Traveling 1,000 Miles to Meet My Biggest Fan

The day when your death read it to me I Thank you so much for For the love and support you are absolutely awesome Sometimes people start to forget what matters the most They start to think about money that start to think about assets. They start to think about travel their own personal time they start to put the value on those types of things way too high and We start to miss opportunities to where we could make somebody’s day a lot better or even change their outlook on life. I Recently had the opportunity to make a difference and to make someone’s day and this is how it went It’s 237 in the morning we’ve been on the road for like 20 minutes right now We’re going to Northern California to surprise a fan. It’s about 500 miles each way So we’re driving a thousand miles to get there and back the story behind. This is The clip that you guys just saw his mom actually sent me that and that was a signed poster that he’d received for Christmas that poster he got because his mom bought the deck off of my sight every time that somebody buys the deck it also comes to Autographed when they received the deck the mom went to clear-coated and it ruined the Signature because it’s like a liquid so the kid was devastated instead of sending him like a piece of tape with my name on it I’m just gonna drive out there and resign it myself. So Give it back today The fire Still pretty far from our destination. We still got like another fire like another four hours left. We also have Marley here I forgot to add that and Coulson We are bringing you a jacket or bringing you Marley shirt or bringing you a bunch of stickers some keychains We got all kinds of goodies for you. Dude. Just get back on the road cuz it’s freaking cold out here Call it a day Carl You’re on the road for about five hours now We’re still a couple. We’re probably about two ish hours away at this point and We’re crews over going to grab some breakfast really quick in the way that we’re gonna actually surprise Closes, we’re just gonna go knock on the door and we already set it up with his mom She’s gonna make sure he answered the door. So, uh More hours. Oh Man we freaking made it, but that drive was terrible leaving at 2:00 a.m. Would not recommend the trap Okay, so we are at this place called the ugly mug, right the ugly mug It was recommended by the kids mom So which is tina I know what they’re basically just waiting right now for us to cruise over and surprise Um, I feel bad, but we’re not really running late We just made a pit stop and she recommended it. So it doesn’t count as being late, right? Yeah, we’re not late All right well, that was awesome because when I was getting ready to pay for breakfast our waitress Mackenzie said that the IVA hearts Which is the family at we’re going to see took care of our breakfast. So thank you guys very much. But now Are you ready? I’m so excited. She’s like overly excited So let’s go over and I think he’s already awake but let’s go meet this kid. Okay, so we are in the car right now And we are on their shoes. So I just wanted to make sure I got the vlog started early just in case II somehow sauce I’m excited What’s up, dude, what’s Up, dude How are you? Good, man? Nice to see you. How you doing, man? So I we Morley come on come Raymond. Nice to meet you dude. How’s your day going? Good doing? All right good, man You seem like you can’t breathe very well. Do you want to sit down or something? Your mom actually sent me that video of you getting a poster on Christmas Day and I was like super super stoked about it So I figured that we would come out and hang out for a little bit and she told me that There was an accident with the deck and I figured instead of sending just a piece of tape Why don’t I just come and sign it for you? That sound like a good idea Yeah, awesome, dude. We got a ride together a little bit today to Go let’s do it. We’re just shooting man. Let’s see it Marley. Come on He’s got the union’s on there the John wheels. Alright, dude, is this where it kind of came off right here in the front? Awesome. I have the sharpies in my car. I didn’t think anything about that Alright, so we just got Coulson scoot all fixed up tightened up and ready to go. You got wet first. First go my man Let’s see it. Oh Dude you got second go Yeah, there it is one more one more one more Boom there. It is. My man. Perfect stomp that one you get right. We’re gonna ride the skatepark today Perfect. I’m stoked. Do you want do the transition, you know the transition one, two three We’re over here at Auburn skatepark now, this is Coulson’s local now Coulson, I want you to show us the line right now Okay, so we can work on this like side hip thing. So let’s even get this go I’m gonna be up behind you, but I’m not gonna jump it. Don’t be scared of me. Okay Oh Phew that was close let’s get a quick flip out of the ball end over here Okay, so you’re gonna get it this time right you want me to go first you want first, why are you going first ah Dude This park is friggin sick, though it’s got so many little Bowl areas and there’s actually a ton of lines because all these parks that have like all these rollers as Opposed to quarters have so many different Oh always trying again They have so many different Variables when it comes to going like from the left side of the skate park to the right side or hitting like this little spine Section, so we’re gonna play around a little bit and see what couple good lines in What wheels will do still update see if we can get more Indy over that gap. So good job. I Didn’t quite get the ng, but it’s close enough See if we can get a qualified of this Bank straight it like that like pink banks leaving a quad Oh Kind of slam my feet on that one, but we’re good when I get home when building a new scooter I’ve not had a new scooter in so long. I gonna talk it like the whole thing. It’s been a cool minute It’s been like oh look at we had Colson sign the boys are here – Thank You Colson good looking out We got like new grips and then like new wheels and then like new grip tape and then bars It’s just been all over the place. So when I go home Envy get ready, I need a new scooter Sorry, Tony. Tony knows I don’t ask for much right Tony right sit that volcano really cook Let’s see if we can get some some good times on this thing. Oh Go ahead saw you go ahead. Oh man. He’s right a double for that. I think Whoa, no double flip round two on bar and burn There we go and then come back over and around come with you just like a little Manny up here Straight you one foot melon up and over I Have not hit this little section over here yet. It looks like a absolutely butchered it All right Coulson, you gotta let me know. What do you think about the deck so far? What’s what’s your favorite part about it? I don’t know, you know Yeah, I’ll take that. It’s good enough. Where’s yours? Where’d you have this one Who’s messing with you man, you got all the other colors though, you look good Hey you look good You look better me right now. I’m all over the place. All right Coulson Give me a tray flip out a point where it comes out. Did you find you show me because I’m already complete Oh, we’re over going for it right now. Oh shoot Oh God Powders done. I wanna hurt you. Oh go back So I’m gonna do the flip and you’re gonna get our back with the dub whip, right? And you said you have not have you done the double appear yet? No. Okay, cool So fine this flip you gotta get up with okay, I do. Oh Dude that was close. I’ll try gonna flip flip out of it for you Okay boys a bit stiff today Recaros are not good for road trips We have learned that today no more road trips and Zoe or Zoe, Roxy Sorry Coulson’s got to do that what I gotta do flip. I already did it the head you flip whip right now What are you gonna do? I was about the ball gap. How about the Volga? I will show you guys the gas that he has to do no foot or no foot can whip or just can’t whip? So this is the gap that we were talking about. It’s like little tiny chill bowl gap and he could definitely do it No problems, but I just don’t think he’s done it yet So it’s a little nerve-wracking But I’ve also never flipped without of essentially like feeling really weird like we’re almost kind of quarter thing. So we’ll see. Oh Boy you’ll be able to do that I wouldn’t want to hear it. Okay. This is kind of a shot in the dark, too So don’t worry The odds might definitely be in your favor Or not yeah, they’re in my favor. Okay. Let’s see it. Alright Coulson get with that double whip Whoa So today is all about Coulson we drove all the way out here specifically to hang with Coulson because that video that His mom actually sent me of him being so happy about just unboxing the poster. It was like over the moon for me I was like crying and everything It was it was a big water work session at my house seems like he’s having a great time I’m gonna I’m having a great time and he’s gonna learn new tricks right now at his local and so is he oh I don’t want to try Taylor first. Oh that’s told as long as you can tell me I’m happy with okay Get it get it. You got it. You got it right now. Oh dude, oh Dude I Almost reached over to the GoPro stick. Does that sound good? Yeah, you know, you know how to do this transition Yeah, do you know how to do it you want to do it? 1 2 3. All right We’re getting the angles from over here Oh Get those feet on you got it Whoa, I’m gonna take your brake cuz it’s hurting my feet. Hey, I’m at you feet pain is real I’m not good with cameras You know today wasn’t like a day where I was going and You know, it was just very different it was a very humbling experience today because I didn’t want anything out of today other than to make Coulson’s day the best day of his entire life and From what I gathered. That’s exactly what we did. We went we surprised him today He couldn’t even like realize what was happening when we actually showed up. He could barely even breathe He couldn’t speak and nothing But then after we rode for the entire day, he seemed to have an awesome day we rode with him We did all kinds of flips for him. He was able to be in the vlog. He was able to ride in the car He met Marley we gave him stickers. We gave him shirts. We gave him a hoodie He hung out with McKenzie, and it was just it was an awesome awesome day and I’m so glad that we actually were able to make the drive out and hang out and make his day but We’re getting gas right now, and it’s really really cold. So we’ll catch up with you guys. Let me get home That is if we get home, we’re not sure if we’re gonna stop at a hotel yet tonight or not But we’re gonna find out so catch you in a second Don’t forget don’t forget where you came from. Don’t forget those who support you don’t forget those who love you Remember who you are Be humble and do what you can to make the world a better place That the right one You

