Travel With Chatura | මුහුද යට කිමිදී හක් බෙල්ලන් අල්ලන හැටි (Vlog 212) [EN Sub]

Kirinda is one of the historical harbours in Sri Lanka
fishermen say government doesn’t pay enough attention There are no harbours along Oluwil,
Arugambay or trincomalee This side there is Nilwella,Ambalanthota
Hambanthota Kudawella However the government doesn’t owe allegiance As a result the industry has
collapsed entirely. No place to make ice,
filling with sand They are facing
many difficulties (speaking indistinct language) removing sea whelks? are these whelks?
yes! because of the slipperiness
boats cant move Usually this is visible here however, these tiny shrimp-like whelks
get attached to the boats as a result boats cant move
it becomes heavier so have to remove them all
once a week atleast Approximately 30 Trawler
boats left from Kirinda 200 theppam boats left from here
may be more than that a considerable amount of
boats entering and leaving but not all of them
going for fishing fishermen who left
are coming back We only showed you the harbour We’ll show something special What would they do
with the oxygen tanks? They are trying to leave for
an unusual job with these tanks this is exclusively in Kirinda diving insearch of sanguwa (whelks) not an easy task Scuba tanks carried in lorries
and then loaded into boats distinguished figures in sea may be deep plunged 100 meters
(328 feet) below sea Ideal diving lies between 80-50 feets they are trying to leave However ,southern sculpture shell
is a well known fact or else Sanguwa Among the 160 main characteristics
depicted in Lord Buddha At first plunged into deep sea
which is like 100 meters deep As a result eventually
come out of the deep the volume of oxygen gas works upto
30 feets of sea level . Oxygen turns to nitrogen after
30 feets of sea level if Nitrogen remains your body tissues will
absorb extra nitrogen which will occur
the illness called bends (DCS) My friend here, has
numbness in his limbs there are some days we could only catch two or three
whelks even though we plunged into 100 feets it depends What are the Risks of Scuba Diving
apart from bends? sometyimes there will be
a blockage of the tanks we can’t swim up also pipes can be
exploded Can occur medical
related problems there are vicious
predators that frequently attack people. a fish called Barracuda
directly attack at the masks Likewise diving does
entail some risks. are there any who has
been atatcked? yes! there are many there is a sickness called “The bends ”
(also known as decompression sickness) that we are not aware of what causes this? When caused with bends the diver
will likely need to go to Trincomalee If a chamber can be implemented here
in Southern province it will be very beneficial for us Under the patronage of goverment if we get a chamber
can dive without fear government, what would you
suggest they should do?
government doesn’t pay enough attention Do they know about these people? No! I think they may not
even know our existance. ### but what we dig is something
worthy many have died but no one
has ever donated anything for us Government never concern
about us We showed while we were in
Nay Aru and Mullaitivu Likewise the fishermen here
work for 6 months here Fisher men go to jaffna when the
off season ariives Everyone doing the same work. catching Sangu ( whelks ) Sangu is in Tamil Catching whelks Entire life is dedicated to this job Eventhough whelks are hideous
to see this is such a beautiful industry to explore A place that many haven’t seen Gauri , Lakshmi,Titan There are different names being
used to identify them However the divers say hak bella ( conch shell)
can be only found in this particular sea but this particular whelk
can only be found in Hambanthota
or Southern sea yet , some other can be found in
seas such as Jaffna so, this is special this is one of the hidden
industries in Sri Lanka there is only one exporter
in Sri Lanka can gain more foreign
exchange for country Prices vary by weight per 1kg can get 1000 Rs for a smaller one can get like 800 Rs atleast there must be 12
whelks to gain some profits 10 scuba tanks ,2 or 3 divers so it’s costly have to pay for fuel If you found any by chance then
you are lucky , if not..! such a waste so this is their profession sometimes it’s not profitable Compared to the other fishery harbours ,
their main income rely on fish or fish related industries. but it’s different in Kirinda Sand mining is their main income extract sand and sell Sand mining is a direct cause of erosion,
and impact the locals Many researches have been done ,
some by University peradeniya
gabion walls are been suggested to build but nothing has been done That’s why the harbour stays
like that can buy sand , if you come to Kirinda Yala caravan village our stay Hello! Welcome to Yala caravan village thank you! How many caravans here? we have at the moment
operational 6 caravans we have okay! five packs caravans
six packs caravans okay! I was wondering where I would stay vantage I’m gonna stay here Hey, give me that leaflet as well.
Thanks Yala caravan village okay! where we would stay, things which
can be done all mentioned here we’ll see None of these caravans used
for transportation all are parked here one of the specialty is every
caravan has a toilet Usually that is the biggest problem
however all the facilities are here even to have a shower If you can remember we travelled and spend a day on a
caravan while doing a programme in Australia Now we are in Sri Lanka This is very comfortable and can
accomodate for many at once a mini kitchen is here, anyone can cook yet , i didn’t bring any Here Comes The Wind oh! the sunset is floating in the sky Caravans are not much
famous in our country Thus, we don’t have a
proper place to park these also they are not functional not only that sanitary issues , security concerns are there
can’t stop at any place Not enough distance to travell
for days in our country In that case this is not that much popular However you can get the experience
if you come here Good Morning! (Suba Udesanak! ) Falling asleep until the
sunrises is not a good thing As always sunshines splendidly before us Caravans are located facing the sunrise so just experience it while you are inside.
that’s the difference Let’s walk to the sea shore Sri Lankan grapes Margosa another significant thing
about this place is that Not everyone wants to be stucked in
a caravan for them, they can use these if you are intended to stay
here stay in a caravan rather here Looking at that astounding view. Good Morning! met some friends to play with what’s up buddy? They say that the early bird
catches the worm what’s your early catch? How is the day? not good.
why not ? no fish to catch there are days caught
more fish

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