Visit Russia – 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA

hey there fellow travelers mark here with Walters room today we’re in st. Petersburg Russia for the 10 things that are gonna shock travelers when they come here to Russia so let’s get started and the first thing that shocks people when they come here are the people and some of it is the service when you hear or lack of service yes don’t expect a lot of service when you come to Russia it can be shockingly bad and time-consuming and just frustrating and yes sometimes it seems like they don’t care they don’t smile back and that kind of shock some people but look they’re not me they’re just reserved and the thing is when you get to know Russians and they open up to you they can be some of the most fun people ever I mean I’ve had so many great parties and great dinners and great times with my Russian friends I’ve made around the world I mean have you been at a party and then when you go to sleep someone tries to sew you into your bed yeah that’s the fun stuff that Russians do and what I’ve had a chance to meet the people you know and when it’s really helped is just you know in a few words of Russian can turn that stone face into a hey you could be a friend of mine kind of thing and it really makes a difference so do try to learn a little bit so you can meet the people cuz I can’t tell you how many cabbage rolls I’ve eaten over the years from babushkas grandmas that are near the ground was my friends like Oh mark he saw him alone he needs friends so don’t be like bring him over you know I’ve had times where it’s hey Mark my friend Max is his mom’s like Oh Maxie copes like my mom my grandma said you have to come over because you need to eat because they were worried about me I’m the people really are super Hospital when you get to know them that’s why you should take the time if you’re gonna go on the trans-siberian highway bring a deck of cards and something to drink so you can share and play cards and Gamble and stuff like that because you will get to know the people and it is quite fun to hang out with them and that’s why I really want to say is it shocks people that yes that service can be so bad but this people can’t really be wonderful when you get a chance to actually meet them so if you get a chance to do meet them alright now the second thing that shocks people when they come here he’s actually deciphering the language look Russian is the Cyrillic alphabet you will not understand anything and it shocks people when they come and think oh well I’m sure they know some English or something like that no look Russia is one of the largest countries in the world and population size and things like that and so they focus on Russian just like in the US it’s all in English here it’s all in Russian and finding people that speak English is sometimes hard to find outside of you know some of the major cities and even in places like st. Petersburg and Moscow you don’t always get a lot of English around that even in the tourism industry so make sure you do know a little bit remember what I told you knowing a little bit of Russian can really warm people up so spasiba you know thank you and uh you know you know a people over for a beer or hey hey let’s get a a p-value let’s get a drink oh hey you know some stuff it really opens people up and yes does yes and there is no and things like that but it is one of those things and I’d also say yeah we’re that’s one of the things you should know but it is really cool and the thing is though it is really hard to decipher the letter so before you come make sure you least try to get an idea of what the letters sound like like the backwards R is a yeah and then there’s a D that looks weird and you got the you think it’s a P but actually makes an R sound it can get kind of confusing and when you’re taking the metro and you’re looking for places and you can’t figure it out it can get really shocking and scary for people so I do recommend get a Google Translate app and download the offline version so you can just take a picture of things and it and translate it for you it will make your life a lot easier but you’ll be shocked how you have really no clue when it comes to Russian language now the third thing is going to shock you are the churches specifically the Russian Orthodox churches on the outside you know with the onion domes and all the colorings but for me it’s the insides of the churches so you don’t go to st. basil or with a spilt blood church here in st. Petersburg they’re just gorgeous with the icons inside the gold is silver and all these things it is truly amazing and you go in like wow I mean you don’t you go into so many tricks we just go WOW and you get shot by that beauty so don’t skip the churches when you come here go and enjoy them because they really are shockingly beautiful now the fourth thing that shocks people when they come to Russia is they realize that wait there’s more than st. Petersburg and scout yes you can go to the Kremlin in Moscow but you know what you could go to the Kremlin in kazan kremlin means citadel that’s where the church in the walls and all these things are and you can really see it in lots of different places and russia has a lot of great places to check out yes saint petersburg with a hermitage and the Winter Palace and and the river here and all these kind of things are super awesome to do and in Moscow the Kremlin red square and scene then it gets great but getting out and exploring Russia is really a fantastic thing so you know for me I know when I was doing my research I’m like mad cuz I’m with the moths there and the this it and the Kremlin there just looks gorgeous and I really want to check it out go on a Volga River cruise something like that you said all these things that are really amazing so don’t be shocked when you realize that it wait it’s not just st. Petersburg in Moscow no this place is huge and that leads to the next shock is how insanely huge Russia is look get it Russia goes from one side of Asia to the other side of Asia and then into Europe okay it’s huge and that train stop you’re in highway he’s got their side that trans-siberian railroad will take you days weeks maybe a month to go through it all so you really need to realize the size of this place is enormous and especially if you’re going to even the cities like Moscow st. Petersburg when you look at a map for Berlin or a London you think oh it I can walk that a room I can walk that st. Petersburg when you see these things you go man that is too big too you don’t realize it’s you can’t really walk those distances it’s so big so make sure you do use that public transport because it is very helpful it goes lots of places it makes a big difference and yes you can bring your kids here too it’s not a big deal and with that size you really need to plan ahead with flights and transportation because of the distance and time it takes it really is more helpful to have a better idea when you get there so you’re not trying to go a place to place a place you really need to plan it out beforehand because the now nothing’s gonna shock you who come here is the weather and I’m going to tell you the weather is no joke sometimes you can have great you know summer nights like we are here the white nights here in st. Petersburg and that is really cool that daylight through the summer is fantastic but when winter comes it is dangerously cold and you need to be careful when you are here all right so when you want to coming to make sure you bring clothes to layer up bring those warm clothes even in the summer make sure you got those layers because it will get chilly once the Sun doesn’t really go down but once it starts to hover near the horizon you want to be careful with that now there’s some thing that shocks people that come here is safety can be an issue whether it is pickpockets in st. Petersburg or Moscow or it’s getting ripped off by taxi drivers or it’s people trying to rip you off just in general these things do happen to tourists and it does shock them how often these things happen and it’s not just in the tourism industry and stuff like that I’ve got shook down by police when I’ve been in here these kind of things do happen and so you want to be prepared so make sure if you’re not I mean evenings finish up and head back to your hotel ask your hotel where you should go or shouldn’t go you do really need to pay attention with these things and I would say with the safety kind of thing I don’t recommend you know don’t take pictures of the police don’t take pictures of government buildings well like you know like military abilities and stuff like that I mean you could take a picture that kind of those things but you do want to be careful when you are here and probably the most shocking of all those safety things is the traffic when you’ll see I mean when you go on YouTube you’ll see the traffic dashcams around Russia and you’ll be like oh my god these people drive crazy they do drive crazy and when you’re in the crosswalk it’s like they’re aiming for you you got to be really careful with that okay so just heads up on that one the a thing that’s gonna shock you when you come here is sticker shock Russia is expensive whether it’s getting your visa cause hotels restaurants for tourists it can be quite expensive proposition coming here and you will be shocked at some times there’s two prices one for the locals and one for travelers so you will have to pay more for museums or other things so just just be ready for that don’t be shocked by just realize it can happen and don’t get don’t try to trick them because you’ll be shocked will they’ll realize dude you’re not Russian okay now the ninth ins gonna shock you you come here is the hassle and the pain and the button is of getting your Russian visa you gotta I mean this is one things you got me planners like a month in advance you know it’s not something you can do last minute to come you really have to think about this so because it can take with an agency you know like four or five days or it could take up to a month you’re doing it on your own and getting the invitations the hotel stuff oh it’s shockingly frustrating to do so just a heads up on that okay and the tenth thing it’s gonna shock you is when you’re in Moscow yes you really can see Lenin’s body no you probably can’t take pictures when you are there but you can see him so I hope you like your tint shocks if you want to learn more about visiting Russia things you’re gonna love and hey what you don’t do when you come here check us on our website at Walters worldcom we’re also twitter facebook instagram youtube all those fun things we put out new travel videos every Wednesday and Saturday so please do subscribe and have a great time here in Russia it is a lot cooler than you expected you will be shocked how much more fun you’ll have than everyone seems to tell you well bye

