Trips and Tales – Ep.2 I Karnataka landmark Budget Travel traveling | Road trip to Mysuru

Previously on Trips & Tales… Don’t expect me to climb that..!! Hi…..! Oohooooo….! It was a second day of our trip, So no more long stretches of riding.! Himanchi, you want to see this!! We woke up to the view of river Cauvery which is just mind blowing!! What a view.!! Breakfast by the river.. My day is going to go so nice.. I was so excited to explore SriRangaPatnam As a tourist destination, a lot of attraction there.. are connected to Tippu Sulthan or his life! They are a couple of mastis in this town and we didn’t want to miss any of them.! The Tiger of Mysore, as Tippu was called constructed large beautiful gardens and summer palace for himself! The paintings inside on the walls.. were really beautiful & the depicted a story of Tippu Sultan’s life. Doesn’t this remind you the GolGumbaz of Bijapur? Have you been there?  – Ofcourse!! I had only heard about these kings in my History text books but right now standing next to the tomb stones was so fascinating..!! Don’t you thing that the tombs are very identical to each other?? I know right! they were three of them!! So you know what! There are 5 Ranganatha Swamy Temples along the Cauvery river and this is the first one! Okay! So this temple is one of the most visited Vishnovait temples in southern India! We took a detour to reach the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary!! This the very important Biome in India! & the famous Salem Ali was involved in setting up this sanctuary!! So how do you ask for 2 tickets in Kannada? So you say “eradu tickets kodi”. eradu tickets kodi..! You got it right!! Good! Look at that! The man taking us on the ride was very well informed he had all the answers to our not so clever questions!! Ille how many types of birds are here? Thirty.. 30 types of birds..!! Visa beka ivaruge? Visa beda.. Visa beda.. πŸ˜‰ Muncha irnda estu varsha ayithu? Season alli mathra.. Bari summer alla? Very Beautiful!!
Very beautiful! Ah sounds evag tones darida madiddu different age! allide..! So that makes different sounds when its single! That is whats making all these sounds..! In the middle the guy pointed out at this rocksort of thing and we were wondering what is he was showing us! and he slips at in that it is a crocodile.. I freaked out! OMG! Its the first time I am even seeing a crocodile! I think, its the perspective because usually all the shows about crocodiles is swallowing humans! Look how calm they are! They are coming towards us all… The look of it is so creepy..! Oh Come on! its gorgeous! I like them! It was such a calm & peaceful right? I know right! Spending the evening at Ranganathittu was an amazing prelude to reaching Mysore! This is a spacious lobby! I couldn’t even ask for anything better! Crashing!! The room was warm & cozy we were about to fall asleep when I realized that we hadn’t eaten anything after breakfast! I pulled along us to the bike & rode to this amazing Italian restaurant called Old house! The ambiance of the Old house was so nice was so peppy & inviting so as soon as we got seated, we could see fire wood pizzas being baked which was like such a nice sight! So we will take two virgin mojitos.. the Food, get us one capitalized pizza And arrabiata penna pasta. This was absolutely my happy place! So I ordered to my hearts intend! Coming up in the next episode.. The Mysore Zoo is just beyond! Wow! Wow!

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  2. Yet another awesome Video, Kudos to both of these cute talented girls. Best wishes to TGF.
    May I know where to hire a royal enfiled in Bangalore ? as I am in Bangalore by end of next month for few weeks, so I need a bike similar to one shown in this video.
    Lots of love from New Zealand – Huge Fan Sathya πŸ™‚ Cheers! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Wow, you girls are so cool and brave πŸ™‚ You made the travel interesting and a fun experience for everyone to see and enjoy so good work πŸ˜‰ ……..! I enjoyed watching it

  5. Hi, i m new to Banglore, your channel helping me to explore Banglore and nearby places.. thanks to both of u.. Ur die hard fan..

  6. Nice video…. Ur energy are Aws… U both are very beautiful …keep smiling always 😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Excellent narration.Just started watching yours' videos,and in all episodes,amazing is the content & Quality..Keep it always up..Thumbs Up….

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