementor and they have great community behind Elementor
okay the last page will Dharma talk about cipher link the video is going to be called
the Thrive Architect now there used to be a plug-in used to be like a week ago called
Thrive Content Builder and now there’s a Thrive Architect which is version 2 of Thrive Content
Builder I personally think it was very smart of them to change the name now there were
some problems with Thrive Content Builder that I talked about in last year’s video number
one it would work with any theme but it wouldn’t be fully functional with every WordPress theme
now Thrive Architect can truly stand on its own in any WordPress theme also last year
I was saying how in Thrive Content Builder was looking pretty dated it’d come out in
2014 but they were actually working hard on the building Thrive Architect when I made
that video last year and what they did which I think was very good as they made it fully
backwards compatible everyone that using Thrive Content Builder can upgrade and most of their
stuff will work there are some upgrade issues that people are experiencing right now some
of the strengths of Thrive Architect is it is very much geared towards marketers which
is a great thing but don’t let that limit you because you can build full-featured websites
using Thrive Architect but there’s little things that it has to it that if you’re a
marketer or someone that has an online business that you might want to consider using this
it has a full suite of landing page templates some of them are dated but now that Thrive
Architect out I’m sure there to be having some very very nice and new ones coming out
but they have elements that you can use that have a marketing purpose in case someone actually
show you some of those in a moment I show you Thrive Architect this page of course was
built with Thrive Architect these are some of the templates that you’re getting with
Thrive Architect it has in online editing that’s one of the big cells points that they’re
actually making on the Thrive Architect page however all the page builders are working
on that lets us scroll down to the pricing of Thrive Architect and then I’ll show you
some of the pros and cons of it where are you pricing they have really really good pricing
because the business model of Thrive Architect or the Thrive Content Builder’s a little different
they will sell you the plug-in and you get lifetime updates you get one your support
Odyssey they can sell your plug in and say were going to support it to support you and
provide you with personalized support for the life that you use it so you purchase at
a single site license for $67 and at the end of 12 months if you continue wanting support
it’s a very nominal fee but you will never be locked out of actually getting updates
and that’s one of things I’ve always liked about Thrive that they do things that way
another compelling thing about Thrive Architect is a Thrive Architect is one plug-in and into
and an entire suite of plug-ins so Thrive makes Thrive Leads they might thrive on ultimatum
they make Thrive quiz builder and I know I’m probably missing a couple there’s couple themes
that they have their their remaking as well but you get this entire suite of plug-ins
that communicate to each other so here’s the best example of that I have an Apple watch
I have an iPhone I have a Mac computer I have an Apple TV I have an iPad man I have way
too much Apple stuff but the point is it all perfectly integrates together I can control
one thing with the other thing all of these devices perfectly communicate one with one
another and that’s one of the advantages of sticking with one family of products so thrive
is really a family of products Thrive Leads perfectly communicates with Thrive ultimatum
which perfectly communicates with Thrive Architect and you get this synergy that you can only
get from Thrive all of the other builders I talked about their fantastic but there just
builders were with Thrive there’s an entire suite of products that will perfectly work
together it’s pretty amazing when you think about it let me actually scroll to the bottom
here is are some important information so they put this what’s coming next Thrive Architect
just came out there to be adding additional modules there going to be adding something
that I think could be pretty important to a lot of people there can add 8B split testing
for landing pages now they have mastered the art of split testing big time with Thrive
because they already have the split testing in some of their other products so they’re
just bringing that into Thrive Architect I think it’s going to be pretty huge and I think
it’s going to give some of the software as a service type of platforms a serious run
for their money because really the only selling important point for one of those software
as a service things like lead pages and some the other landing page companies really is
the a B split testing that’s the only advantage they have these days over other ways of WordPress
related ways of having landing pages but when they add this a B split testing I think they’ve
got some stuff to worry about for sure so anyways this is Thrive Architect let’s go
ahead and take a look I have it right here and I wanted to actually start showing you
the back end here is some of the strengths of it they have deep API connections with
just about every email marketing platform or any kind of platform you want to integrate
with limits if it actually shows you a list when I click on manage connections let’s see
let me click on add a new connection okay so here’s a list of email marketing services
that it fully integrates with webinar platforms right here there some other things right here
and also social media you don’t get these types of integrations with the other builders
at all unfortunately another unique thing with Thrive Architect is it add something
called a Thrive light boxes and essentially a light box is a pop up so you don’t need
to have a separate pop up a plug and if you want accident and pop-ups of some clicks on
a button there’s a pop up at time to pop up get that all authority built into Thrive Architect
it’s a very compelling thing that they have added so here is the Thrive Architect interface
like I said it works with any theme now there has been some criticism on Thrive Architect
that it too closely resembles another page builder Elementor I don’t necessarily agree
with that because Thrive Architect when it was Thrive Content Builder had a very similar
interface to begin with yeah there are some overlap in some similarities but there really
are with all page builders so I personally don’t buy into that one of the things I really