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  1. ты, блять, еще в воронеже не был… Фантастические кучи снега и грязи <3

  2. Thanks for video! I'm from Russia and I can say that our weather isn't cold in every our regions. For example. in my region it's about 30*C below in winter and 30* above in summer and I find it the best and the most balanced climate for me. U know, our country is the largest country in the world and we have warm regions too, for example Krasnodar and others. And I heard about special prices for tourists for the first time. You can find place in which you will buy russian deal for 15$ and you can find another place in which you will eat this deal for 0.7$ (for example) as in another countries.
    P.S. Sry, I'm only student and my English is very bad in comparison. I didn't use google translater

  3. главное не выходить дальше достопримечательностей, чтобы не видеть настоящей жизни в России

  4. I`m Russian who travel half the globe (surely including whole Europe and Americas) and shock # 11 for me to hear that Russia can be dangerous. Comparing to Europe or any American counry (excepr Canada) it`s absolutelly safe shelter, if only you are not face shit drunk, thenk you step in dark side of any place.
    It`s mostly about central Russia places, but even in Kamchatka I has no problems with totally drunk Americans to get them home by taxi (if you not catch it on street of course)

  5. Cyrillic alphabet is not that hard, just some letters are different, But it is Almost the same.

    It is like a mix between greek and latin alphabet.

