Vintage Trailer Tours

[music playing] I’m Amie Sikes, and
this is my sister, Jolie. And we are the Junk Gypsies. We’re hosting the
Sisters on the Fly, here at the Junk Gypsy world
headquarters in Round Top, Texas. I had heard and we’ve kind
of seen pictures of how amazing and how decked out
these trailers are, but we’ve never
seen them in person. So I’m so excited to
see the creativity that these women
have, because they are a wild and crazy bunch. OK, let’s go check them out. This is unbelievable. Oh, my gosh. My trailer is a 1949 Crown. Her name is Rosie. So I kind of got inspired by
that Rosie the Riveter poster. I did the upholstery in
blue denim for her coveralls that Rosie the Riveter wears,
and the red-and-white polka dot curtains, because that’s
the color of the bandanna that Rosie the Riveter wears. So yeah, it all just
seemed to fit, really. This is super cute. I love it. This is amazing. Everybody’s campers,
which are just adorable and all so individual
and so reflect each other’s personalities. My trailer is The Hive, and
she is a 1961 Mobile Scout. When she came to me, she
was in bad condition, but I said she was meant to be. And she is my happy place. One of my trailers
is Amazing Mazie. And she is named
after our mother. It’s just a cute trailer. I’ve probably had six
people in here, maybe eight. That’s pretty good for
as little as it is. This is my 1962 Shasta. Her name is Ellie, and
she has been redone in vintage Hawaiian style. I’ve got 1960s signage in here
and reproductions of pictures and ultimately, just calm. My camper is actually
a Shasta Compact. Her name is Ruby. She has a happy spirit. Look at the ceiling, Jolie.
Did you see see the ceiling? – Yeah.
– OK. So we’re moving in. We’ve known about
the Sisters for years. We’ve wanted to
meet them for years. They’re like our spirit animals. We were so excited when they
called us about the opportunity to come here and camp
out on our property. It’s like, a dream come true. I mean, truly, they’re
like legends to us. So to have them here
has been really amazing. [crowd cheers]

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