Travel Agent FAM Trips – How to get more clients from your FAM Trips

Travel agent FAM trips are fun and
informative and they can be very lucrative. In this video, I’m going to
share with you four tips for landing more ideal clients from your travel
agent fam trips and then below this video you can download a guide on how to
make great videos on your travel agent fam trips. Tip number one before you say
yes to a fam trip make sure it’s an ideal fam trip for you by asking
yourself questions such as does it align with your niche? Are the types of clients
who will want to go to this destination your dream clients? Will you be able to
market this destination? Tip number two. Before you depart do a little legwork.
Announce your travel agent fam trip to your audience. Put it in your newsletter,
post about it on your social media channels, call your clients who you think
may want to eventually go to the place that you’re going to on your fam trip. If
you attend a regular networking meeting let them know about your trip then set
some goals for your travel agent fam trip. What do you want to accomplish
while you’re there? What are the different videos that you want to take
and the information that you want to collect? Ideally, how many different
bookings would you like to this destination? Tip number three. While
you’re on your fam trip be prepared with forms for note-taking and keep your
phone charged. I recommend bringing a portable charger for your phone. Take
pictures and videos of yourself in different locations doing different
activities, eating at different restaurants, seeing different sites and
so on. Post on social media on the fly and keep your notes pictures and videos
organized so you can create newsletters and blog posts from them later. Tip
number four. After your fam trip, follow up with the different tour operators and
suppliers to find out what specials you can market. Create a two to three part
blog theories about your travel agent fam trip and send it out in your email
letter and post on social media about it and then link back to your blog posts.
Follow up with clients that you talk to you before the fam trip that showed an
interest to see if you can get them booked and of course follow up with all
other prospects you have and carve out a little time to connect with each person
that you met on your trip. Those are the four tips for landing more bookings from
ideal clients with your travel agent fam trips, now I’d love to hear from you. What
is the best travel agent fam trip that you’ve ever been on please share in the
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8 Replies to “Travel Agent FAM Trips – How to get more clients from your FAM Trips

  1. Do you have any FAM trip recommendations for 1) a newbie with 2) toddlers? My niche will be Romantic Getaways and Traveling with Tots – and I loovvveee cruises but my husband looovvveeessss all-inclusive resorts. We are booked for a Disney cruise this November. What are some videos that I should plan to shoot?

  2. These are great tips, and a big THANK YOU for the tips.
    I would like to add one more tip. Travel agent wives who go on these fams get shipped to exotic destinations and almost always get an endless supply of free alcoholic beverages. They party into the wee hours of the night with no worries or responsibilities back home, and in many documented cases, hook up with a fellow traveler be it another agent or hotel guest, for a one night stand. Of course all the partying and other illicit anti-martial behaviour is highly encouraged by the vendor be it GoGo or others to allow the inebriated agent to get a "feel" for the property or anything/anyone else they may "feel". Fam trip partying is a dirty little secret in the travel game that has been responsible for the break up of many marriages, be it Virtuoso Week, a posh Mexican resort or a seminar at sea, these fams provide great cover to married female agents to do whatever they want with whomever they please, this is only because 90% of these fams sponsored by the vendors DO NOT ALLOW husbands to go. So if your a husband who has a wife that is dying to go on the next fam, and it just happens to be without you….well….you know why

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