Travel tips for Dakar, Senegal

Simon here and ninja I’m back from Dakar Senegal we have been a few times over the past year Senegal is a great example that the sub Syrian Muslim country can be safe and super welcoming for travelers so I’m excited to show it to you this starts with my first impressions [Music] the first thing I thought when I landed was what the hell is this from the airport you can see this gigantic statue in the horizon that I personally never heard of before but it became a symbol for Senegal we’ll come back to that later on the way from the airport I started having a really good feeling about that city streets although dusty are quite clean and well-maintained and the city is very colorful from clothing to the signs and these amazing buses it’s really bursting with vivid colors the last noticeable thing is securely I was happy to see that the streets safe not only for men but also for women let’s move on to the very peculiar geography of the car [Music] the car is not very difficult to locate it’s the westernmost city in Africa this strategic location made it a very convenient stop for the Portuguese Dutch and then French settlers in the exploration and colonization you can see the airport is right in the middle of the city which is super convenient when you would rather but it pain for everyone else in December 2017 and after 10 years of construction a new International Airport will open located this time 47 kilometers away from the city it’s quite isolated at the moment but a train should link it to the city and new neighborhoods are being created called Senegal inertia but back to current Dakar its position on the peninsula means it’s surrounded by coastlines making for great views a good fishing industry and pretty nice waves to surf the main boulevard in the city runs along the coast and takes you quickly from one end of the city to the other which leads me to the next session the best spots in the city Dakar is quite flat but has two round hills called Mammal for obvious reasons if staying in a hotel it will likely be in the al-mahdi or Mammal neighborhood on top of the first hill you’ll find the tallest statue in africa the gigantic african on a stone monument it is surrounded by controversies as it was built by a north korean company and a short outfit given to the women caused outrage since it overlooks a muslim cemetery on the other hill you’ll find a lighthouse that you can visit it offers a great view and is a lively bar comes nighttime in the holidays you can find numerous bars and restaurants overlooking see some of them quite fancy some more rustic another important neighborhood is the plateau it’s home to administration’s and businesses but also many small shops and restaurants if you want to buy a boo boo like this one that’s the place to go at the back of the plateau are very nice creeks with private and public beaches in the background and you can see the girl island where slaves used to be traded it’s also a must go during your visit [Music] when it comes to food the French influence is very strong and you can find a last choice of wine and cheeses in store as well as baguette bread even in rural markets but the more traditional food involves a lot of fish and seafood surgery plantain bananas rice or a chicken which is a grain made of fermented young the traditional drink is called Bisset it’s a hibiscus infusion sometimes mixed with ginger in the countryside meals revolves more on millet and sold oh but unfortunately this is not served in restaurants in Dakar so I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it tastes like 95 percent of the population in Senegal is Muslim and you can see some beautiful mosques with the distinct African style around the city to some extent religion sets the pace of the society we need to Friday prayers and the traditional holiday is being observed but it is also a very tolerant Islam where women are very much equals to men and other religions are respected as well economically speaking Senegal is the fourth economy in the region and is in a kind of rivalry with Cote d’Ivoire for dominance in french-speaking Africa but unlike many African countries Senegal has very few natural resources and relies mostly and services tourism and fishing if Cote d’Ivoire is currently more prosperous Senegal wins in terms of political stability so much so that the US have one of the largest and the seas in that town and at a time where terrorist threats are undermining tourism and business in surrounding countries Senegal is permanent understood early how important it is to prevent any attacks on its ground for two years now you can see armed soldiers at every roundabout on the main Boulevard what more the most common language is Wolof but anyone who went to school can also speak French English she is less common oh and what’s also interesting is that there’s a political union of West African countries which unifies regulations and allow you to pay with the same money this one in different countries just like in Europe now let’s ask the kawah what he thinks about his city oh yeah how are ya all right Dima gets only photos would you prefer I put the diecast cylinder GUI that were passed with some some rockin nose answer physics is not passive part of our window before leo dollies it as unique don’t some hapless clubbers the movement analysis African we see communities on the notice of the nose on Sept see no sticky mama and for seeker to leave me a like and Rebecca please here you go to summarize I would say that the car is a great city to discover West Africa especially if you like fish and speak French it’s welcoming and safe but still colorful and lively which gives you a taste of the West African culture and lifestyle please subscribe if you like my videos and I’ll see you in the next episode bye you [Music]

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  1. I'm from Senegal but I leave in D.C. And Senegal is so fun I can't wait to go back Katherine if you interested let get together and take a trip

  2. Visited in 2014 and was never so excited in my life. I even climbed the steps of the Renaissance de Memorial monument and took the elevator to the top of the cufe and looked out over Senegal. Fabulous. I will next visit another African country this year.

  3. Thanks you proud to My country Dakar sicap🇸🇳you would have many more to explore next time.kinè from Tampa Florida

  4. guys stop it with Senegal is muslim country, it's not Senegal is a secular country. 90% of the population is muslim true fact but religion and state are separated

  5. Thank you for your videos and your insights that you give to the people. However, your experiences are limited to the touristic sites of Dakar and they dont't show the truth and the other reality of this big city. I think that this kind of tourism doesn't serve the population, because it is not sustainable. The big companies get richer, some hotels, bars and restaurant, textile industry might profit from the tourism. (It is over there like in every capitalist country: the riches get richer and the poor get poorer.) But this doesn't solve the problems of millions of people hustling in Dakar. Have you seen the street children, that are exploited by the Marabous and have a very sad life? Why do so many young people take the risk of leaving their beloved country and families by dangerous means because they don't see any life perspective over there?
    When I was in Senegal I stayed with families, ate their food, slept in their beds, washed myself like them being surrounded by cockroaches 🙂 and my clothes in the plastic bins, which is quite exhausting. I saw much poverty, but, of course, I experienced as well a lot of love and hospitality. As I am a dancer I enjoyed the cultural diversity. Nevertheless, it helped me speaking (almost) fluent French and a basic Wolof. Because, if you don't speak these languages, you are quite lost and not everybody is friendly. My observation was, that women are not at all equal to men. They have less chances and less education. I learned wolof in order to be able to speak to women and children, cause all men speak french more or less. I had to make my own experiences within almost one year in Senegal. It was my love for the country and the people that made me return several times. I had the most beautiful times of my life in Senegal, but also the most bitter (corruption, being deceived etc.) So try to leave the touristic sites of Dakar, explore the townships and travel in the country. It's worthwile, particularly the Casamance. Okay, dieuredieuf 🙂

  6. Did you by any chance visit The Gambia while you were in Senegal? I will be traveling to both next week and really enjoyed your video!

  7. I tell people all the time but I am also from there so I think they think I’m saying it just because

  8. No you are wrong. The natural resources are stolen by the French. They have plenty. Good video otherwise

  9. For how long were you in Senegal?
    Se balader seul, en tant que jeune touriste blanc, dans des villes autres que la capitale au Sénégal est-il sur ?

  10. Brilliant guide! It's not often you see a guide for somewhere in Senegal, great job Simon! 👌

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