so over the past month I have traveled
to some of the coldest destinations on planet Earth four weeks ago I was
standing on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania three weeks ago I was
stranded in a blizzard in the middle of Iceland and in ten hours I will be in
Lapland Finland that’s right Finland welcome to Finland
just arrived it is minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit in Finland on this trip to
Finland I will be testing out a brand new camera I’m proud to say that this
video is sponsored by Canon I will be testing out the brand new hand power
shot g1x mark 3 on this trip putting it through the test of the cold of the
weather have you been following my youtube channel since the very very
beginning it you know that I used a point-and-shoot camera for almost the
first year and a half of making videos the Canon Powershot g1 X mark 3 has a
2.4 megapixel aps-c sensor which is basically camera nerd talk for saying
that this camera is incredibly powerful it’s unheard of for a point-and-shoot to
have a sensor that large normally that’s the size sensor that you would find in a
larger camera with an interchangeable lens when I’m travelling and himself
filming one of the most important things I look for is auto focus this is the
first point-and-shoot in the Canon line to have the advanced autofocus dual
pixel CMOS AF which up until this point has only been found in Canon DSLRs I’m a
huge fan of the canon powershot g7x mark ii but i’m thinking that this is my new
go-to for on-the-go point shoots and now back to earlier this morning to start
this video off right we’re going to go for a traditional finish ice bath in the
river let’s do it so normally what you do is you go into the sauna you warm up
your body real nice to the point where you are so hot that the only way to
really appease this heat and to get rid of this heat is to run down to the river
and jump into the river into this little hole which they call the finish ice bath
now the tradition of the smoke sauna is a massive massive part of Finnish
culture there are approximately 5.5 million people living in Finland and
are an estimated 2 million saunas that is how much the Finnish people like
their sauna the smoke sauna is an art form as
sunrise a fire is made and it is stoked for 6 to 8 hours until the rocks are
heated up to the proper temperature normally when you do this you go naked
but because this is going on YouTube and I want to film the whole thing from
memory we’re wearing a bathing suit but this is the entrance to the smoke sauna
stop going in here shut the door behind you this is it put some water on this
rock really get that skin going in here now we just sit and marinate get nice
and toasty because in a few minutes now the air is so cold that even moving
river water can freeze in a matter of minutes I’m ready for my eyes back ready
yeah let’s do let’s go over let’s go it gets so warm and they’re so fast yeah
like I don’t even feel cold right now oh you will in a second my friend see or
doesn’t exist fear is a mental thing well the muzzles gonna freeze up so baby
I’ve never felt so alive you are screaming you wanna just get the hell
out 15 seconds later you calm down your breathing slows you look up with the sky
to the blue the best way to start the day you’re probably watching that like
Eric what are you doing I cannot even tell you how invigorating it is to jump
in ice-cold water when it’s minus 8 what is that in
Celsius it’s cold as is what it is it’s very cold the reason why I’m here in
Finland actually I’m staying here at this castle this is the manor house I
mean look at this this is basically a castle outside of Helsinki the reason
why I’m here is because I’m giving a talk today at a conference on the future
of work you know talking about my youtube channel and my production
company how I started a career on the internet because you know five years ago
this wasn’t a thing like making videos and traveling the world didn’t really
exist oh yeah and I also forgot to mention that I am NOT on this trip alone
joining me for the Finland travel series is Jared is a good friend of mine he’s
also my business partner I don’t think you’ve actually been introducing the
YouTube channel it’s been a while and then you guys know who this is Mike’s
never gonna run inside get warmed up and then go give this talk that’s good let’s
get warm going dude I know it’s cinematic out here they travel there so it was something
that I began we wanted to share really research food it is that you want to
align your company with so I think it’s just doing your homework and really
knowing and what you looking for the panel was amazing a great talk about
social media and the future of it all and we have now made it to Helsinki
Helsinki first time for all of us in Helsinki kind just walking around
getting a feel for the city very European vibe I mean we are in
Europe they say it’s like a little st. Petersburg II also like a little Russian
yeah I like it a lot it’s definitely cold now if I call it all
so in these travel films I like to recommend places to go in places to eat
when in the new cities for dinner in Helsinki we went to this spot called the
cock it had a good centre city atmosphere the food was amazing and it
was right next to our hotel for the night we were staying at the f6 hotel
which is a very very fancy swanky hotel check this out I’m in the bathroom I
shower is lit up with sex lights tomorrow morning we wake up and we
continue the finland adventure and we’re gonna head north welcome to get tiller as well as to
holiday results lady activist so the bag would be here at 6:00 p.m.
following here okay okay all right three so the bag was found it was put on a
wrong belt but the thing is that could have been very bad because yeah I mean
all the camera gear was in that bag so that could have been very very bad
crisis averted we have made it to Laughlin we have a
light magical snow falling Lapland is honestly the closest thing to a snow
globe IRL if I were to step into this powder
snow I would probably go up to my high shin maybe waist this is a snow test come on closer
come on I thought it was maybe up to the kneecaps there’s a I’m not even at the
bottom are you serious two idiots as you can see it’s a very snowy place in oh my
gosh well this trip was booked very last minute and the place that we’re staying
tonight it’s pretty it’s pretty cool you’ll see you’ll see why that’s funny
in a few minutes we’ll have dinner there tonight so oh yeah yeah yeah you’ll see
you’ll see dinner let’s cut the dinner tonight we are dining in the world’s
largest igloo I’ve traveled around the world and I’ve seen some pretty cool
places my time but I’ve never ever stayed in a place made out of snow
tonight we are eating at the ice restaurant in the snow village hotel in
Lapland Finland basically everything in here is ice table made out of ice chair
made out of ice bar made out of ice silverware
not made out of ice I’m not actually sitting on ice I’m sitting on a nice
little but warmer faux-fur we have some blankets if you are new to our YouTube
channel make sure to subscribe because in the next video we are staying in
these snow village overnight and we’re doing a full tour of our experience
sleeping sleeping here it’s -5 celcius it’s gonna be interesting if you’re not
already make sure to subscribe to the like and we’ll see you in that’s Oh
before I end that look at this we have some hot hot tea to warm the soul like
that I will see you in the next video

