5 Replies to “Travel Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses – FREE MONEY?

  1. Sign up bonus is free other than the opportunity cost of spending on that new card instead of what’s in your wallet currently or another card working towards a sign up bonus

  2. Its time to tell the WHOLE TRUTH about so-called "perks" or rewards. For instance, AmEx Platinum annual fee = 550 less 200 airline cr + 100 Saks Fifth Ave cr + 120 Uber cr bringimg AF down to 30…in REALITY, these are REBATES disguised as credits. The money was actually yours from the start. It is returned in small increments with conditions making it hard to redeem in hopes you will forfret alltogether.😡🤯

  3. I do have a different mindset when I am trying to reach a minimum spend on a new card than when I am just using it like a debit. Hitting that spending goal becomes a task I try and complete ASAP

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