What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Ajijic Which is on Lake Chapala The largest freshwater lake in all of Mexico And I have found out one of the most popular retirement destinations In the world For Americans, Canadians, and British people I’ve been so curious about this place I want to find out exactly what it is.. About this lake.. That draws people from all over the world To spend time here And we are at an awesome hotel right now called Real de Chapala It had the highest rankings on Trip Advisor That’s the reason I chose it And before we head to town. I want to show you guys around a little bit And Adriana is going to be giving you a tour of the room Alright Adriana you’re going to be the tour guide Are you excited to explore Lake Chapala? Of course it looks so beautiful guys.Let me show you And give you a tour This is our room which has beautiful light And it has two full size beds Which is good because Jon can sleep there And I can sleep there It has this table Where we can work It has this lazy guy.. here I love this couch because I like to sit on my computer But I don’t like to be on the bed so.. I love it It’s really cool Like touch here And my favorite part We have this view That blue part you see there Is the lake Which looks beautiful We have the pool which is warm So we might jump in later And we are going to show you more about this hotel Alright lets go guys Heck of a pool side view I must say It’s like 71 degrees right now And I found it amusing that when we checked in here All the hotel staff was wearing heavy jackets And all of the guests at the hotel were wearing short sleeves I could even go for short sleeves right now Now that I’ve shown you around the hotel a little bit It’s about a 15 minute walk To the malecon To the heart of Ajijic I really want to explore this area We’re going to at least walk there Maybe take an uber back Let’s enjoy this walk Instead of an Uber we can pay the horses 5 dollars to go to town You want to do it? No.. My first impressions as we get closer to the town Is that everything is very well manicured This is a very well put together town I can see immediately it’s pretty beautiful so far I’m liking all of the colors Very calm I’m starting to dig this hippieish vibe of this town Very very neat A lot of cool murals On the street walls You know you are in an American town Brunch I’ve seen breakfast before From Mexican towns But i’ve never seen Brunch We have reached the fabled Malecon here And it is absolutely Gorgeous It’s beautiful Here’s Jon flying baby drone In that direction Bye bye.. Bye Baby drone You know what I think we need to do guys We need to find a resident here Who is not from Mexico And let’s hear somebodys opinion on why Ajijic is this amazing spot to retire? There are many reasons why people come here And want to stay here Number one the weather The weather is very very constant It’s certainly not like the weather in Canada Another reason is the cost of living Is quite cheap here If you’re on a retired income You can live very well The third reason is the medical The medical is very good here A lot of the doctors have been trained in the U.S or Europe So they’re very very qualified The hospitals are like hotels Okay It’s a very friendly environment down here Lots of friends that you can make Lots of activities Lots of fundraisers You could be busy every night of the week If you want to be Alright thank you so much for helping me out with that That interview was actually unplanned I was looking for somebody, Syliva just happened to be sitting on the Malecon I asked here if she would talk to us about the experience of being retired here. I thought her answers were so interesting to me Because i’m living in Mexico for 4 months As a digital nomad There are some similarities I suppose Between being a retired person in Mexico And being someone who just works remotely here But something she told me off camera That really resonated with me Is that when you come to Mexico As a foreigner Especially as someone from the United States or Canada You are used to service being super quick You are used to everything being exactly the way you want it Back home But here the pace of life Is much slower And she said there’s people that get used to it And there’s people that don’t get used to it After living in Mexico for now close to 3 months.. I’m definitley getting used to it And in some ways it’s actually healthier Because you have to slow down.. your pace of life to be happy This is the biggest antique shop I’ve ever been to before It just keeps going Cuidado la cabeza, esta suelta I think it means the heads cut off Guys I didn’t break this He came like this For 90 dollars you can have a japanese made radio That store was called Bazaar Barbara And it is quite bizarre All the things they have in there Not to play on words That place is really really cool Check them out When you come to Ajijic We just randomly stumbled in Now we’re going to show you
The main square Which i’ve heard is quite pretty Actually 90% of my customers are Canadian or American Definitley a lot more culture from the U.S.A and Canada In some of these shops We just went to that really cool hot dog place Which is themed like a shack The owner even told me.. that the reason that place exists is for the foreigners to feel more at home He said 90% of his customers are not from Mexico Check this place out And we’ve got Lake Burgers Now you feel at home? I feel at home now, yes. Something that I noticed here And it’s quite nice And I don’t know it makes me feel happy.. and excited This is a very Mexican square But even though you see all these Americans.. or Canadians walking around Like this is there home.. So it’s a contrast. I don’t know.. I like it.. It’s interesting I was thinking the exact same thing Becaues this is your typical square in a Mexican city All around us Vendors.. But it’s populated by a lot of ex-pats here Which is really unique I’ve been absolutely blown away By the cool street art in this city The school which has skulls on the outside And then across we have.. A church Members of the Barrio Honestly.. I did not want to like.. Ajijic I hadn’t really done much research on it I thought it would be super touristy Like Cancun I know there are a ton of retired Americans.. Canadians..
British people living here.. But I think they’re onto something..
Seriously.. All the people I saw.. I interacted with.. I walked by.. In this town They looked super happy Super relaxed I feel like they’re trying to become A greater part of the community here That lady Sylvia was telling me That she’s involved in a lot of volunteer things And the other people here are as well If you’re watching this video And you’re of a retirement age Maybe you could consider Mexico And who knows maybe in 30 or 40 years I could be retired.. To a spot like this I hope you guys enjoyed All of the footage from Ajijic We’ve got one more episode coming up from Lake Chapala So make sure to check that one out as well When it comes out Make sure to subscribe to this channel If you are new here Thank you so much for watching Until next time