    When you see the logic behind it, it makes sense.

  6. 200% of Russian hate US and talk badly about American. Do not be fooled thinking that Russian have a generous soul.

  7. Что за бред про разные цены для туристов и для местных? Особенно в музеях , где всегда висит табличка с фиксированными ценами , бесплатно или в половину цены посещают музеи дети или пенсионеры . В ресторанах двойные цены тоже не могут быть – меню русское сразу же дублируется на английском и иногда китайском , то есть для всех посетителей меню с одинаковыми ценами. Где вы можете столкнуться с двойными ценами , разве что только на туристических аттракционах , ну так это во всем мире одинаково

  8. I want to learn Russian. I only can read the words but I don't know what it mean unless it's a name or a word I know :3

  9. Hey, I'm from saint Petersburg and want to say that I don't agree with you in something. 1. Russia isn't expensive country. If you don't go to restaurant, you can go to canteen or cafe with tasty and cheap dishes. Also, you can buy food at shops. What about museum, yes, it is expensive, but children, students and schooler can go there free or cheaper.

  10. Thank you for your video, it’s really interesting to hear about my country from foreigners. I subscribe to your channel.

  11. I’ve watched a few travel documentaries that include a trip on the trans siberian railway and man some wild shit happens on that thing lol

  12. Interesting how we come across stuff on the internet. I'm Russian living in Canada for many years. Me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to Costa Rica soon, so yesterday I was looking up videos about Costa Rica and watched one of yours, which I have found very helpful. Now this video came up in suggestions. Will be interesting to watch about my home country.

  13. In Russia, such a culture where restraint plays a big role. We have a person who constantly smiles at this idiot, there is an impression that a stone fell on his head and this is why he is always cheerful, although if you speak with Russian it may be your funniest and best friend in the world I Russian and lived abroad. Then my friends told me that they were afraid to come to me because of my stone face, and when they got to know me better, they changed their opinion. It’s just a culture. It remains in you since childhood and forever

  14. The lovely Wolter is the right American primitive animal. He should better stay home not to exhibit his great stupidity.

  15. Q: While you were there did you ever find out why there are 2 different pricing 'schemes': 1 for locals and 1 for tourists? Did it have anything to do with charging or not charging taxes on items? Just curious.

  16. Hi Mark! I am from Russia. Everything you said in your video is partly true. You're good at warning foreign tourists about some of the dangers they might face. I can give a little advice on how it is easier for foreigners to travel around Russia. Try to make useful acquaintances, friendly relations with people from Russia, too with travelers. They tend to be more loyal to foreigners and are more likely to know English and more. Or make friends from Russia via the Internet, however, this may be some difficulties, because it is unknown with what man you can meet on the Internet. If you manage to find a friend from Russia, he can help with the choice of inexpensive hotel, suggest where the best prices, etc. the Main thing – never trust travel agencies. They will always try to make the price higher.

  17. Живу в России всю свою жизнь (20 лет) и ни разу не сталкивался с карманниками, ворами.

  18. hi i have been to russia twice as a traveler and i can say some things.

    first, yes, it is good to learn some russian and the alphabet. the russian alphabet is actually not that hard imho for a native english speaker to learn. it is basically a mix of the latin and greek alphabets. i highly recommend that you at least be literate in the language in order to read things like street signs, subway maps, menus, and lists of prices. english signage is improving, but it's always a good idea to know the alphabet. it's not like france or spain where an english speaker can read a sign and just guess what it means.

    secondly, i have had no experiences with being charged different prices for museums. the signs for museums are clearly posted, and if someone tries to charge you extra, you should say something. this is why you should be able to read to know a museum is 800 rubles and so you should pay that much for your ticket. again knowing the language helps, so it's good to be able to know some numbers like one (odeen) or two (dva, dve) or ticket (bilet). many museums on average shouldn't cost you more than 800 to 1,000 rubles. if you are concerned about it, take a russian friend with you.

    thirdly, jaywalking in st. petersburg is not allowed period. you will get a ticket for it if a cop catches you. pro-tip from a peter native friend of mine. and yeah, like in a lot of countries, cops can shake you down. it hasn't happened to me but it happened to a russian friend of mine. if you jaywalk in moscow, you are taking your life into your hands. so just use the lights at the crosswalk.

