Travelling Japan in Style | 500km in 3 Days

So how many did you manage? 15! 15? Yeah I’m so proud! So proud? But Ryotaro said that if you do less than 100 you’re a looser Ready? I’ve got Mankey But he’s just a bad man
A very bad man indeed 2 years ago I tragically lost a bet doing the wanko soba noodle challenge Challenge that involves stuffing yourself with as many bowls of soba noodles as possible without being physically sick Not only did I lose a bet but my reputation as a man was completely destroyed as apparently a man should be able to eat over a hundred bowls And I only managed….44 But recently I had a chance of redemption when my friend Ryotaro and I travelled 500 km across North Japan in 3 days Over the years people have asked me where they can get traditional Japanese clothes to try on while they’re in Japan and I..never really know I’m not an expert on the subject But I am now! Japan’s largest Tourism company, JTB just started a service where you can rent traditional Japanese clothes from shops across most cities in Tohoku have them professionally fitted and then go off and travel around! Ryotaro and I were invited to try out that service And wear them whilst traveling around for 3 days across Tohoku To amazing and sometimes bizarre locations that I didn’t even know existed with the journey ending with Wanko Soba Noodle Battle to the death! Err…except…without death Sorry! Our journey began in the city of Koriyama where we were joined by Hana, a Taiwanese blogger who would also be coming along on the journey So these are our Yukatas here we can choose from The trick to choosing the perfect Yukata
Is to try and conceal your weight So I think the black one is the best one, right? That’s correct the black one make you look slimmer I wanna look good so I want this one You look like a Prince or something I am actually… I feel like I’m a Maharajah or something Prince Muppet Prince Muppet?! I went with this pattern in the end I found it conceals my figure better than the black one did The patterns are a good distraction Actually you know what for kimono it’s likeyou need to be…if you’re a little bit chubby, that actually suits you better Obviously I’ve worn yukata a few times but I never thought I’d look good in it You know I never thought it fitted very well So I’m quite curious as to see if this fits alright I think it might because there’s quite a lot of people working on this To make it look good That’s true Finished? Finished! What a handsome young man Shut up! For our first destination we headed deep into the mountains of North Japan to visit the village of Ouchijuku An old stopping off point for travelers hundreds of years ago It was here that we would also be having quite a peculiar lunch This is one of the best views of Tohoku Yeah I guess so Top ten view there I think if you’re gonna walk through one town in Japan wearing a Yukata, it should be here: Ouchijuku Obviously the most distinctive thing is the roof It’s the roof yeah! It’s made out of the straws from the rice That’s pretty cool! So not only can you eat rice but you can turn it into a house That’s right! Alright so we’re at the restaurant and we are going to eat soba, this soba is very special You need to eat it with a long onion With a long onion..? Yeah What.?? How is that even possible? Surely the onion would just sort of like flop Well we’re gonna make it possible Wow! You really weren’t kidding weren’t you I wasn’t kidding That’s an onion What it does is that This onion is literally like a spice And adds some flavor to it You can just pick it You look so proud Coz I am!! Aaah…so difficult!! I think it’s the first time I’ve eaten somewhere where you can eat the utensil you’re using to eat I can’t think of any other time that I’ve done that This is the only place in whole Japan that they do this Really? Yeah! Eating with onion What a unique way to eat My onion is getting shorter, that’s the problem! I hate it when that happens After a delicious lunch of noodles and onion We left Ouchijuku and stopped off at an antique goods shop In the nearby town of Aizu Wakamatsu It was here we grabbed a popular old fashioned soda drink Called Ramune A drink that can often feel more like handling explosives And then…BAM Alright? Ready? Woah There’s a ball here So if you just pull it too high then you’ll stick the thing so… Refreshing? Very nice! Like that? And then.. Yeaaah Who thought this up? Who thought “oh yeah! This will be a good idea!” And now there’s a little ball in there So when you pull it up like that and then if you do it too much That’s it! Nothing’s coming out! That’s magic Because of the ball Shit! The ball got stuck This is the most dangerous drink in Japan But very refreshing! For our last stop of the day we wanted to grab some souvenirs So we headed to a famous local shop sculpting figurines and masks With one rather questionable mask in particular standing out This is one of our Gods He’s called Tengu Tengu, he has a long nose Look at his nose! A little bit phallic I would be quite scared if a God came to me with a nose like that Yeah actually it’s a scary one too It tries to prevent human beings to go into the mountains because he’s almost like a God But not only he protects but he sometimes hurt people who do not.. With that nose? Yes with that nose.. Chris…turn around I must admit it is a slight improvement As we walked around the shop The owner was sitting quietly in the corner Carefully hand painting the figurines, silently and elegantly And then suddenly he threw on a change of clothes Pulled out a retro boom box and did this: And that’s how the first day of our trip ended. The next morning we caught the train to Sendai and dropped into the local Kimono shop to switch clothes So you’re in black today Do I look thin? Ah…do you look thin? No, it doesn’t help at all! Really? Yeah, I think this one’s better than the one