  1. Have you ever visited Ajijic or Lake Chapala? Did you like it, or would you go? Leave me a comment so YouTube knows you're watching!

    SEND ME AN EMAIL: [email protected]

  2. Love that City….. very cool atmosphere everybody was nice laid-back good food good vibe nice going back perfect weather……

  3. Make no mistakes dude. Ajijic is NOT gringolandia and will never be. Actually I'm sure you have not the right to be there as you probably are illegally working there and you pay no taxes in Mexico

  4. Two visits ago, I did a 3 week trip through Mexico. I traveled solo. I flew in through Guadalajara and was hosted by a very nice Professor of Veterinary Medicine. I am also a Professor in the States but in the Humanities. He hosted me for 3 days and then I traveled solo about, and returned to Guadalajara. He hosted me again for 3 days. On the second to last day, he took me as a special treat to Lake Chapala…to show me where all the Gringo Retirees are. It was a sweet gesture. We went to a bar patronized entirely by Gringo retirees. Walked a little bit around the lake area.

  5. Went there over 30 years ago it was nice and tranquil enjoyed it.
    It had a artsy and even back then a cool hippy vibe.Very laid back.

  6. It would seem they are more welcoming of outsiders than we are in the U.S. Thats a good thing because I would move there to get away from the sad, angry way that most Americans are acting these days.

  7. Welcome to the REAL Mexico. That lake is one of our national treasures. Home to some of the loveliest people. You are also close to: the beautiful beaches of Jalisco (some of the best in the world), Guadalajara (Little Spain) and its people, museums, architecture, and the woods where you can rent a cabin and ride horses.

  8. very informative, but you are making the same mistake that so many many producers for youtube make!!! You show yourself too much!!! So me the object the event the thing that you are talking about. We really don't need to see much of you.; Show us Mexico instead.;

  9. Non touristy is good. Beautiful looking place but too cold for my liking. Good to see the Expats and locals getting on.

  10. Please tell me that all of the local businesses catering to the gringos are owned by local Mexican people? The tourists resorts are owned by the cruise line corporations and locals don't get shit.

  11. Really nice video.
    Yes we welcome people from other countries, Mexicans are lovely and respectful to foreigners.

  12. Question, like other parts of Mexico, is the water safe to drink? I never drank it in Monterrey. I spent many years in Monterrey.