like about Thrive Architect watching them to show you some of the elements you get with
that you get this the typical ones that you would expect right buttons headings images
paragraphs and all that one nice thing is let me just veer off course here if you scroll
down and you see this long list of elements there’s a little pin off to the side when
you click on it you can actually pin your most commonly used elements right there to
the top because I don’t use the whole list of them I might only use like five or six
all the time you can just pin them to the top which I think is actually brilliant right
I don’t I don’t know why other other builders haven’t thought of that I think it’s a pretty
pretty impressive there’s another thing that is really really cool about Thrive Architect
so when I drag and drop an element in like this you get this important this breadcrumb
feature so actually it’s not showing well right here let me start with a about a set
of columns so me drag this column element here I’ll choose this and then let me click
here and drag and drop this there and now let me click on the text you get this thing
of breadcrumbs this breadcrumb trail at the top and what this is is is that showing you
where you are or what settings you’re in and it makes it super easy to backtrack a little
bit so it knows I’m in the text paragraph text but if I just want to edit something
in the particular column like maybe the background: color I can just click there on the breadcrumb
and now I’m I’m changing the style of the individual column but hey what if I wanted
to go back one more and edit the style of all of the columns I can go and click here
on the breadcrumb and I can do that when I first saw that they did this in the beta a
few weeks ago I was pretty impressed because it’s little things like this that I think
are very innovative another little thing that I really like about Thrive Architect if you
click on anything so you got this in length text editor I think it’s great but it’s really
coming to all of the different page builders soon it’s gonna come shortly but when you
scroll down you have all of their setting panels right here there is a responsive option
right here and you can choose to make this visible only on the desktop or only on a tablet
or only on a mobile that’s fine every other page builder has us but what I like about
it is safe I only wanted this to be on the mobile device and I toggle it you knows what
happened I don’t see it anymore I really like that because there’s times where I have to
duplicate a section and make one that’s perfect for mobile that I want for mobile and one
that I want for the desktop but I’m stuck looking at both when I’m on the desktop not
sleep I want to see it even though it’s hidden I can click on the checkbox and see it but
I just really like the simple things about that where it will actually hide it if I only
wanted on a mobile device and I do have to say I think as far as mobile editing goes
Thrive Architect has the best mobile editing experience in my opinion as far as changing
the different attributes to make it look better on a mobile device I think it’s a time really
between Elementor and between Thrive Architect there are some things that I also don’t like
about Thrive Architect I don’t like the interface here for adding a gradient so here’s a background
style so if I clicked on the columns and then I will scroll down the background style here’s
what I would do to make a gradient I just feel like it’s such a horse change from the
interface I like how Elementor does that better were just slides the panel down but this is
kind of like a pop up in the settings column here I don’t really like that much like it
that much but it is easy to go herein to change the gradient so if I wanted to go with the
gradient I can easily choose out these colors and make something really beautiful like that
and you saw how easy that was to do so then you have to always remember to click on apply
actually don’t like that either so there are some things that I don’t like about Thrive
Architect that are really kind of minor things I think the biggest thing I don’t like about
Thrive Architect is that and I’m sure they’ll add this you can save modules and reuse them
but you can’t have one be a global module so I made a section and states like a call
to action and there’s a button and I want that on every single page of my website they
can’t all be linked so I can make a change in one of mom and it would change in all of
them I don’t like that however I do think that they will add that feature here in the
future also I do think that Thrive Architect could use some new modules but I think they
spent so much effort and energy wrapping up and getting Thrive Architect ready that they
haven’t yet had a chance to focus on adding new modules let me show you some of those
some marketing related modules that I wanted to show you okay here’s a simple one a button
okay so a button is a button but one of things I really like about the button is right here
you can have a secondary line of text and this would essentially be text to reinforce
why someone should click on the button in the first place don’t get this with the other
builders I don’t know why it’s a simple marketing thing if you want any kind of a cell speech
you see it’s very common to have a button with two lines of text I love it I don’t understand
why other builders don’t added it’s probably because they don’t have this marketing focus
with them so that is a real simple thing I know okay so when I scroll down I really like
this content reveal so essentially you can have content revealed on a timer so say you
have a 10 minute video and you want some content to reveal right at eight minutes you can do
that with this content reveal I really like the countdown timer will really the Evergreen
countdown timer you can actually also get this for Beaver Builder if you have ultimate
add-ons for Beaver Builder but a an Evergreen countdown timer they are fantastic so that
means when someone comes to your page it will start counting down on them but then if someone
comes later at a later time that’s when their counter restart its evergreen is that this
global countdown timer a lot of people like this credit card module so essentially what
this does is it will show credit card icon so this is really good if you have a sales
page or something like that or actually maybe I should have just gone ahead and put that
underneath the button there so I would probably need to center this right here under layout
and position I would go like that and center it you do have really neat spacing controls
