Travel Tips: Packing Cubes

(electronic music) – Ciao, bien venuto everyone! Guess what? Go ahead, ask me what. We are going to talk about packing. Packing! I’m so happy! Now let me ask you something. Does your suitcase look like this? Unacceptable, unacceptable, I can’t breathe, take it away, please! If that’s you, you need help. And help is called packing cubes. No matter what, my underwear
goes in one of these, and my socks goes in one of these. Then in a separate, medium size cube, I put my workout gear, and my pajamas. The rest is up to you. I don’t necessarily put
everything in a packing cube, but I have done so as well. So let’s imagine we’re gonna
take a trip for four days, what I do, is I pack by outfits. In one cube, one pair of pants, and the two shirts that go with those pants. That’s day one and two. The second outfit, the
same, in a separate cube. So, these pants I prefer not to roll, and they will go with this guy and this guy. Then I’ll complete the
outfits with my night gear. This is a night shirt that
might go with these pants. And then I might do a little dress that I might wear during the day,
or at night with this pants. They go here, and since
I have a little space, I’m gonna add a little sundress, and for guys, I know that
you don’t do dresses, but it might be shorts, or it might be whatever it is that you wear. And there you have it,
four days of clothes. Button-ups and jackets,
I put in a packing folder it helps with wrinkles, like so. And now, I simply arrange it in the bag. Done. Mystery solved. Here’s the deal, I like to nest. That’s right, nest. When I arrive, the first
thing I do is unpack. And with these, all I have to do is take out my cubes, and I am done. Pretty cool, right? Now there are all sorts of packing cubes out there in the market, and I have tried, I don’t
know, maybe 99.9% of them. So, if you are interested
and you want me to review the different kinds of packing cubes, I will gladly do so. Leave me a comment, asap, as soon as possible below. And that’s it. I hope that you subscribe to this channel, and I will see you next Thursday. Ciao! – [Voiceover] Psst, hey, don’t leave yet. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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