yesterday You think so? Yeah coz it conceals my stomach Why do you care so much about concealing yourself? I like to be overweight but give the illusion of being thin That’s the western dream Western dream?! Western culture summarized Alright let’s go Our first stop of the day was Genbikei Gorge And it was here that we would discover the exciting future of food delivery So there’s a sweet shop over there making kind of Dango Which is a kind of chewy rice sweet But it’s quite far away it’s actually across this gorge But the guy worked it out, he put a basket system in place that goes across the river You can sit here in this nice spot and enjoy his products You hit this bit of wood here with this hammer Put in your order And he will send over the basket Let’s just hit the wood Yes please! How hard? Really hard! I don’t want to smash the basket into the gorge The fastest basket pulling I’ve ever seen He just changed the flag To what? Which one? He’s changing it to the Union Jack He’s waving it He’s playing the British….National Anthem I’m not even making this up God Save the Queen! Wow! So fast! And look! All these drinks! Nothing spilled How did he do that? It’s really nice! Is it nice know with a scenery like that? I want all my food brought to me in a basket Over a gorge from now on Look how many people are coming to see this It’s amazing It’s the greatest marketing I’ve ever seen If you have a restaurant just put your stuff in a basket And send it over the gorge and the people will come The only thing is it might be difficult getting a gorge….build one! For lunch we stopped and had some mouth-watering Maezawa Beef The most famous beef in Iwate Prefecture Juicy juicy beef You dip it in the sauce And into the mouth! Watch his face! Our last stop of the day was Hanamaki Hot Spring resort In a hotel that recently won numerous architectural awards However there was one rather worrying flaw We just arrived at Hanamaki Onsen, it’s a hot spring resort In Iwate Prefecture This place is called the Koyokan which means the house of falling leaves The first that got my attention was this sign Warning of a pair of bears spotted in the area Around here, and we’re going for a walk aren’t we? Yeah we are Rubbish! Coming across bears before dinner?! That’d be truly unbearable In the end though we didn’t have to worry about bears As we stayed in so Ryotaro could play Pokemon Go It’s the day Pokemon Go has been released He’s been playing it more than I have Well I’m on level 3 still though I’m on level 1 I haven’t caught on really Fucking Bulbasaur is on your leg Come on! You got it! Wow! I got Mankey It was the final day of our trip and as the Wanko Soba Noodle Challenge loomed ahead We first ventured into Akita Prefecture To the town of Kakunodate A famous Samurai town home to one of the best preserved samurai manners In all of Japan So much armor How much does it weigh? It’s around 25 kilos 25 kilos…? If I’m going out in a 25 kilogram samurai armor It’s not gonna do much good is it? Coz I’m gonna be like: What you want is: Grab a shotgun, grab a katana And just sort of… Naked? Obviously you’re gonna wear clothes Oh okay Not naked Otherwise you would look a little bit stupid Give it a swing Fucking hell, he’s trying to break the glass That’s what I’m trying to do I’m gonna make you look slimmer By cutting me in half? Yeah exactly What is this twisted surgery? After narrowly avoiding Yotaro’s questionable weight-loss program We passed a stand selling my favorite Japanese drink called Amazake A sweet drink made from the leftover rice grains used to produce Japanese sake Like a rice pudding in a drink True! That’s the best way to describe it! A rice pudding in a drink! More liquid though It’s really really great! It’s not alcoholic So anyone can drink it And on a very hot day like this It’s the perfect thing to drink It’s quite refreshing The time had come for Wanko soba 44 bowls to beat my previous awful record And 100 bowls to be a man This is Ryotaro’s first time right Well, you did it when you were like 3 Yeah 200 years ago so this is it this is the big chance! It’s expected he’s gonna beat me because he eats everything As Hana was doing hers separately, it was just me and Ryotaro With his smirking cheeky face before me There was everything to play for The record here is 570 bowls 570 ??! The average for a male is 50 It’s relentless, absolutely relentless She’s like aiming at you! I’d be going so fast I had no idea how many I’d eaten However I had forgotten that Wanko soba was actually a game You’re trying to beat the person giving you the noodles You can’t stop until you put the lid on your empty bowl This was proving bloody difficult Incredibly though I’d done it I’d finally beaten 100 bowls You did alright! 118 yeah! How many did you do? 120? 122! I was that close?!! I hadn’t known that I would have carried on! 122! 122 and…118 I didn’t know I was 4 away from beating you! Get out of my eyesight! So how many did you manage? 15! 15? Yeah I’m so proud! So proud? But Ryotaro said that if you do less than 100 you’re a looser No, I’m a girl I think you’re a winner But he’s just a bad man A very bad man indeed! I’ve actually really enjoyed wearing a Yukata I’ve done it a few times and I must admit it’s very nice In the height of summer It’s quite liberating wearing a Yukata in summer Having the evening breeze blow around But I do recommend it! And if you wanna visit any of the locations We’ve seen in this video, again all the details are in the description box below As for us we’re heading back to Sendai now And Ryotaro can finally play Pokemon Go He’s been dying to play Pokemon Go for the last few days You haven’t got a Pikachu yet? No I haven’t got a Pikachu I do Whatever! Well done! Great, thanks for watching guys, see ya next time! Bye!! Don’t play Pokemon Go Right so I’ve got all these Pokemon and I’m already Level 4

