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#VlogWithSony Remote control from smartphone Time-lapse Stable tracking on face Details in low light smartphone smartphone /α6400 #VlogWithSony This movie was shot with α6400.
A portion of the camera display is simulated.

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  1. Very smart of Sony to roll this out right now. Use the smaller sensor and go after Vloggers and action video types and perfect this technology. It's easier to get better video out of the smaller sensor so this keeps the A6500 relevant.

  2. This was unreasonably stable footage without a gimbal, especially at 0:22 where it feels she is just holding the tie of the camera-man. A bit misleading since it advertises the shooting grip instead.

  3. Face-tracking indicator on this new Sony APSC A6400 is as useless as "Eye-AF" on Sony FF A7III, which is actually also just eye-guess-tracking indicator,
    (unavailable on Sony smartphones? ok, whatever)
    Such tracking indicators, on Sony cameras, tells the user what the camera hopes to focuses on, and attempts it, but with only use of aperture diameters often so small, depth of view is deep enough that misfocus is "almost just as good, to be good enough", except on closer examination is "not really as focused as expected" after all. No surprises, here.

    It has taken Sony ages to finally get their videocam era tech "mirrorless-only" stills cameras to function like videocams with a simple flip-forward capabilities, but be relegated to only "Vlog" selfie duties?! Is that all such flip-forward capable screens are for? Really?

    Vari-Angle Swivel-Screens, that are "face-forward" capable, have been available on digital photography cameras, for more flexible Vari-Angle Swivel-Screen shooting perspectives, not just fixed viewfinder perspective shooting, since the dawn of live-view capable digital stills cameras for decades!
    Yes, early digital stills cameras used videocam era tech from pre-2000. So, Sony offering it so late in 2018/2019, is long overdue.

    Sony is inconsistent, it will offer a Vari-Angle Swivel-Screen on a nice high-end Cybershot DSC-R1, then remove it from the Alphas that followed, only to re-add it only on alpha APSC dSLRs, then remove it from alpha mirrorless APSC, and alpha mirrorless FF models, and only offer awkward double/triple jointed tilt-up-down "almost-forward" clumsy screens.

    Will any Sony mirrorless cameras EVER offer dual capabilities of using an EVF and Touchscreen-AF simultaneously together, like Canons do?!

    Will ANY Sony "mirrorless-only" cameras EVER offer BLACK-OUT FREE EVF mechanical shutter stills photography shooting, like Canon EOS R does?!
    Maybe much later?! 2019? 2020?

    Will ALL Sony "mirrorless-only" cameras still be BLACK-OUT PRONE EVF for mechanical shutter stills photography shooting, like on their old OVF dSLRs, old live-view dSLRs, old live-view dSLTs, and older "mirrorless-only" live-view models, just like others' OVF film SLRs?!?!?

    Will ALL Sony "mirrorless-only" cameras that are ALL still BLACK-OUT PRONE EVF (2012-2019+!!!) for basic mechanical shutter stills photography shooting same kind of blackout on OVF film SLRs, only offer old videocam era tech ELECTRONIC SHUTTER using lower image bit levels to capture digital stills from VIDEO-FEED frames, that are ROLLING SHUTTER "JELLO-LAG" PRONE!?!?!?
    Let's hope not!

    Otherwise, no one will take Sony's old video-tech-only restricted "mirrorless-only" almost-live-view almost-autofocus digital cameras seriously.

  4. Must be used with a gimbal to keep it stable, also the screen flipping upwards is abit daft, then you have to move the mic,

  5. The camera display is simulated LOL.
    Because the LCD display is so dim that you can't see clearly outdoor except at night. LOL

  6. Still using the pathetic 1020mAH NP-FW50 battery.
    If you take V-log like the video above, you will need 10 or more batteries for a single day.
    It also mean you have to bring same number of chargers and long power strip during travel, otherwise you will have to wake up multiple times at mid-night to charge batteries.

  7. It's a lower end camera, what other camera in this price point and sensor size has IBIS? Many of sony lenses for E mount already have OSS.

  8. Remember the viao? Remember the sony store in the mall? Remember when sony had the best flatscreens? How about the experia cell phones? Remember the NLE VEGAS? You see if it aint a playstation sony will abandon you eventually.

  9. No IBIS..This footage is not shot handheld stop misleading it's not this stable.. This is a $900 Turd with a sprinkle of sugar on top

  10. And please the actors on this video usually Sony you are doing so great but come on usually when you release a camera every brand call their ambassadors and they do the show in a nice way (acting humble, make you travel, …) to dump the sell but here please the lady all beautiful and smiling she is but I am the only one who is quite shocked with the fake acting?

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