  13. HOWEVER – the latest news of the well known Jerry Brown videos about Ajijic stated that due to overexposure with videos, the town was just so overrun by interested people who were lured to $350 rents and the lowest budgets one can imagine, that all has gone up by hundreds of dollars in real estate and other services this past year.
    There you have it. Just like so many other towns in Mexico, i.e. san Miguel de Allende and Puerto Penasco as an example, once the gringos invade, all culture and quaintness go out the door, much faster with the internet now.
    Best visit on vacation before you sell all you own and leave your family and friends.
    Seasoned Mexico traveler!

  14. I've been looking into places to retire. I've been getting emails from Namaste Lake Chapala but they are way over my head. Do You know of places outside of Namast to look into? People I can contact. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Sybil

  15. USA has the technology not the best schools for doctors,the best doctors are schooled in Guadalajara,Monterrey or Cuba.These doctors are brought to Houston and other parts in the USA to perform big surgeries

  16. Yes I hear San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic Mexico are top destinations for Ex-pats.If not mistaken I think San Miguel de Allende was Ranked NO#1 place to live in Mexico this year.

  17. Dumb retarded bitch claiming that the only reason the meidcare there is good is because they went to school in the u.s and europe, dumb bitch.

  18. I'm 62 and on Social Security Disability. Ajijic sounds great. I've watched videos like this for a year. While I am so ready to get away from the politics of America, I still have reservations about being so far away from friends and family.

    But the most radical reservation I have is getting there. From what I understand, driving there is extremely risky because of the corrupt policemen as well as the bandits along the way. I suppose that would mean I'd have to fly and rely on a taxis to get there. Not having my truck would be something to get used to. But I will keep considering the matter.

  19. HomeJaliscoImparable violencia en Jalisco, 3 ejecutados, 2 embolsados y un calcinado en menos de doce horas

    GUADALAJARA, Jal.- Siguen las ejecuciones en la zona metropolitana de Guadalajara; en menos de 12 horas se reportó el hallazgo de tres personas ultimadas con arma de fuego, dos embolsadas y una calcinada.

    Imparable violencia en Jalisco, 3 ejecutados, 2 embolsados y un calcinado en menos de doce horas

    Anoche, con unos minutos de diferencia, tres hombres perdieron la vida a balazos en la colonia Nueva Santa María, en el municipio de San Pedro Tlaquepaque, En la primera agresión fallecieron dos hombres atacados en una vivienda ubicada en la calle San Odilón, entre Arroyo y Santa Rosa de Lima. Ahí murió uno de ellos mientras que el otro quedó gravemente herido.

    Alrededor de 40 minutos después, se dio un segundo ataque a menos de 500 metros de distancia del primero, en una finca que se encuentra en la calle Santa Lucía Poniente, cerca al cruce con San Isidro, Ahí fueron localizados dos hombres atacados con armas de grueso calibre, entre ellas un AR-15, igual que en la primera agresión. Hasta ahora se desconoce si en ambos casos participaron los mismos agresores.

    Este miércoles, alrededor de las ocho de la mañana, fueron hallados dos cadáveres en bolsas negras en el camellón de la avenida Prolongación Mariano Otero, a la altura del fraccionamiento Los Robles, cerca de la entrada al bosque de La Primavera, en Zapopan.

    Los cuerpos estaban envueltos con cobijas, bolsas de plástico y amarrados con cinta adhesiva. Por su complexión física, se presume que eran del sexo masculino. Los cadáveres fueron trasladados al Instituto Jalisciense de Ciencias Forenses.

    En tanto, antes de las 11 de la mañana fue localizada una persona semicalcinada sobre las vías del tren en la colonia La Nogalera, en el municipio de Guadalajara.

    Trabajadores de la zona reportaron a la autoridad que encontraron el cadáver sobre la calle Ramales del Ferrocarril y Lázaro Cárdenas.

