Travel Tips – Plan Ahead

International travel
can be stressful. Which is why CBP has added
innovative programs and technology
to streamline the process. Travelers are now waiting
less handling less paper and getting to
where they’re going faster. Here are some tips
to know before you go. Plan ahead to ensure a smooth
and efficient processing experience. Have your documents how and
when approaching a CVP offspring. Declare any foods gifts and medications
that you’re bringing from abroad. And if you’re traveling with
ten thousand dollars or more. Make sure you declare that
to know the difference between prohibited
and restricted merchandise. Travelers cannot bring prohibited
items into restricted goods requires special license
for permits to enter the United States. If you’re a frequent traveler
consider becoming a trusted traveler by enrolling in global trade
nexus or century. These programs provide expedited travel
for pre-approved low risk travelers through dedicated lanes and kiosks
membership is good for five years and. Includes TSA pretext
that affects planning ahead and adopting these travel
tips can save time and lead to a less
stressful trip. Visit CVP Xhaka of Slash travel
for more information or tips to know before you go with US Customs
and Border Protection.

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