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We always believe on technology as a very important tool to grow our travel business and I have been looking in the Market for a few years for a suitable technology partner that will translate our vision into reality Till the day I have found techno heaven the most reliable IT partner in the industry Impossible is the word never exist in techno heaven dictionary They strive and work hard to deliver better than we expect they extend to us. All the support needed techno Heaven is the real technology partner who always got our back Thank you very much – my brother Vinod and his professional team for all the support Extended so far you guys are the best Hi, my name is Sarah Perez. Malya, I’m the founder and CEO of bedding calm The techno heaven team have been a fundamental part of my startup from the beginning They have gone over and beyond to provide a full service for me and my team helping every step of the way from design planning strategy and development they have a vast Experience in travel and IT that has been priceless for betting saving us money And time but the best part has been impeccable customer service and support from techno head They’re not just an IT company. They’re part of the bedding family Hi Vinod Just want to send this message to you to say thank you very much. And you know, I am very Grateful for what you and your team have done for that linker project it is really amazing the result delivered quickly and I never imagined it could happen The quality of the products are so great. I think I’m very lucky to have you and your company as a tech partner I’m really happy for that So I do hope that we can you know continue to be our to be strategic partner for a long term business So that you can help us to improve the product Develop more new functions and features to make our product really unique and exceptional in the market Thank you very much for your great contribution. Have a good day Hi we have been using techno trial management system for a quite a long time now Not only does it help us to reduce our work time and manpower It also places us in the best day league of moving world of online advancement With this new technology we have been able to grow our visitor distribution network and transform our business to a maximum extent With highly advanced technical tracting we can upload the most complex contracts and offers with ease Their persistently to exceed and enhance our services can only be matched by such a beautiful system Thanks techno and the team for the brilliant work and effort. Keep going Good afternoon I was using technical product I think six men back and we are successfully running our website with the help of techno heaven and their products and service is very nice and the support is also very nice and Yeah, it’s everything is lies and we are using and we start our business and we are running your business very well and the product Is very good Hi, this is what the director of dabble is It was not easy to choose the good technology company as I spent many month for that and they have them many demo for other technology companies, but I was not convinced and Until finally I met my brother Vinod who helped us to create our online website with a strong multilingual contracting module and package to package module and very soon XML and dynamic package with other Model like flights, etc. All that with a beautiful design We choose to work with daqnavi for long term business and because of his great following It would be surprised how he follow every single project to assure the quality and the speed of the job Thank you again, brother. Have a nice day Hello myself dafuq Makani from visitors Thanks Tecna heaven team and many thanks to mr. Vinod Galvani. My website goosey Descamps developed and designed by techno heaven Technical one has very vast experience in travel domain with the advance technology generally Earlier. I was also working offline and booking where lace and very difficult to manage and also revenue is very low but with the help of technibond technology system get online and Get good result also Increase booking multi by twenty times booking flow is managed very well and get good revenue Thanks technolon for being with us. Thank you so much Good morning, Vinod are you I just wanted to thank you regarding the implementation of the ticketing system for our Dubai operation I’ve been talking to the staff there and they are very happy about the performance of the system the barcode system that the scanner is works very well and The back end as well is very effective and very informative No, they are very happy and they’re there they are really comfortable using this system and that’s why I have also decided to use the same system in my operation in Kuala Lumpur and as well in Muscat Oman So thank you very much. And please convey my thanks to your staff as well

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