We are currently at Helsinki Airport It is 7 in the evening right now And this is how it looks outside Full daylight It seems today the sun will set around 11:30pm If you have a layover at Helsinki You can use the free lounge at Vantaa airport- Kainuu Iceland airport is comparatively much smaller Being the capital, it has a fairly smaller airport This is extremely important Place it below We got our trolley Without this it would have been impossible This is the Keflavik airport guide What should we pick up So, that is it. We’ll leave the airport now But before that We need to complete the billing And, after this We need to buy SIM cards If you want to purchase a sim This is the only store at the airport Where you can pick up one There are two variants of SIM card available One is “only data”, that is for 10gb And the other is 5 gb data and 50 mins of calls We are now at Reykjavik’s international airport- Keflavik We have been travelling continuously for the past 3 days We left Siliguri On the 28th Then we had to take Rajdhani upto New Delhi It took us almost a day to reach Delhi 29th We stayed in Delhi 30th morning We took the 7 am Finn Air flight to Helsinki Due to Pakistan airspace ban Our 6 – 6.5hours duration flight instead took 9 hours to reach We didn’t leave the airport We rested at the airport This morning we took the 7:45am flight As per Iceland/Reykjavik time It is super cold We were feeling quite hot inside Feeling quite cold As per local time We landed here around 8:15am – 8:20am We’ve taken our sims After that, we ate something Now, we are going to pick up our car Can we take the trolley till the car rental office? Why can’t we? We can take it No one will stop you But the problem is We need to return it back at the airport Will get back after this is sorted This is the parking lot of Keflavik airport And if you are renting a car from the airport If you like this video And don’t forget to watch our next video from the Iceland series


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