Visit Dublin –Things To Do and See in Dublin, Ireland

Over a thousand years old, Ireland’s capital
Dublin is situated on the east coast and about halfway down the island. It’s a colorful city, full of history, interesting
sights, and Irish characters. The best way to get around is by foot, and there’s no end of shops, restaurants,
and lively pubs to explore. A good deal of historical landmarks and attractions are dotted on both side of the Liffey, and include cathedrals, old gaols, historic
parklands, and stately mansions. Dublin has had its share of famous figures
and writers, poets and musicians famous the world over who’ve come from this
great city. Visitors interested in soaking up some famous
Irish pub culture invariably head to the Temple Bar, a central
group of cobbled streets that are a focus of the nightlife, and a great
place to visit in the daytime too. Dublin is a city full of life. It is rich in culture, character, and a place where anyone from around the world
will feel welcome.

20 Replies to “Visit Dublin –Things To Do and See in Dublin, Ireland

  1. County Dublin, to correct you. In Ireland the "County" is before the name. So not "Dublin County" but "County Dublin".

  2. Needs an update. The other Expedia destination videos are a lot nicer!
    Things to take in should include some of the suburbs like Killiney, Howth, Dalkey. Cover the Dublin Mountains/Wicklow.

  3. This video definitely doesn't represent Dublin as well as it should. There's a lot more to Dublin than the Guinness storehouse, Temple Bar, Jameson distillery, Stephens green, and Kilmainham jail and Churches!

  4. purtroppo avrte visa ufficiale molto razista… mi ha negato visto turistico. avuto anche mia lettera di risposta… un po durò perche meritava..

  5. I've come to Dublin some years ago, for a summer English course. I was surprised to see a harp player in the street, really particular and beautiful. Then, the atmosphere, the mostly friendly people! Also the colors of landscapes, cities, Ireland itself are different from Italy, where I come. l'd like to return, one day, and explore better everything.
    Nice video!

  6. I watched this video to learn about the wonderful ireland people. my husband is ireland and I'm Latin and we have a young child, which I am soooooooo interested to learn and teach him about his wonderful ireland side.

  7. Don’t go to any of the pubs or storehouses they are tourist traps if u really want to know some culture do a tour of Croke Park, walk down side streets and visit the GPO (1916 rising)

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