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  1. Raymond makes the story about Colson and, as Colson’s father, I love that. He made the whole day about Colson. However, I want to make my comment about Raymond. Every bit of the experience with Raymond, Mackenzie and Marley was unbelievable. Raymond was kind, courteous and very real. He truly wanted to give back to our son. I have nothing but praise for this young man. In a world of “look at me” social media, he makes it about others. Our family will always be Raymond Warner fans…fans of the person!!!! Thank you Raymond. Jeff and Tina Eberhart.

  2. Please like my comment ramond I am from Singapore and I have always Benn a plump kid and never had the confidence to go get a scoot fearing it might break but I Faar no more after watching your videos! 😁

  3. i apbsolutly love u (no homo) and these videos are awesome i really like that u surprised ur biggest fan and i would really like to see u do a video with another fan of yours. Keep it on man. I really loveu and apreasiute ur vids (sorry for bad english im only 10

  4. This is why I support you. You're such a genuine guy, making amazing impacts on many people, myself included. Thanks for being awesome.

  5. This is why I love this channel because Raymond gives back to his community I cried watching this and I do not cry a lot at all. THANKS RAYMOND FOR BEING A INSPIRATION TO ALL!!!!!!

  6. I have always said I would really suck at being famous. Because I would want to meet everyone of my fans and give them the world.

  7. Whoever disliked this, you better have a freaking good reason dude. But. You won't because there's no reason why u should dislike. So Imma hack ur fortnite account

  8. You have the best videos ever I love you you are so funny and good at Skittering please give me a shout out please please please please please PS you have a better video than you love you Raymond warner

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