Vylítávky: Jak si užít (přežít) dlouhé lety

Having a twelve-hour flight ahead of you may not be as bad as it seems at first. Today, I will show you how to handle such a long flight and even how to entertain yourself during the journey. FLYING HACKS HOW TO HAVE FUN ON A PLANE Of course, comfort is a priority. The first thing I do is take my shoes off and find a comfortable position, because legs get swollen during the flight. I carry a travel pillow and an eye mask with me to sleep comfortably. If you do not need to sleep immediately, there are several ways to have fun. During long-haul flights, it is usually possible to watch a movie from the airline database. Most often, I download a movie that I want to see on my mobile phone or laptop. Most of the time, I use long-haul flights to catch up on work. Because where else to bring yourself to write the script for Flying hacks than here! But is it not healthy to look at the computer screen for too long, especially if you are getting ready to sleep. Then it’s good to pick up your favourite book. When I get tired of sitting, it‘s time to have a good stretch. I recommend to take a walk down the aisle and stretch your stiff body every once in a while. The plane can also be a great place to meet people. Don’t be afraid to have a little chat with a fellow traveller. Maybe you’ll have a nice conversation. What you should not forget is to stay hydrated. The air on the plane is dry and one gets dehydrated very easily. I recommend that you hydrate you skin as well. You can bring, for example, a thermal water spray or a cream with you, then you will stay fresh as a daisy. Good night! HOW TRAVEL SMARTLY

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  1. Moc hezky zpracované video ale přežít 12ti hodinový má i jiné řešení:
    Koupit si letenku u Emirates nebo Qatar 😂

  2. K tomu “ Letadlo může být skvělé místo k seznámení” doporučím ještě mobilní aplikaci skychatters.com, kam si pokaždé když někam letím zadávám své lety a spojím se s ostatními cestujícími v mém letadle už před odletem ☺️☺️

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