100 Replies to “TRAVELING TO FINLAND!!

  1. I live in Finland but I'm not very good att speaking finnish. I've been learning Finnish since i started 6th grade in August. But im actually from Sweden.

  2. Do you know that I’m on Finland and I’m stay forever on Phil and so if you still go to Phil and then you can just see me

  3. I have never EVER been to lapland tho i live in Finland ;-; i would love to go. But this summer we are going with our family to norway with a CAR! So we will drive through lapland. But its in summer and there will not be snow ;-; i live in Espoo (in uusimaa) so it will be a long trip.

  4. Brrrr too cold! Lol. I do want to visit Finland though. I have a pen pal there! I know it's a beautiful place. I have heard of the sauna culture in Finland. I will pass on the ice bath though. It is 46 degrees F here in Alabama right now and it is way too cold!

  5. -8°c? Boi that's so little here in Kuusamo(almost in Lapland) it's usually like -20°c to -30°c in winter, sometimes even more and we still go to school, and then theres America that closes all the schools when there's like -1°c lmao

  6. Hi! I live in Finland and I’m happy that you chose to come here!
    Jos joku lukee tätä niin terkkuja suomalaisille!❤️🇫🇮

  7. I'm not from Finland,but I'm from CZECH REP. I realy love Finland with all off these thing like a culture,people or nature. I want visit Finland 🙂 Verry nice video i love your videos 🙂 <3

  8. Hei, ja tervetuloa suomalaiseen! Rakastan videoita ja katsella niitä. Toivottavasti nautit aikaasi suomessa! Asun suomessa nimeni on Leo De Foel Sen, mutta voit soittaa minulle Leo Balog. Kiitos lukemisesta!

  9. Wow you aren't even a Finn and you hav been in Lapland and I haven't. I'm so jealous haha. But amazing video. I love how you seem to have fun. It always makes me so happy when I see videos of people not from Finland visiting my country and having fun. But you definitely earned a new subscriber amazing content keep it up.

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