now that I have them up right here so I can drag this and change my padding or change
my margin like this and you can even go a little negative on the margin like that to
get it exactly where you want you didn’t have those options before one of the other modules
that Thrive Architect has that others don’t that I think is pretty huge and very very
useful and if I scroll down it’s right here I really like this it is a table module right
here so you can create tables that you are so you can pick how many rows and how many
columns you do that and then I can just start clicking into them and adding the information
that I want to so I could just click on manage cells and now I can start clicking on on the
various cells and adding information actually doesn’t seem to be working right for me it’s
probably because it is one of their newer modules I don’t actually have this working
right how embarrassing but that is okay this is actually very useful if you are creating
a blog post and using Thrive Architect on a blog post and you want this extensive information
that you would find in a table or self I would actually consider using Thrive Architect for
blog post I know tons and tons of people use the Thrive Content Builder on blog posts and
I’m sure Thrive Architect might end up being the very best page builder if you’re writing
blog posts because there’s a lot of blog post friendly type of stuff like this that are
actually really really good okay so let me try to summarize all of this stuff I know
I gave you lot information but I wanted to help give you the information so you can make
the best decision for you so number one if you are someone that has a very low budget
I would consider Elementor the free version and the paid version if you just had one website
and also consider Thrive Architect because you only have to buy once and you get lifetime
updates you can also consider Divi although if you’ve noticed some kind of shying away
from Divi because of the content lock-in issues and the updates that break website issues
but you can’t get away from the fact that for 250 bucks you can get a lifetime license
and that’s pretty good because you’re not having to pay each year to renew it so that’s
if you have a low budget number two if you are someone just making the one website I
recommend Elementor the free version of Elementor and the paid version because you could buy
the the one site license for $49 or use Thrive Architect because with Thrive Architect you
don’t have to renew it the next year those are to be great options for you if you are
a web developer and you want to create more complex projects hands down you’re going to
have to go with Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer and epiphenomenal community of advanced
web developers I mean you can also use it for normal websites as well in fact I would
probably say Beaver Builder is the best tool if you are making websites for someone else
because you get unbelievable reliability when updates are pushed out and that’s can essentially
gonna make it easy for you to manage multiple clients if you’re not having to come in there
and fix anything on each update but if you want that advance functionality pairing Beaver
Builder with Beaver Themer is amazing what you can do it is amazing what you can do and
there is nothing that even comes close to it at this point I have a full tutorial series
on Beaver Themer and you can watch that and see you can do some really amazing stuff without
touching a line of code that you could not do before Beaver Themer was available and
you also get that added bonus of the the Beaver Builder product you can use in unlimited websites
and get support for unlimited website so you really can’t beat the value there if you’re
a web developer web design agency and you don’t want to have to bring unnecessary heartache
of websites having issues on you you’re gonna want Beaver Builder in there some amazing
things that you can do with Beaver Builder that I didn’t talk about where you can restrict
the access that your clients have to edit certain things so say you come out with this
beautiful layout you give it axis your client and they screw it all up while with Beaver
Builder there are ways to restrict what they can and cannot do she can make it so all they
can do is change the text that’s perfect is then they can change the font they can change
the background they can’t rearrange anything and that’s good to make a life a lot easier
for you and it’s can allow you to provide more foolproof solutions for your customers
next if you are a marketer I think you really want to give Thrive Architect a serious look
because of these marketing centric features that they have you can create sales funnels. Pretty soon be able to do a B split testing
which is amazing if you’re buying any kind of pay traffic definitely Thrive Architect
if your marketer you probably also making lots of blog posts longform content you’re
knocking to be able to make any longform content right now in Beaver Builder Elementor until
they add in-line editing so if you want to engaging longform content right now your only
option is a Thrive Architect and I highly recommend it for that also if you want to
create high converting or landing pages also give Elementor a look because Elementor is
a very designer friendly which means you can and have access to the most recent design
trends to make a unique looking landing pages for yourself or for your clients definitely
give Elementor a look for that if your marketer as well at the end of the day I think these
are all great page builders and unfortunately the information changes new features come
out new versions come out I have a link down below I linked everything of course but I
also have a link down below to page on my website where I’m keeping you up-to-date on
all of these different changes so when you go to the site you’ll see all the updates
for each of these four main page builders or you can just click on the link and go read
more if you wanted to but everything’s gonna kinda be consolidated right there once again
I have links everything down below what page builder do you use and want to know why you
choose that page builder let’s try not to attack the other ones but let’s definitely
share why you think your page builder in the one you’ve chosen to use is the best page
builder few thanks for making it stick in and out with me through this very long video
but I think that Ed the page builder you choose to use is just as important as the web hosting
you choose the use which means it is everything and I just wanted to give you as much information
as possible to make the best decision possible for you thank you for watching the