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  1. I just thought I'd share this bit 😀 I'm studying in Osaka as of now, and I took a course on Shinto. We have a slightly SJW teacher, who likes to point out small details during class. One of her most used sentences is "It's a bit phallic, isn't it?" Funny part, you basically said the exact same thing as she says all the time, and she said that to a tengu before as well ^^" Beautiful 😀

  2. For the love of God, just tell me what's the name of the song on the boombox!
    I know it's a variant of 俵積み唄(青森) , but it's really upbeat and nothing like the traditional versions. I can't find it anywhere on the internet (YouTube, Spotify etc)

    Please, Chris, spare me of this itch in the back of my brain! I want to be free again!

  3. A man who doesn't take himself too seriously lives a charmed life. That dancing shop owner is quite blessed, I think. 🙂

  4. Factually, the Japanese Katana is a horrible sword. Japanese steel is considered "Pig Iron". Pig Iron is what they used for railroad in US, Its garbage steel. Not putting Japan down, but the steel they have is horrible, and the katana is horrible as well. You cant stab with a katana, you can only slice. Well, that fact right there means its horrible in close combat. While the Samurai is drawing his blade back, then slicing forward, anyone with a normal sword would just quickly stab forward and kill him.

  5. I love that I can find Ramune and other Japanese snacks at so many grocery stores near me… And I live in rural Massachusetts!

  6. "This dude wants to order soba noodles, maybe we should bring him a huge bowl of it"

    "Na, let's bring him 50 tiny little bowls"

  7. That food delivery place is an excellent idea against dealing with customer service for the rest of your career…. Gonna have to steal that

  8. When i was at edinburgh airport i tried ramune (It was for sale at a YO SUSHI restaurant) it wasn't anywhere near as explosive

  9. I have to go buy souvenirs from that man's shop. I fully support any business owner who isn't afraid to have fun with their business and life. ☺ also have to go buy mochi and dango from there because you get food just sent to you in a basket on a pully. Fricken amazing.

  10. The comments only consist of 50% talking about how beautiful Hanna 50% the owner that got a seizure 10% of people who wants to hide their weight

    Sorry I’m not good at math

  11. The trick with Ramune is once you press down to open it, don't lift your hand off until all of the bubbling inside stops or about 15 – 20 seconds. That is the only way I know of to open them cleanly.

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    Hol up
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    Edit: TBF the game wasn’t much on release

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    Transparent box: "I'm gonna end this man whole career"

  16. After 3 years, I FINALLY FOUND THE EXACT SONG the shop keeper dances to:
    逢瀬ひょっとこ愛好会 俵積歌№1:

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