TSL Travels: Roadtripping In A CAMPERVAN For A Week In Darwin, Australia

Hi guys! I’m Chiara and I’m in Darwin, Australia with my friends Bolin, Sew and Maverick on a road trip. We will be travelling around the top end of Australia’s Northern Territory in a camper van. Jetstar and Tourism Northern Territory flew us here to explore different national parks, learn more about aboriginal cultures and of course, hanging out with the crocodiles. And now, we are ready to start our adventure! Hi, I’m Chiara and this is our crib. Come on in. This is our favourite place to eat, chat and charge our ten thousand camera batteries. This is our private bunker where we have our own source of vitamin D. Secret stove, oven, microwave, fridge and toilet. And this is our little cosy man cave where we do all the HTHT (heart to heart talk). This is the driver’s cockpit, and this is my favourite Mercedes-Benz. But hey, don’t forget our favourite corner. Where we drink our ice cold… Water. Right now we’re at Crocosaurus Cove. We’re going for a VIP guided tour. There will be a feeding session, meet and greet with some reptiles, and then we’ll be thrown into a cage, then they’ll be feeding the big ones right in front of us. Both: Are you ready? Jinx, buy me a coke. Jinx. I’m not ready. I’m not too. But let’s go. Mav! Yo. That is what they are going into! This one eh! I wish them all the best. Oh my god. I cannot, it’s huge eh. Freak la. Oh my god! Oh… Oh my god. I’m freaking scared. I’m looking at all the scratches that are in here. I can’t do this. Okay so, right now we are here in the cage of death, and we’re going to be in here for 15 minutes. Chiara: I think I cannot, I really think I cannot.
Bolin: 15 minutes. We’re now moving into the next cage. Can feel the water. Stop, stop. Chiara: Oh my god.
Bolin: Relax. (x5) Oh my god. Can you see that? It’s looking- Bolin, it’s too near me. Okay, I wear for you. Wait, you don’t hold (onto) me first. I need to help you. Okay, ready? 3, 2, 1. Oh! My legit first time this close. You see, this close. I don’t want to play already. I want to go home… *huh?* *huh morning already?* *huh why got camera?* You’re now about to try the floatplane,
how excited are you? You know I… Have… A phobia of heights right? So we’re going to leave this area now. So lean back and relax, enjoy the scenery, and we’ll get breakfast to you in just a few minutes. Chiara: Oh my god that was so cool.
Sew: There’s blood on me. There’s a crocodile. Where is it? She’s teasing the crocodile back. Come on! Here it comes, there’s bubbles there. It’s coming. Now we’re here at Mindil Beach and it’s only open (on) Thursdays and Sundays, from 4pm till 9pm! So they have a lot of food, they have a lot of little knick-knacks
where people sell their own jewelry. A really chill place. And I think it’s very family-friendly also. I see a lot of people (having) picnic around there. Okay everybody, we think of what food we want to get. I know already. Crocodile meat! You swum with crocodiles, we’ve fed them already, now it’s time for us to try. Doesn’t mean I want to eat them! Okay, surprisingly crocodile meat looks like white meat. Yeah. Okay, let me try. You’re not biting anything. I got the meat! It’s slightly more tough than minced chicken, like it doesn’t disintegrate immediately. You’ll still need to chew a little bit. But there’s no gamey taste. I’ll think it’s a chicken burger if you didn’t tell me. Yeah, actually it’s a bit fishy. I think that’s the difference between
crocodile meat and chicken meat. Right now we’re at Ubirr which is within Kakadu National Park. So on our way here we stopped by Bowali Visitor Centre which is where you can get your pass
into Kakadu National Park itself. We’re going to hike up to the top which I heard has a 360 panoramic view. Wow, I feel very cooling, as you can see the wind. And I also feel damn good because the view, the sunset is damn nice. Actually to be honest, this is really one of the
best sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life, legit. So nice! I might want to travel to Darwin again just for this. Really? With us? Morning guys! Today’s weather is great. There’s slight rain, but the clouds totally
covered the sun and the heat for us. So it’s perfect for our 1.5km
walk around the Nourlangie Rock. And this place is also known as the Anbangbang and Burrunggui by the aboriginals. Shall we take a walk? I believe we can do this as
easy as the one we did yesterday. Wait, I think it might be even easier. Confidence, let’s go! Actually I think so. I don’t think we can
possibly climb up all the way there right? That’s like 50 to 70 storeys. That’s Sew and Mav! Actually I can totally imagine
a lion coming up and roaring. Right now we’re going for the Yellow Water Cruise. And I don’t know what to expect because
we already saw a wild crocodile over there. Most of the time, the crocodiles that we see, they’re just slightly above the water. This one is up so high that you
can see the scutes on its back. Right now we’re looking at a female crocodile and her nest. You do not want to mess with her because she’s one feisty crocodile! *ashfhdskl* *help* Calm down Chiara, calm down. Oh my god, yeah she’ll still there! That’s normal? We’re heading down. Because Bolin doesn’t know how to swim! These kind of natural water… I’m not a fan of because river monsters! Ah! Don’t say that! Mav, please. I got phobia okay? It’s getting a bit deeper. Mav, ahh I don’t want already! I don’t want already! No no, I don’t want already. We go back, we go back. I don’t want, we go back! MAV!!! Mav, we need to go home. I’m serious I’m not even kidding! Ahhhhh, don’t scream in my ears. Sorry Mav, I’m hugging you like a koala bear.
I’m so sorry. Her legs are interlocking. After the short drive, we’re relaxing
at the Buley Rockhole now. Man, I love this place so much more than the other! You can walk up many flights of steps. The more you walk up the more rockpools you’ll find. Over here in the Northern Territory it can get quite hot. So with places like these, for you to cool down in nature. It’s the best place to be in. I don’t know what are you guys waiting for! Today is our last day in Darwin
and the Northern Territory. What did you all enjoy the most? For us, it’s definitely the cage of death at the Crocosaurus Cove. This is the first time in my life I’m in such a close proximity with a crocodile. And of course, the Ubirr lookout. The sunset. Chiara: Oh yeah, I loved that too!
Bolin: One of the best! Honestly, I’ve been to Australia 4 times prior to this. Ubirr lookout was the most beautiful
I’ve seen in the whole of Australia. But actually, the true adventure is with the 2 of them. When we were clearing the waste, both of them they’re like – it’s as if they’re handling bombs. And you threw all the bombs away, including the cap. Slowly, slowly. *gagging* *gagging again* *Screams* Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh I saw my poop! You haven’t turned it on. Oh! Sh – Fudge… Don’t worry, we managed to get it back. Sew: Thanks to Bolin and Maverick.
Bolin: Everything is fine, no problem. I’m a person of contradictions because I like nature, but then again, you all know. I’m damn fearful of a lot of things. Protection from insects. So if you’re like me, you like nature but you’re scared of stuff. Don’t worry, this trip is okay. It’s doable. With a campervan, we don’t have to pack anything. Yeah, it’s literally driving your home around. Thank you Jetstar for sending
us on that adventure of a lifetime! Yeah, we had so much fun, so come down and experience
first-hand the fun that we had. Jetstar has direct flights to Darwin, so check the link in the description box and book now!

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  8. Eehhh I kinda agree with someone in the comments below that this vlog feels a bit strange. The shots are super good and the editing is amazing though! Maybe it's the uncomfortable feeling the long hair girl gives when she's speaking on camera? I suggest just scrape the parts where they force themselves to describe the place, looks rehearsed :/

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