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  24. Do you, or anyone else know, if Elementor or Beaver Builder work well for creating a portfolio website? I am a professional Graphic Designer and want to know if these two play well for a site where portfolio posts are needed.

  25. Hi just bought Thrive Architect thru your link. You said to let you know when we did that. Where do I send the info to please in order to get your training course that goes with it as a bonus. Thanks

  26. Thanks Adam, this video saved me a lot of time by showing me what would be best fit for my business that I'm getting off of the ground. I'll be designing just one page, and I can't beat the price!

  27. I used the free ekementor version and liked it so far. Thrive also I like feature wise. I tried my hands on divi and site origin and agree to your points in the video Adam. Somehow I was not getting the hang of beaver ..I didn't similar time in Beaver and ekementor for the same thing and looks like ekementor made it easier… Will update on Beaver too💗💗😀

  28. Adam you said can't make long not posts with beaver… So would you suggest thrive and beaver combo if I have to design something for marketing and also get in design

  29. Hey Adam. Thanks for the review on all of these builders. I started out with Visual Composer unfortunately. I even bought a $30 license just like the 300,000 people that bought. I can tell you for a fact that you are dead on about Visual Composer. I absolutely hate it. Its so non-intuitive, slow, quirky, buggy, and I can go on and on. I got nickel and dimed to death with features after features.
    However, the only positive that I got from Visual Composer was that I purchased Ultimate addon from them. Totally loved it. Then I learned that Ultimate created an addon for a new builder called Beaver Builder. Thus I migrated away from Visual Composer in a New York split second.
    Since moving to Beaver Builder my website development has been a breeze. Coupled that with Ultimate Addon and Power Pack, and Beaver Builders new product called Beaver Themer, Beaver Builder eco-system packs a serious web development punch.
    Its not perfect and could still use some improvements. But good God, WordPress Builders have come a long, long way from my days of working with Visual Composer. I detest that web builder with a passion.

