Travel Kitchen – my cooking essentials on the road

Chef Buck here and today I’m going to
show you my traveling kitchen a lot of people been asking what we travel with
because we do a lot of house-sitting camera girl and I have been on the go
for the last couple of years we haven’t had a fixed address in a while now we’ve
been kitchen the kitchen place to place and we have kind of a little kitchen
setup that we use right now we’re in momma read bucks old house it’s not old
it’s just empty so we’ve been really busy we’ve been moving about my red buck
into her new house so next time you see her in the kitchen it’s gonna be in a
different locale but for right now you know we’ve got all our stuff out of the
car but we don’t have an unpack so I thought I’d unpack it right now and show
you our traveling kitchen one thing that we travel with is spices what do I got
coriander seeds cardamom seeds I like lots of seeds seeds are great for
cooking with we got sesame seeds a fan garam masala
I’ve got mustard seeds I like to go to international markets Asian markets
Indian markets and buy my spices cuz you can get a bag like this here cinnamon
you know and I buy big bags of cumin I think bags of chili powder because in
those those types of cuisines they use a ton of spice so when you go into those
grocery stores you can buy spice by the bagful at a very reasonable price like
you know you go into another seed caraway seed you know you go until like
a traditional US grocery store you know they got these little containers of
spices and you know you might pay five to six dollars for something like this
you know or maybe even more but you can go to an international grocery and get a
much larger size sometimes even for less that’s all this stuff is a spice
rediculous amount of spice to be traveling around with
but you know the spices you cook with you know that that’s gonna determine
what what your food tastes like you know that’s gonna give you the most control
speeds the same everywhere all over the world you know we’re all eating rice
we’re all eating fruits and vegetables it’s the spices you know that gives a
cuisine its flavor so you can really get creative in the kitchen if you have a
lot of spice out of the house it’s that we have had it just been fantastic I
mean just immaculate kitchens I mean some of the best outfitted kitchens I’ve
ever been in uncooked in the last couple years but sometimes you know we’re in
the kitchen and there’s something I want that isn’t there
and so I go out and buy it and then we collected in this which is turning into
our traveling kitchen I get a couple of coffee things in here they don’t belong
here we also generally travel with a couple bags of groceries uh but yeah
speaking of coughing you know I got the cat Bailey see when I put this out in a
video a couple of weeks ago because we had used a cafe lisa move– coffee
filter and one of our houses and I really liked it so I got one and I’ve
been enjoying and although I haven’t been making coffee as much as I usually
do because there’s a great Cuban restaurant around here that has great
coffee so we’ve been going out for coffee a lot there but this here is a
nice little gadget I’m gonna make another video about it in the future I’m
slowly doing some tests some scientific tests scientific you know to see how it
holds up over time with the grounds but we traveled with this here in case there
isn’t a coffee maker where we go if they don’t have a French press or something
this is the easy thing to travel with the make a great cup of coffee boom
of course we got a carafe when you make coffee whether you’re making it in a pot
or and how were you gonna make it it’s best to store you know
craft or you’re waiting to drink it you know one of the worst things you know
when you go into a restaurant you get that terrible coffee you know that old
coffee you know a lot of times it’s because they put it in a pot and they
make it and they leave it sitting on a burner you don’t want to leave your
coffee on a burner that’s also in talega it’s the other reason we have it this
here I bought because I like a nice box grater you know we went to a house date
one time and they have all the head with the little uh the little flat grater
can’t stand that you know I like you know if I had a bicycle right now but
have training wheels you know I like that extra support you know I’m not
ready to go just with a flat bearing in the full box grater this stuff over here
who uses this nobody uses what are you talking about you don’t have a lemon
zester that stuff is great I’m in tester I’m never resist a lemon and you’ve
never sliced like zucchini or carrots anything I never have I’ve never used
any other sides of a grater other than you know a box grater should just have
four sides it’s just that no that’s what I think yeah we got a skillet a nice
nonstick skillet and I got another skillet
I travel with boom this is a Lodge cast-iron that’s the granddaddy that’s a
great we’re pretty good and this was cheap for a cast-iron skillet you know
in Seattle we used to find cast-iron skillets all the time at the thrift
stores man they want some money for a cast-iron skillet but this here work so
what I like about having a cast-iron skillet is because you can do stuff on
the stove top and then you can put it in the oven and some things I like to cook
like that you know I like to have that versatility whereas