    El cuerpo era de un hombre que fue encontrado boca abajo y maniatado. Junto a él había una cartulina escrita con mensaje amenazante.


  20. My husbands family is from Chapala, we visit there quite frequently. I was blown away at the beauty my first time and understood completely why it is such a great retirement area. Ajijic is actually pronounced Ahehe with the c being silent. The people, food and culture there is unreal. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  21. 3:08 That is where I lived that place was a bar I lived two house down right beside lake chapala society

  22. Así se empezó en Texas abriendo las puertas amablemente y tomala los ogetes que les dimos la mano nos tomaron el pie y se robaron ese territorio , no conforme se chingaron más tierras pfff

  23. My Lake Chapala! 😚😚😚😚 I go every year, and when I retired I will go back! ❤❤❤

  24. But nobody talks about the people!!! Can you imagine those canadians or gringos living there or any other part of México where they retire to if the Mexican people were hostile or racist????? NOPE, so the biggest reason for them to retire there is because they're able to live their lives without people being racist to them. Its thanks to the people they feel safe, happy they should show respect and acknowledge the people around them. Besides the costs of living… those are just perks….

  25. nice video, I have been there, in both places, and actually it's strange because some times, it depends on the situation you may feel like if u were in other countries cause there are so many people not from Mexico, in a mexican architecture town, but when you eat taquitos, birria, torta ahogada,etc,
    then you 're sure u are in Mexico.

  26. Please stay home. So many coming here I cannot get a seat on the bus anymore. Cost-of-living rapidly rising into my quaint little village. We will soon be a tourist Haven where I will never be able to stay

  27. The Americans in Ajijic are members of a community, mostly hippies from the 60's, 70's and 80's because they didn’t like US racism, as it started growing into politics they moved to Mexico.

  28. Americans in San Carlos, Sonora in Guaymas used to be hippies as well. Anywhere else I don’t know, but I don’t really think so. In cities like Mexico DF you have Americans, but they’re business man, not hippies. Ajijic and San Carlos are full of people that moved in since the 50's.

  29. Canadians are very welcome ,U.S citizens stay in your country Mexico must be fore Mexicans pretty sure Americans are Trump's Suppoters…

  30. Minute 8:16 The art you see in the beginning of the shot are Doroteo Arango (aka Pancho Villa) and Emiliano Zapata on the left, who fought against the regime of Porfirio Diaz commencing the Revolucion Mexicana (Civil War) in 1910. Then on the next mural you see some of the Heroes Nacionales de la Independencia, which started in 1810, a hundred year before the Revolution. Starting from the left you see the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and Ignacio Allende, who all conspired in secret as a group to revolt against the Spanish Crown.

  31. 🙋🏻IWas born in Jocotepec, and grew up around Lake Chapala and sorrounded by all this beautiful mountains 😿And planning to go back soon!,

  32. hey john hope you know south america central america north america is part of mexico canada u mean us exparts of the united states please look it up

  33. How much was the room? And how much would it cost me to get you to promise to never play that music again? Lol, just kidding, it wasn't jumping-off-a-bridge bad. 🙂 Thanks for the post.

  34. You're right on dude all the fast paced living is destroying America right to it's very core and it all stems from the DC metro area which needs to be wiped off the face of the planet especially all the evil corrupt dealings that involves the congress and senate !!!