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  31. Many thanks for the vid. No mention of KingComposer – the devs of KingComposer really need to invest in some marketing 😀 backend and front end page builder with pro version. Inline editing etc

  32. I'm building my own site using Beaver builder. I also bought thrive leads but discovered they conflicted with BB without adding extra css.
    I'd like to know if it's possible to make some pages (ie landing pages) using thrive and seperate content pages using my existing Beaver? Will that work?

  33. This was excellent. Subscribed. What I'm interested in is something like OceanWp + Elementor vs XTheme vs Astra + Beaver Builder. I'm really curious as to what theme and page builder plugin combo is best overall.

  34. Hi Adam, Can you please check out on Themify Builder , they released a new version and it seems amazing with it's parallax feature and the ultra theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRpocKzhCs8

  35. Adam, I just found you today and have to say you are truly a godsend. The thought of using WP to build my site was giving me major anxiety issues. But your videos have changed all that. I am a subscriber now and have turned on notifications in my YouTube app! I will also be telling everyone I can about you. I also especially like your honest opinions and straightforward style. Thank you so much for doing what you do. ☺

    I do have one question. You mentioned that these page builders work with any theme, and also that Elementor and Thrive Architect offer different templates. How do templates work with or relate to themes, and what's the difference between the two? Thanks again.

  36. I have used Divi for year and lately when helping friends also VC. For 3 years I have not done research about builder and somehow I popped to see yours. What an eye opener. You touched the sweet spots of Divi for sure, and I can see how Elementor and Thrive will work for the projects I have in store. Thanks a lot!

  37. Wow, it's hard to keep these comparisons updated, because the builders update so quickly. But though I use the Thrive suite, I want to give Beaver and Elementor a try. The mobile versions of Thrive pages aren't always as consistent with the desktop version. And sometimes the layouts just don't scale that well. So I want to give the others a try.

    Is it a bad idea to use more than one builder on a site?

  38. This was very useful and informative. I wonder if I use Thrive Architect should I use Thrive themes or something else. I have been using X theme and Cornerstone and now it looks like it's time to phase that out.

  39. I was recently wondering that why there are so much job offers regarding Thrive Architect than Elementor, I went to Thrive Themes website and saw that they provide UNLIMITED free updates, whereas Elementor only provides updates for a year only. If I buy Thrive Architect for $67, then even after 2-5 years will be getting the latest updates without any additional cost.

  40. I bought two ThemeForest theme and I like the demo they made. which are bridge and rt-theme. the package comes with the visual builder. Can I use beaver, Elementor or Divi to modify demo without any problem?

  41. Thanks for the comparisons It has been a huge help. Now I got to get some aspirin my brain is smoked LOL

  42. Take note that Cornerstone is no more theme dependant, they created a version that si theme independant.

  43. Hi there!, thanks for this great video. I've been using visual composer and muffin builder for a couple of years but as you mentioned, my websites went reaaly slow as long as i adding things to my sites. I'm a frontend dev and i know HTML,CSS and JS, but i dont want to reinvent the wheel, so i'm looking for a faster way to create CUSTOM websites. I wanna be able to build custom layout and replicate PSD custom designs. That's the reason why i use visual composer, it let me add custom classes and id, so i have more control over each element. But no is time to change because site speed is getting worst and worst. Another question for you, do you know how to use a page builder with custom fields such as Advanced Custom Fields for example. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye and thanks again!

  44. Hi thanks for another great video. Personally I think the best 2 builders are Beaver and ekenentor. Divi in my opinion is a waste of money. I hope Brizy will also be up there. It looks promising. I also think we are moving into times where places like theme Forest are going to die a slow death. Page builders and themes like Astra with pre made templates are taking over. Just my humble opinion.

  45. Is this video still relevant today? Wondering if there has been an update to this since it is almost a year old.

  46. I did a search on BoldGrid and this video came up. However, I don't really hear you talking about the product. What are your thoughts?

