Vlog #1 – Traveling back to Jakarta (Hong Kong Food Tour!)

Hey guys, what’s up, I’m gonna start my youtube channel, so please like and subscribe Hey guys, so right now I’m basically gonna try and check in. I’m already at the gate already got my boarding pass We’re gonna explore more off the Canadian airports relative Pearson International Airport Okay Back to the next B-roll So, let me tell you a little bit about where I’m going right now, I’m gonna be going to Hong Kong In which I’m gonna be having a transit of about five hours I’m gonna be going there with Air, Canada Going back to Jakarta It’s been quite some time. I’d say last time I went back was in January I know it’s in August. The reason why I’m going back is because I finished school already There’s this time to have some fun with my friends and Vacation as for the reason why if you see that the video is not really stable. It’s because I’m holding another luggage right now. There’s this thing beside me that this Very very noisy They’re very very noisy, but right now we are going to our game which I forgot get it You a few moments later Oh, sorry Thank you so much We’re almost late we almost missed a fight Good thing I heard that announcement. Otherwise, I would still be stuck in Canada Many hours later Alright guys so nominee Finished 15 hours late Right now I’m waiting for my next flight approaches in about five It’s also fine While I’m going to show you around Airport in which we’re gonna fly good places to eat Where is the best spot to buy souvenirs or like what are the nicest things that you can You’re gonna see Oh good spell my name Accomodation in terms of In terms of how big their part is You guys have never been here before it and you wouldn’t know what I’m saying. This place is place. It’s only enriched and so full of free gifts and It’s full of good restaurants that have isn’t right now I’m going to one of my threats in which like if I always president upon problem. I was going to this place But I kind of forget Where is the pan? Because Hong Kong is a big thing Which have to find in school? Okay guys, so we’re here so it’s called the food market so you can choose any of the restaurants that are here why my personal one is Cantonese rules the Thai king but today we’re gonna try for something different We’re gonna try for my D Yahnke restaurant an authentic Chinese restaurant What’s nice about this place is that you have lots of different varieties of options more fish and chips. There’s a sports bar There were some noodles wonton noodles. There’s Burger King. There’s ramen there’s Korean Old Town white coffee if you want something more Asian in a nice place to have coffee and street food and muffin picked So this is where I would definitely recommend you to go if you’re in Hong Kong, there’s lots of options to choose from So today we’re gonna be going to donkey Chinese restaurant So I want to get the rice two choices, yes the signature roasted goose and the barbecue pork signature goes the clues and Papa get what wise one Thank You somebody to involve and Just water. I’ll be chef in your water for you. And so would you see how? I think for an hour to feed this gives us our most aku’s and publicly what one has to integrate so much You just don’t see Help me buddy So he will mind, all right so paper next Okay Nighttime I Okay today I got a go kyocho cemento ego Yes, one bag, sorry to Vega actinic, Ohio today Sit down Josephine Tom Oh Yeah, Sangha Senate Ocean in Australian summit remove Oil cash I’ll bring her go again Okay, so we got three and Despairs so quick Personally I Like these ones more oh my god is pretty enough We on it I Like your engine all the puff pastry bus Try be hidin, I don’t know I don’t know This one if you don’t forget definitely better than later one I think because it’s I’m not gonna eat that one Well, okay guys so I have some bad news and have some good news The bad news is that my transit is gonna be longer than expected because I thought my dad was gonna be at seven So we’ve got the late again. It’s gonna be at 8:00 and I don’t know where that gate is because they haven’t announced it but and now we’re on our way to Hopefully find a souvenir place that I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about because that’s where I usually buy a like chocolate or Like other kinds of snacks that my family usually really loves But I kind of don’t know where it is. So hopeful try and see and find out where this The good news is however, I’ve eaten what I already wanted to eat before even coming to Hong Kong so Right now, I mean that’s that’s the only good news Bad news is actually my camera is gonna die soon so, I don’t know if I can show you guys more and more of Hong Kong Airport, but If my battery’s still alive and I still charge it within the time frame Before I’m going to my next flight Okay guys, so it’s about 7:00 p.m I cannot find where I usually buy my stuff. So we’re not gonna show you any I’m now going to show you any place where I buy this On the other hand, I’m trying to find where my gate Because I need to get to my flights It’s about one hour Thank you So five hours Why One two one two I could any of you go guys So I just went through customs Right now I’m just going to try and find my mom it’s 3:00 a.m. Right now so you can see how long It was it took me an hour just to get to immigration and waved in my luggage Fine Other moms No My auntie any my mom hello. Hello Hi guys, bye-bye

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