Travel Then, Travel Now

[instrumental music] Dear diary, I love living on a farm in
Olathe, Kansas. It’s such a wonderful place to raise a family. Visitors love it,
too. They tell us how beautiful the area is
when they arrive at our stagecoach stop from Westport. We take care of them, too,
and offer them a warm meal before they get back to their travels.
I hope our farm is here for years to come, and future generations can
experience the same magic. I can see it now, they’ll arrive in their stagecoaches
just to see the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm. I wonder what other forms of
transportation will be used in the future to get here. By train, Mahaffie, here I come! By streetcar, Mahaffie, here I come. By
car, Mahaffie, here I come. By plane, Mahaffie, here I come. By Uber, Mahaffie, here I come. Wow! Travel in the future will be
exciting and efficient. Well, diary, if dreams do come true, it
looks like no matter how you travel, visiting Mahaffie is a stop you won’t
want to miss. With love, Lucinda Mahaffie.

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