Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber’s Dream

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  1. Don’t miss the new drop! Biggest Collection we’ve ever made. If you need a holiday gift for family, friends or even yourself.. This is a great place to look🤘🙏

  2. These videos are like my wildest dreams. Not only traveling but making a REAL difference in the world. You guys do that and you have no idea how much I respect all of you for it.

  3. Isiah Photo challenges you too run across Iceland with him. Look up his channel… please like this so yes theory sees this

  4. this is honestly so so cool!! wonderful choice of person, and wonderful stories worth sharing! hope you have a wonderful day, and sorry for my bad english 🙂

    and i'm sure you all have seen this, but you guys (yes theory) have been challenged, and it's a pretty cool one too! below i put a link to the challenge video

  5. Isaiah Photo posted a video challenging you guys to run across the whole country of Iceland to raise awareness for climate changes since it is being extremely affected. You guys should totally do it!! Like this so it gets more up and Yes Theory sees!

  6. Hey guys!!! Came here to share about a challenge, posted by Isaiah Photo, that I watched! I hope you consider the challenge because it would be AMAZING!!!

  7. I would like to invite you to Nepal. I will be your personal guide if you come here. Nepal is the country of Mt. Everest and lots of world tallest mountains. I will take you to camping, trekking, hiking, tours, rafting, bungee jumping, safari and many more.. please come to Nepal. Nepal has a event for 2020 which is called #VisitNepal2020. If you come to Nepal then i will give you a most pleasant time of your life.

  8. I challenge y'all to discover life if my neighbouring country NEW ZEALAND: swing from the biggest swing in the world, "The Nevis Swing," (freefall from a 300m arc for 70 m at 75 miles/hr) and experience snowboarding in the country during winter. In oceania they are the country known for extreme sports like canyoning, bungee jumping, etc. It would be fun to see y'all try THE NEVIS SWING 🙂

  9. As a German I am really sorry about that airport lady. I can only imagin how that must have hurt.. But always remember: there are more good people than bad ones and Yes Theory proceeds to show that 🙂

  10. imagine trying to sleep with your favorite youtubers in your room..sheesh

    btw I am a small YouTube channel and would appreciate any kind of support 🙂

  11. i finally started watching after yes theory being in my recommended for weeks… and i'm so glad i did. one of my favorite channels now. been bingeing for the past two days with no regrets. thanks yes theory.

  12. An actual channel with people who aren't full of themselves. Yes Theory is great inspiration and has helped restore my faith in humanity.

  13. Recent subscriber because there is only a few groups of people that make content as good as this, this is what YouTube is all about or should be, community. Great work boys 🔥

  14. I really love Yes Theory so much. I am sending you so much love and support, Rida and all Syrian people. Btw, I am so proud of you Ammar and I hope that your family could accept the fact that you're doing what you love and you're inspiring people everywhere. I think you have the potential to be called the Pride of Arabs someday. I seriously gotta stop watching your videos at least nowadays cause I am having my final exams in few weeks. Remember me in your prayers!♥♥

  15. (please like so they can see lmao)

    The run is to raise awareness for climate change, given Iceland has been incredibly effected by it. Please please please check the video out!

  16. @yestheory #YesTheory guys please take a look at it and also maybe take up this challenge , its a really good one and can make a big impact with your support. Please guys accept this challenge!

  17. I cried. I cried so hard. This channel, this community, it's literally the best thing on youtube. Your love for life is so inspiring. I loved seeing the immediate bond between Ammar and Reda and hearing how the Yes Theory community helped Reda. And I think being Egyptian and Muslim myself just made this video hit a little closer to home.

  18. Check out Isaiah Photo's recent video!! He challenges you guys (Yes Theory) to run across Iceland with him in hopes of spreading awareness for the country and how it's being effected by climate change!!

  19. I've commented this before, but I'd like to See you all go to Burning Man 2020. You've been to CRAZY parties and CRAZY places, but I would love to see your reactions to the absolute, most unique, most ever-changing city on the ENTIRE planet… BLACK ROCK CITY!!!!

  20. Isaiah Photo just challenged you YesTheory to run across Iceland to raise awareness for climate change! 🙌🏽🇮🇸 As an Icelander I hope you’ll check it out! ✌🏾🌍

  21. Man you guys are so awesome! I would LOVE to have your light denim jacket but I live in Indiana and $85 for a denim jacket is just too much for me. But keep up the great work guys. From a fan in a small town in Indiana!

  22. Yes Theory, please take Isiah Photo's challenge to help bring awareness to climate change and run the across Iceland! Iceland is directly affected by climate change.


  24. Just on a side note; why are they greeting him in Arabic? Ok, one is from Middle East, but the rest…. I'd expect this Muslim fan to greet them with "Praise Christ" or something. 😀

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