Hi guys, I’m Chow. And welcome to Japan! We just reached Osaka and we used our Icoca card to travel from Kansai International Airport to the city centre. We’ll be exploring 4 cities in 4 days. Including those in lesser known prefectures around Osaka. We booked all our transport and activities through Klook and it was super convenient. I’ve never been to Japan before so I’m super excited. Let’s start exploring! First up, we need to feed our bellies. But we’re not just going to have any regular lunch. Instead, we’ll be having Fugu, or puffer fish at Guenpin Restaurant. Puffer fish is known to be highly poisonous. Which is why, only very very qualified chefs are allowed to serve this dish after years of training. Tastes like sashimi. – Reminds me a bit of like sword fish.
– Mmm. So, if you’re very used to eating salmon sashimi right, this is a lot tougher than that. But it’s very like, very like, clean. This sashimi is very much like sashimi. And that if you don’t like sashimi, you might not like this sashimi. Over here, is Karaage. I prefer this over the sashimi. Wah, Fugu is damn… Right now, we’re at the Umeda Batting Dome. The producer knows that I don’t play any sports at all. That’s why she want to purposely sabo me and bring me here. After that, we’re gonna play Human Tetris. That one I’m quite excited. Let’s get started! Why are we batting? It’s so dangerous. Am I even in the right attire? Go in! I don’t know. No, no, no, wait, wait, wait. What the shit, she sucks. What the hell is she doing ah? – All right, I’m ready.
– I’m not ready. – Ready.
– I am not ready. – You just died.
– That was so difficult. Oh my god, my heart is racing eh. – Um, I’m officially tired. How about you, Chow?
– Extremely exhausted. But I think it’s a great game and everyone should try it. If you want to do more, then just see Tourist Attractions right, come down and try this game for yourself. You will definitely have no regrets. To end our day in Osaka, we’re at the Sakuya Lumina night walk. And the park has been decked out in beautiful lights! It really reminds me of when the Singapore Zoo had the Rainforest Lumina. Jes, will you walk with me? Hi there! Dude, this thing is making me so high. What gas is this? Side step, side step. There’s actually a story line behind the walk. There’s a teenager and she’s lost in the digital world. I think what we have to do, is go and find her. I read up. Oh Jesus. What the heck. Woo, that’s so scary. I feel like this is all the elements of a horror movie. The teenager got caught in the digital world! This is you if you keep using your phone. But keep watching TSL. Haha, the octopus comes out to play. They hold hands! For the first time! Reached the end of the Lumina night walk. If you enjoy these sorts of immersive and interactive exhibits, I would definitely recommend you giving this a shot. Look here, look here, look here, look here! We’ve reached our second city, Tottori. Tottori is known for its extensive desert landscape and the Tottori sand dunes. It is a 3 hours bus ride from Osaka and we booked our 1 day tour on Klook. The tour also includes a river cruise down the Uradome coast line. I love nature, so I can’t wait to see all the sights of Tottori! Let’s go! Just woke up from a 2 hours nap on the bus and this happened. We were supposed to go on the river cruise, but because of bad weather, it got cancelled. Cruise wasn’t cancelled for nothing. We were meant to view this magnificent sight. – Sit down.
– Don’t want. You can stand here, then we can have a Those Bygone Years moment. We are at the Tottori sand dunes. I would definitely recommend you coming down because this place is so beautiful. It looks like Dubai but it’s in Japan. It’s pretty much the closest Dubai that you can have to Singapore. The moment we said we want to sit on the camels, they got up and they’re gonna go now. Finish. The camels… I guess we’re gonna have to ride Nadia. Look like a hump. She got two humps hahaha. Now, we’re at The Sand Museum. This museum showcases sand sculptures created by sculptors from all around the world. We’ve come to the end of our day in Tottori and the sights here are just amazing. I would highly recommend paying this place a visit if you love nature. Or if you just want to take a break from the bustling Japanese cities. I love the country side, so I know I’ll be back someday to catch that camel. But till then, goodbye Tottori! We finally made it to Tateyama! This is a whole new magical side of Japan. Allow me to show you why! Snow in summer! This is the start of the alpine route and everything is covered in snow! Travelling here can be quite a hassle but Klook offers day tours from Nagoya and Kanazawa. These tours cover all aspects of transportation, so you don’t need to worry about that. I’m gonna go play in the snow right now, let’s go! – Ow!
– Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Ah! – Thank you, thank you.
– Er, guys. Chow loves Jes! Oh my god… No, no, no… Snow angel! – We, we don’t know her man. She’s like…
– Snow devil. You’re brought into a whole different world. And you know that it’s warm down in Tokyo right, but up here. It’s suddenly winter. You know if you’re up to try different types of seasons within the same time period of your trip right, now you can. Finally, we are in Tokyo! We couldn’t miss the most visited city of Japan. The Tokyo landscape is always changing. So, you’re bound to find something new to do every time you visit. Our first stop is, teamLab Borderless. It’s a digital art museum that only opened a year ago. We got our QR code tickets on Klook. All we got to do, is scan and go for an easy entry. Let’s go check out the exhibits! We stayed all the way till closing time at teamLab because there was just so much to see. My favourite exhibit was the light sculpting room. It really felt like I was in an actual concert. All that jostling in the crowd was totally worth it. But it also made me really hungry. Let’s go get dinner! Come on! Just reached our dinner venue and we don’t really know how to get in. Press the door which we assume is this big mirror. And this is the clues that we have to solve this door problem. – Ok, I’m going to like Google Translate this.
– How can you Google Translate this?
– I can do it! This system crest, please overlaid light on the. Ok. Just put it on the thing. That’s what… – What the crap lah.
– Say the name, say the name of the place.
– Should we? Osman! Guys, this one can open one. I’m damn scared. Er, no. That’s the… – Should you press? Let me just figure out what it says. For lift, press!
– No! Fire! – Hey guys.
– Oh my god. Oh my god. Dinner tonight is a real treat. We’re at MaHou Dining Bar Osman, which is located at Roppongi, Tokyo’s most popular nightlife district. But the coolest part about our evening, has got to be our magical entertainment. Some close-up Magic Mike here beside us now. What! We have come to the end of our Japan trip. Every city we visited gave us new experiences and showed us how vibrant Japan really is. My favourite part of the trip was our day tour to Tottori. With its peaceful coastal views, quiet peaceful countryside, I just love it! But till then, thank you Klook for taking us to Japan! If you want to learn more about what Klook has to offer, click on the link down in the description box down below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share, subscribe! And catch all of our other videos over there. Bye! And I wonder if you know how to be in Tokyo, and you see it, and you read it, and you really have to go. Fast and furious. Woo! Woo!

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