Well welcome to Prague! Hi there Today we’re going to show you how to move around our beautiful city with the trams The buses and the Metro. Before getting on the tram or the metro or the bus you need to buy a ticket So buying a ticket it may look difficult because there’s all these buttons so to make it simpler for you Just cover all these buttons that’s what the city should do because you’re not going to need any of these These are the three that will interest you the one the first one is 32 Crowns, okay That’s a ticket that will get you 90 minutes of traveling on bus metro and trams Second one, 24 crowns now will give you 30 minutes of travel you can transfer if you make it within the 30 minutes and Last one you can buy in this machine is 110 crowns Which is for a full day, and of course those English buttons if you press that the machine will start to talk in English This one doesn’t work. Let’s try this one This won’t work Please wait There’s our ticket for 24 crowns. Which is less than a euro about a dollar and that’s going to get you 30 minutes of travel Okay, let’s validate the ticket High-five, okay When entering the metro you need to validate the ticket and the reason why most people don’t validate the ticket is because they have these? Passes like I do which is good for a year okay, so don’t get confused you have to validate your ticket arrow up If you don’t have coins you may want to look for one of these this is a new ticket machine that will accept credit cards Get a map Trams! If you see the tram tracks most likely there will be a tram stop tram stops are every few hundred meters These are the numbers of trams that go around you can find them in the map if it’s black or like dark like this It’s the night tram these are the daily trams these arrows will tell you which is the next stop So if you’re just rushing you see a tram you see a number you just quickly Look is it going left or right the only problem I see with tramps is you cannot buy a ticket on most of the tram stops and you cannot buy it from the driver So make sure you have your ticket pre-hand before you get on the tram. If you want to take a ride on one of these Historical trams you can do it. But they only run on weekend today is not weekend We can show you sorry, but you need to buy a separate ticket that costs 40 crowns, and it’s worth it. It’s fun I like it. This tram who actually has Wi-Fi So the wi-Fi on this tram works great, so you can snapchat the shit out of it okay, guys if you’re sitting on the trend. You should let older people sit down So there’s somebody older on the tram they can sit down. [ Czech ] Or let the kids sit down That was really weird. We actually have a Facebook page for weird people on the public transport It’s called Divnolidi V Mhd look it up and while you’re here like make sure you have your camera ready It’s like people of Walmart Metro! to find the Metro just find a sign the sign indicates there is a metro station Walk right in there are three lines on the Prague Metro Green A yellow B and the red line C Stand on the right walk on the left not like a highway in the United States where you’re just in all the lanes Okay, first people go out then you go in If you break this rule You can get punched that’s actually in the product law Pro tip number 27 make sure to visit the station called Námêstí Míru it has the longest escalator in the world Okay, maybe it’s not the longest in the world, but it’s gonna sound better in the video right, now prove me wrong We’re like halfway through fun fact this escalator is actually taller than the highest Czech mountain not fun fact four people a year die on this escalator of boredom I like the metro for a couple of reasons number one in the summer. It’s nice and cool in the winter It’s nice and warm, and I actually like how it looks into art? And you feel like visiting a gallery in Prague? You don’t have to, just take the metro. There’s hundreds and hundreds of art pieces Another hidden piece of art is right here. It’s the soviet astronauts How about that pretty cool not too many people know about this? But I have a friend and he told me and finally the buses I don’t like buses your ticket will be good for them You don’t really need to use them because they don’t really run around the City center. That’s for trams and metros They run around the suburbs so now you know how to move around prague I prefer walking okay, so instead of buying a full day or three day ticket Maybe just buy the ticket when you go to the city then walk around and then buy one when you get out of the city That’s our suggestion keep in mind that the metro only runs till midnight same as the trams and most of the buses So we’ll show you in the future episodes how to move around prague after midnight or at night or when you’re leaving apart? So that’s it for today. Thanks for watching subscribe check our other social media bullshit and one Czech word final Czech word in this episode is Miluji Tê Which means I love you. Bye guys yeah Welcome to prague. Here’s 50 things you really need to do while you’re visiting When I told you the ticket is only good for metro bus and tram I was not telling the truth It’s also good for this funicular that goes up to fencing tower

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