Traveling and Studying Abroad Vaccines

If you’re traveling to another country, you can get health information at the CDC’s website at Your physician can review this information with you and let you know if any vaccines or medicines are needed before travel. Pediatricians often carry most of the vaccines that you will need for travel, including the routine recommended childhood vaccines. There are certain vaccines that may be called in to a pharmacy, such as the oral typhoid vaccine. There are also travel clinics and health departments that can provide vaccines if you’re not able to get them at your doctor’s office. You can check the CDC’s travel website for a listing of different travel clinics. It’s important to visit your doctor before
you travel to discuss any vaccines, medicines, and other recommendations before your trip. It’s best to do this at least four to six
weeks before you travel, just to make sure that you can complete any vaccine series and get any medicines filled that you might need. Before your child travels, check out the CDC and State Department websites to see which vaccines may be recommended, and then be sure to discuss this information with your child’s doctor.

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