this doesn’t seem ziplock bags our travelling kitchen that’s how we hold
our life that’s where they are that’s where they are my kitchen now we just
got some gadgets and doodads I bought a little wooden spoon set it came in three
you know this is all I wanted I was gonna say can you tell what 20 noses
fresh career I don’t think I’ve use these at all you know though this one
looks a little discolor in the end so I must be used it for something but these
will probably get jettisoned at some point but I like to have a wooden spoon
can’t have a wind spoon for your skillet for your nonstick stuff we got a knife
sharpener sometimes we go to go to a kitchen and even though they have a lot
of knives you know they can be pretty dull and I know you’re supposed to have
sharp knives but I don’t know doesn’t really always bother me cuz sharp knife
scary you know people say that sharp knife is safer than a dull knife I guess
that’s true way to move on I’ve cut myself a lot more with sharp knives that
would or not I like to travel with the knife I got this knife I really like it
I really like this design a knife and I like because it’s flat you know I hate
it when they have too much I hate I’m trying not to say the word 18 but I
dislike knives I have too much of a bevel on the bottom but this here I like
I like that hasn’t cover I’m scared as I get older
camera girl bought this knife right here because you took a knife he took a trip
and I didn’t have a good night I took this knife so she had to go out buy
another knife and she got this one here I don’t like these kind of knives I
don’t like knives with a point on the end to start a
tomato cut started to me if you’re if your knife is a tomato if your knife
isn’t sharp and you’re too lazy to sharpen it that little point be scary
because uh where we get or to get buck in line again yeah but waiting step this
we do it to the last job I had in a kitchen where I was work
I cut myself with a knife like this here I was doing something and slipped and it
went right into my palm there’s a little scar right here that’s in the shed but
it was it was sure you know it went in but it went in about this far and so
when it came out it just went it had like a little lips of flesh all right
and so I had to go get it sewed up I’m good gravy that sounds like a
coordination and a clumsiness it was a coordination that clumsy issue but I had
to leave work I couldn’t work you know cuz I couldn’t just put any a bandaid on
it and whatever and go to work because I was there I now without a commission for
how long was I out of commission well you’re still out of commission if we
look at your mental capacity yeah it took a while to heal up so these here
pointy knives no that’s for TV movies I don’t need a pointy knife in real life
all right I mean I need I need a spatula you know for my nonstick skillet I don’t
know why we got two of these why don’t we have two of these tongs boom you know
I like the ones would be with the ends that I used to flip stuff and not
scratch my skillet – huh what do we get this here what is this I didn’t put this
in here what is this camera that’s called a knife I know that but what is
the purpose of it sometimes you don’t need a behemoth knife sometimes you just
want a little paring knife that’s the bigger that paring knife you always want
a big knife and then of course I carry my big knife because like I said I ride
the bus a lot then I had to with why do you need two of those why well because I
you know friend for nonstick surfaces I like this one right here actually I like
I like a metal whisk I don’t like these I like a metal whisk but you know you I
like to have these for the nonstick stuff I would if I could I would just
have this you know you look so scary and it’s blue so …and then boom the last
thing we got in here is just a little steaming basket you know so you can steam your
vegetables you can steam eggs you can steam whatever you want but this here is
candy game so that’s all we have in our travelling kitchen right now that is it
that is all you know we will have some more cooking videos coming down you know
we got some recipes in the pipeline I’m hoping to get my mom to cook some
meatloaf which she used to do a lot when I was a kid and I don’t know when the
last time I was she did that but uh but she was standing over at my brother’s
house and she made a meatloaf I was like you don’t make meatloaf anymore so maybe
that’s back in the rotation so I’m hoping to uh film are doing that and
we’ve got some other recipes we’re gonna do anything dad camera girl no sir
that’s it so some folks we’re asking about our travel in kitchen there’s a
traveling kitchen we’ll be traveling on the road and we’ll see you in a video in
the future thanks for watching and subscribing dinging the bell and we’ll see u in the future

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  1. Awesome video, Chef Buck & camera girl!! This is very helpful because it provides a guide for the travelling Chefs or even those who like to cook their own meals. I like non pointy knife too. Pointy ones are indeed scary and somethin' out of a Horror movie lol πŸ˜‚ The metal whisk is also my favorite because stuff doesn't stick to it. The last steaming satellite dish kind of thing was cool! I would love to use it myself for steaming stuff πŸ˜€

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