    fourthly, i had no problems getting my visa either time. i used a visa preparation agency, and i recommend this. however, it is expensive. you can get a visa invitation letter from a hotel or ask them to recommend a site where you can get your letter. you will need two passport photos and you will need to fill out the visa application form online. it is not difficult, but it is a lot of paperwork. i would agree to plan at least a month in advance to get your visa because you have to send your passport to the visa agency and you don't want to be stuck on your departure date with no passport. i also have had no problems at the border. i know it wasn't mentioned in the video, but i have had a harder time getting into canada. i have not been asked any questions or had my bags searched in front of me or anything like that. it is just my experience but i do not think the border agents are taking political garbage out on americans (unlike canada, but that's another story).

    fifthly, i have not found the service in russian restaurants to be bad. i was out with friends at a restaurant a couple of times and on my own in moscow and peter and i didn't see much of a difference. there are not fake smiles and the waiters do leave you alone more (which i prefer honestly), but i have not had an experience with bad service.

    sixth, yeah, don't take a cab in russia. just don't. the taxi drivers are all from other former soviet republics and they want to make a buck, especially if they find out you are a western tourist. you can use your uber app on your phone to get a yandex taxi. yes, really. basically uber and yandex merged in russia, so getting a yandex or yandex eats is like getting an uber. it's also super cheap.

    lastly, i did not find russia that expensive. the most expensive things are the visa, the flight, and maybe the hotels. meals and food are pretty cheap, especially if you consider you are in major cities and a big european capital like moscow. the hotels are pretty good with prices. but, if you book on a web site, make sure the hotel actually has the amenities listed on their booking page. you can also stay at an airbnb. this is legal and available in russia.

    get a troika metro card in moscow, but do have cash if you want to take the metro in peter. it's a pain but that is how peter does things. they are old fashioned.

    other than that, mostly people are very friendly, warm, and open once you get to know them, and they will help you if you look/seem lost. other than that, everybody has a sort of "live and let live" attitude, so strangers probably won't come up and talk to you or get in your business. oh, and you don't have to smile and say hi to everyone you meet on the street, but you can say "drostoy" if you want. i mean just mind your own business and follow the laws and you shouldn't have any problems.

    for me, i guess it is pretty safe. i am a female traveling alone and i have been out in the cities at night and no one has said anything to me or had an issue with me being out. actually, russians are out a lot at night quite late, especially in cities. you will even see young families out in gorky park at 10 or 11 p.m. in summer. so, it's not like in america where everyone goes home and stays in from 10 p.m. on, so if you are in an area where there are a lot of people, you will probably be fine being out at night. honestly i felt safer in russian cities at night than i have felt in major us cities.

  19. As a Far Easterner myself, I always have a bad stereotype about Russia in general for many years. A lot of East Asian people (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese etc.) I encountered, whether they're relatives, friends or acquaintances, at least 90% of them have a bad stereotype because of violence against the Far Easterners due to intense racism.

    I've to be honest, I was interested in visiting there, but after hearing all these stories, I have safety concerns for the people of East Asian origin.

  20. Mark Wolters says that he was "shaken down" (meaning: robbed) by the police in St. Petersburg. Could you please give further details? Did the police also beat you up? Or did they arrest you? Did they stop you on the street, tell you that your documents are not "in order", and then demand alot of money before they would release you? What experiences may we expect from the police there?

  21. On the territory of Russia can fit …

    Chinas – 1.78
    Indium – 5.21
    Kazakhstan – 6.30
    Frances – 26.62
    Ukraine – 28.37
    Spain – 34
    Germanium – 48
    Liechtenstein – 107 033
    Monaco – 8,782,260
    Vaticans – 38 921 379
    Sudanov – 6.83
    Algeria – 7.19
    Congo – 7.30
    Canada – 1.72
    United States – 1.74
    Mexican – 8.68
    Brazil – 2
    Argentina – 6.19
    Australia – 2.23
    Great Britain – 70
    Iceland – 166.27
    Madagascar – 29
    New Zealand – 63.74
    Japan – 45.33
    – The whole world is alarming that we measure our territory with other countries!

  22. Как Вы правильно заметили Россия большая страна, где то и летом может выпасть снег, а где то и зимой снега не увидеть. Так что совет с теплыми вещами ситуативен, зависит куда конкретно в России вы едите и в какое время года.

    ps- И да говорить о опасности на дороге, снимая при этой супругу нарушающую закон ай-я-яй 😉

  23. Приятный Американец😊.не слушая стереотипы,просто приехал и сам всё увидел своими глазами…Крепко жму руку.Здоровья тебе и твоим родным и близким.