  47. Hi Adam, thanks for this great video. I have a question. I was attempting to use Thrive architect on an Astra theme. When selecting the free Astra starter site, I was prompted to choose either Elementor or Beaver. There was no option for Thrive architect. Regardless, I chose Elementor. So what happened was that I was given the option to edit the pages with either Elementor or Thrive architect in my wordpress dashboard. But I could only really make edits with Elementor and not Thrive architect. When I clicked anywhere on the page in Thrive architect, it just will not select anything which I could on Elementor. Would you have any idea why this is so as I thought Thrive architect could work on any theme and Astra could work with any page builder? Thanks!

  48. Great video and thank you for the information. I'm a first-timer to making a few websites for myself. It's important to me that I'm able to alter the themes of my pages (including blogs/news feeds/posts; static/dynamic) within the same website. Which, if any, of the recommended applications provide this capability?


  49. Check out Offsprout’s White Label Website Builder for WordPress, you spend less time building websites and more time building your business

  50. Oxygen is way better than Divi, Elementor and Beaver together. The new features that Beaver 2 will have, Oxygen already has.

  51. Great video as always thank you Adam! My dilemma: I am going to start selling websites to local business' while working on my own sites as well. For client sites I do not want to build them with a page builder that has an annual cost to avoid that long term commitment and potential issues should they or I want to cancel – is Elementor free version sufficient to build simple sites for clients? Looks like Beaver Builder only one with one time fee but not wanting to use Beaver for clients sites and then Elementor for my own. Any thoughts?

  52. What is going on when you have more than one builder on your website and they conflict? How do you prevent from changing something in a builder and not showing up as a result?

  53. I am a web developer, quite new to WP. I need to choose a page builder that will provide the following:
    1. Unlimited domains
    2. Unlimited updates
    Do you have any suggestions for me please? So far, I have used Elementor and WPBakery. Any ideas?
    Thank you in advance and thanks for all your great videos.

  54. Hey Adam, do you know which is the WP Builder with the Best Support. I mean competent, fast, with option to chat with them. Now I use Themify. It is great, but I am not happy with the support. So I need to change to other Builder. One with the best support! Thank you very much, in advance! 🙂
    As I am AppSumo user I know you from your great AppSumo reviews! I like your explanatory style! You are wonderful person and professional! 🙂

  55. Tough decision between Beaver Builder and Elementor. My situation would seem to fit BB since I just spent a year studying Front-end Development (HTML/CSS/JS/React/Express/etc). But.. the majority of tutorials and the best ones are on Elementor… even this channel seems to have more Elementor than Beaver.

  56. Has anyone tried Offsprout yet? I haven't been able to find many reviews but it seems to have a lot of what I am looking for. Having the ability to save my work is something I've been NEEDING for a long time.

  57. I also found wp bakery very slow page builder where settings and tools are scattered on different locations but even then it comes with most of the themes in theme forest website.

  58. Great review on front-end page builders, Adam! I didnt realize there were both front and back-end #pageBuilders.

    I'm working with a ThemeFusion theme called Avada. Would this be a back end page builder, or something else entirely?

    I'd love to know what your evaluation of backend page builders in 2019.

  59. finally i decided to buy astra theme however couldn't decide to buy beaver or elementor pro and the theme support both of page builders too. Which one should i choose with astra?

  60. Half 2019 and still most WordPress Page Builders suck somehow… I tested them all!
    The nicest to work with is Divi, but it has it's flaws with too much loading time going on. Second best is Oxygen Builder, wich is really optimized and great, but still some Features lacking.
    Elementor sucks, too clicky and ugly workflow, but can be useful. Brizy I wasted 300$ as well, because it's ugly as well and Beaver Builder is damn expensive and pretty standart usabillity, not great still. When someone make it really really nice to make Webpages with advanced possibillities all included without much coding, no one want's that, even if you know css, html and javascript.

  61. Is it possible to share the theme you've created using page builder as a zip file with other people without them having any page builder plugin installed in their wordpress site?

  62. This is a great video!!!! You did an awesome job of explaining pagebuilders. Thank you for this wonderful video!

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