WELCOME TO MAI CHANNEL! Travel + Languages + Entertainment

Hello everyone! My name is Maite and
welcome to Mai Channel! Just a little disclaimer before we get started I will
be putting subtitles both in Italian and Portuguese for every video I make I just
thought that English would be the perfect in-between language but stay
tuned because there are videos coming in both Italian and Portuguese soon well
this is going to be a quick video just explaining what are my intentions with
the channel what videos I plan on bringing to you guys and yes I will keep
making cover videos I just decided to make some different things because I’ve
always wanted to make youtube videos I just never had the guts to
get in front of the camera and actually do it so now I’m going to do it and I
would love if you guys gave me some ideas on what to do and I will tell you
right away what I was planning to do Well I’m just going to tell you a little
bit of the ideas that I have for the content because I love making surprises
but just to leave you guys a little bit curious so one of the ideas I had is
making travel videos I will be posting videos on how to pack to different
places tips from different cities and how to
get by if you’ve never been there before so I have some really nice tips going on
how to pack your volunteer work trip so stay tuned because those things are
coming I also thought about making language tips videos so how to get to
know a language quickly how to get familiarized with a different language or
how to survive in a different country when you just got there and you have no
idea of how their language works I also thought of bringing some fun content
like What I Eat in a Day videos, Outfits of The Week some things that are more
you know casual and fun to watch that will be coming as well yes for the music
lovers out there I’ll keep on making cover videos but I would like to ask you
guys the songs that you would like to hear because I have a very weird taste in
music…I really love jazz and I love 80s music so if you want something
that’s not along those lines please let me know because I will make sure to be
answering your question of different things and different ways
that I can provide those covers and songs to you well this is just a quick
introduction it’s what I plan on doing with my channel I have some really nice
ideas of content that I want to bring you guys but I would please ask you if
you have any idea of what you would like to see of different songs and like to
hear me sing I ask you to please comment down below that I will be taking a look
and I will be providing you with the content that you deserve I have some
other ideas for the channel but I will leave you guys curious because I love
making surprises so make sure you stay tuned so that you don’t miss a thing
that I post and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and also turn on the
notification button so that everything I post you will watch also thank you for
watching and I hope you liked it and I hope you like what’s coming Why am I creating a freaking language of
my own this is hard it looks easy but it’s hard okay now we’re getting this
done okay we’re getting this done yes

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