  24. Уважаемый расскажите про безопасность в Америке. ))))) и как сами американцы ничего не боятся в своем же городе. Проведите расследование.😁

  25. добрый день ! если есть вопросы по Санкт-Петербургу можете задать мне их в вк! буду рад помочь ! Вы видите только то что вам хотят показать а мест этих гораздо больше ! Ни слова о Кронштадте, Шлиссельбург а Иван город, царское село в Пушкине, гатчина Новогодний дворец русских царей, Ропша- потешный дворец царских семей и первый в России санаторий целебной воды "иорданский источник ! а крепость в Копорье (1237 год основания) который охранял путь из варяг в греки !!!!! и очень очень многое ! только в Питере вам нужно пол жизни провести что бы все увидеть !

  26. Все, кто пишут что визы в США можно сделать быстро! Ребята, ваша информация устарела. Раньше делали быстро. Сейчас до 300 дней.

  27. Приятно, что американцы так думают про Россию! Приезжайте в Алтайский край…

  28. Hi man, it was cool! Peter is very beautiful city and Russia is a great country. Welcome to Ukraine, there are several places you must see: Kharkov, Lviv, Odessa, Chernovtsi, Mukachevo and Kiev. The last one is optional, but, you know, it's the capital and stuff. So, we'll welcome you to Ukraine!

  29. Regarding Russian drivers: when I was in St. Petersburg, I didn't think they were better or worse than at home…then again, home is Boston. You be the judge.

  30. literally got a Russian visa the same day! I don't even think it took more than 2 hours to get back my confirmation. it also was because of the world cup so that's probably why.

  31. Что за чушь он несёт? Больше половины сказанного его личные выдумки. Да уж…

  32. Attention! 7:16 — Your woman and child are crossing roud DURING RED SIGNAL shining! Learn the basic rules of crossing the rouds!

  33. I've been to Russia and you respect their people, country, customs and president (Even if you disagree) is my best tip. Nice people. I made it FROM Vladivostock to StP without bother.

  34. "Россия не одна из больших", а самая большая страна. Норвегию и Северную Корею разделяет только одна страна – это Россия.

  35. Салют всем ) Привет из России )Как у вас дела ?

  36. Поставьте лайк чтобы иностранцы подумали что я написал что-то годное 🙂

  37. in urban and underground transport dubbed names in English in St. Petersburg. how can you not see that? I saw a pickpocket on the subway once. I live all my life in St. Petersburg. just don't wave your money and put it in your back pocket. I doubt the police told him that.

  38. And again I agree with Mark on everything he mentions here.
    I will be checking these videos when going for a travel as they seem to be real helpful!

  39. I Only agree with your first comment mostly.. at the start they are a bit reserved, they don't show emotion if not needed but when you get to know Russians and you have some friends they are great. On the other points, I felt it is one of the safest countries I have been. It is cheap, although it can cater for very rich people too. They drive like crazy but they all stop at the zebra crossings etc so you are safe. Lastly with the visa, if you spend the cash, you can get one in one day… come on

  40. Hi. We are group of 12 people plan to visit Moscow and St.Petersbough as tourist by ourselves not through the agency, I have heard that very difficult and expensive to get a visa, we are all Canadian citizen and retired . I don't want to book the hotel and air tickets before to have a visa. Please, appreciated someone can tell me what is the easier way to get a visa. With thanks.

  41. For some reason, when Russians come to any country in the world, they never use terms like "shock" or "cultural shock" in their reviews. It seemed to me that at a time of easy availability of information about any country, on any topic, this is understandable, and going anywhere you can get any information about the country of visit.
    But damn it, shocked Russian guests from the West shock me. Where and in what terrible conditions do they live if meeting with ordinary things in Russia leads them to a “cultural shock”. They don’t have television, they don’t have Internet access, they don’t know friends traveling more than them, they don’t know how to read? Are they not allowed to look for information about the country they are going to visit?
    The riddle …

  42. Everyone knows that Russia is a very cold country. But no one knows that in Russia there are tea plantations. Tea does not grow either in Italy or in Spain or in Greece and not in the USA. Only in India, in Ceylon ….. and in Russia. That's how cold it is.

  43. Pickpockets in St. Petersburg and Moscow? !!! Oh really?!!! Perhaps that is why Russian youth at all times carries their expensive iPhones in the back pocket of the subway all the time? And are backpacks just behind me ?! In Moscow and St. Petersburg they never stole, as in New York, even by 0.00001%. And there are no Muscovites or Leningraders who would be afraid to return home late at night. Absolutely not. In any area! Enough of fairy tales about Russia, tired !!! Here they will raise your wallet and shout at you to return the lost.

  44. Привет с России!
    Ого кто то говорит что это прекрасная страна? Ого….

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