  35. We’ve been Ajijic for 4 days now. The people are friendly and the lake and mountains are beautiful. I researched Ajijic for 2 months before coming on this short trip. Here are some things that surprised me though none of them are inherently bad. First, the weather has seemed warmer than I expected. I think that’s due to the high humidity, very bright sunshine, and energy required to walk uphill on cobblestone streets. Fortunately we got one of the rare Airbnb’s with air conditioning but it was out our second night here due to a thunderstorm that took out a transformer. Second, we should have planned more activities in advance. Our first full day we stayed busy looking at the small shops between Centro and the Malecon and lucked out finding a bar with awesome live music that started at 4 pm. After that day, we ran out of impromptu entertainment opportunities. For example, the nice massage and facial spa was already booked solid for the next 3 days. Third, though people are friendly here like in Texas where we’re from, making new friends was not as easy as expected. During our previous 8 meals when we were sitting in restaurants around a bunch of other westerners, no one said hi or smiled struck up conversations with us. Only when I initiated the conversation did people respond. This is the same as I’d expect in Texas but I’d heard so many raves about the friendliness in Ajijic, I had unrealistic expectations. Fourth, Uber’s are not plentiful and taxis don’t drive around looking for customers. The taxis seem to congregate in El Centro so it was necessary for us to walk 10 minutes to get a taxi. Fifth, Ajijic downtown is not as clean and organized as Playa del Carmen or Oaxaca. In retrospect, I should have expected this since it’s much smaller. I also realized once here that the property taxes here are minuscule so having thousands of foreigners live here doesn’t generate much money for the local government to make capital improvements. In conclusion, we still enjoyed Ajijic, and hope our insights help others have accurate expectations.

  36. US, Canada and BRITISH!? There is 50 countries in europe and they only talk about that degenerated immigrant shithole UK

  37. I am an American of Mexican heritage, and have witnessed the changes in Mexico over many years. The migration of retirees and others to places like Ajijic in Mexico is bittersweet to me, and has two sides. On the good side, because of the dollars going into places like Ajijic, it is very well-kept, safe, and clean. There are also improvements in homes and infrastructure there that probably would not have happened as fast or at all if it wasn't for the influx of foreigners and their money  :-). On the down side though, the charm and authenticity of old Mexico is diminished (in my opinion) by subtle and not-so-subtle changes brought from the outside. Also, the worst result has been a drastic increase in the cost of real estate in these areas, which I believe is mainly the direct result of the greed of the real estate industry (there are many American real estate companies now operating in these places). This latter thing is really a concern to me, because although the prices may seem reasonable to American and Canadian people, they are completely outside the grasp of most Mexican people. 🙁

  38. Indeed, it's an American town because Mexico is located on the American Continent. I'm always amazed that people are so ignorant concerning geography. It's like when they say, "Mexico is a very Westernized country". Idiot, where do you think Mexico is on the world map? It is located in the Western Hemisphere.

  39. good luck finding a house there under US$250K. the local Mexicans have been priced out of the market. & not surprisingly, crime has become a real thing there. home invasions in particular.

  40. is all good as long as they don't want Ajijic to be independent and part of USA anglos are like that that's what happened with Belize when was part of Mexico

  41. Beautiful place, but it's not exactly fresh water in Lake Chapala. It has actually been very polluted & contaminated for a long time by industrial waste byproduct's from industry in the area & decades of dumping toxic waste into it. Full of chemicals & toxic metals like lead, mercury, ect, ect, ect… Many poor local residents that live near the lake & use the water to drink, wash clothes & bathe with it, have been made sick & are living with various illnesses like neurological diseases, liver & kidney diaeases/failures. The local water department only turns the public water on in the poor areas for just 6 hours per week. I guess catering to the rich, middle classes & foreigner's. Not exactly clean water! Of course, you have this same problem in many other countries though, including the united state's of corrupt corporation, although most lakes in the U.S. are used more for recreational purposes than for living. Still if you go in the water then your exposed to whats in it!

  42. It looks pretty there and seems like it has a nice vibe. It's on the list for the México motorcycle tour. Adriana se ve hermosa.

  43. First big secret….learn the language..good enough when u can tell when they" lying to ya…because they will…(don't drink fake…don't eat street don't know if they followed..healthy rules… did not…don't act rich…be chilled…💫🌟✨😧

  44. Sería muy importante que nuestros hermanos Americanos también aprendan el idioma español porque están en México.. Y también puedan poner sus negocios con doble idioma y ser de buen ambiente como los mexicanos.. Saludos

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