TRAVEL ON A BUDGET | How we travel so often?! | TOP Travel Tips

Airline* Down the street from The Colosseum
Linked in description! Medical supplies fly free! I rly like air quotes…

6 Replies to “TRAVEL ON A BUDGET | How we travel so often?! | TOP Travel Tips

  1. 1st comment. I love your YouTube Chanel. I have a service dog also. The video when you went on the cruise was very helpful for when we went on our cruise.

  2. Travel question unrelated to your tips. When traveling, how do you know when Henry has to his business? It seems that traveling could make him a little irregular. Great tips, BTW.

  3. Love your videos! Really glad you mentioned using credit cards like this. It's like "here's a reward for being organised with your money!" Also in the UK buying flights or hotels and other big purchases on a credit card, you have some sort of guarantee. So if something goes wrong or gets cancelled, you can get money back which is amazingly reassuring.

  4. Have you been able to take Henry with you when you travel internationally? If so, could you do a video on tips for traveling internationally with a service dog? Like all of the logistics specific to the service dog aspect of the trip. Such as how to find out the SD laws in the country you are going to, crossing borders/customs with your dog, important papers or vet info necessary, any specific accommodations you need for a dog, etc.

  5. I just discovered your channel!!! I have a service dog named kiing Henrii as well!!! (spelt differently tho) love your channel 💜😊

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