Transforming Our RV into an Off Grid Tiny House on Wheels

Hi everybody, welcome to Duet Justus. Today is such an exciting day, it has finally
arrived, it is the big reveal. Those of you who have watched our RV renovation
Series have seen for the past thirty videos as we’ve transformed our RV from what it
was, to what it is today. If you haven’t already checked that out,
we’re going to link it in the description below because it will give you so much more
appreciation of what it looks like today. So we’ve made you wait long enough. Let’s go in and check it out! And we want to officially welcome you to our
tiny home on wheels! [music playing]. I know, amazing, right? We still cannot believe how beautifully it
turned out. We’re just thrilled with the results. And because our channel is all about honesty,
I feel like I need to tell you guys something. It really looks like this about zero percent
of the time. Because we really live in it and we have two
dogs. And so everything usually is covered in a
very fine layer of dog hair and there’s more stuff kind of around that we use on a
daily basis. So we’re going to set it up, put some things
back, and show you guys how we actually function in this RV. Alright, let’s get started with the over
cab. First, we assembled six modular storage cubes
to h old some things that couldn’t fit in cabinets and drawers. We have games, dog supplies, dog toys, a bag
of things we use when we go hiking, some office supplies, and a bin of miscellaneous electronics. We also have our lap desks, a backpack with
our computers and chargers, as well as a whiteboard we use to make our videos. Also, in the last renovation video, you saw
us install these sliding drawers. First, these store our dry food. Also, it kind of distracts from the bins of
things that are behind it so we really like that as a decorative element. So let’s move on to the dinette. This is our dinette. One of the things we love the most about it
is how versatile it is. It can go from this to this [snapping fingers]
in a matter of seconds. We also love the dinette because there’s
so much storage. Underneath that booth there, we have all of
our shoes. Underneath the booth I’m sitting in, is
our propane furnace and also we store a shop vac. Underneath the table we store our dog food
and sometimes jugs of water if we have it. Above me you’ll notice we have basically
our pantry and in the other cabinet we have all of our kitchen supplies and dishes. Just a few feet off our our dinette is our
entertainment center. So we have our TV, which operates off of a
fifty-mile-radius antenna. We also have our Playstation and DVDs, which
we really never use. We’re either too busy exploring or working
on the channel. And here we have an inverter, which is basically
the electrical center for everything we do here in the RV that operates off of solar. Next we have a fan and we have our organic
basil plant that’s growing out of control [laughing]. Up here we have all of our camera gear. This probably is the most gear that we have
in the entire RV as far as what we didn’t downsize. We didn’t get rid of any of our camera gear
and it takes up more space than our food and our dishes combined. All for you guys, we love you. Alright, welcome to our kitchen. Here we have a nice stainless double sink. We have a four burner gas stove. We use this all of the time. Here’s our oven. We believe it works. We don’t have any proof of that though because
we’ve never actually used it. And then in our microwave we have a pot and
paper towels, so we also use that for storage [laughing]. Over here, we have a cabinet that we use to
store tea, coffee, and some other miscellaneous things. And then behind me, we have a really nice
size fridge, actually. It’s bigger than we were anticipating and
so is the freezer. So it’s just the perfect size for us. Under the sink, we have three nice drawers
and a very big cabinet. In here we store rags, cleaning stuff, trash
bags, things like that. And in these three drawers we have kitchen
utensils, we have dish towels, and lids and things. Behind me is our stand-up shower. Pretty basic, nothing to really write home
about, but this used to have a glass door on it. We traded that for a nice fabric shower curtain
and it works really well. When it’s not in use, sometimes we set it
like that, we just have more elbow room in the hallway. And we keep the dogs water bowl in the shower
so when they splash, after a long walk or something like that, it’s not going on our
nice floors. Also it’s separate from the toilet. Which I love. That was pretty much a must for me. Speaking of the toilet. This is our composting toilet. It’s really simple, really basic, and we
love that about it. Above me, is a cabinet that holds some of
our most basic bathroom toiletries. Let’s move on to the bedroom. Welcome to the bedroom. Somehow we miraculously squeezed our queen-size
bed to fit in this space. It’s really only supposed to fit a full
but we got ours, so we have a nice, comfy night’s sleep. And you’ll notice above, we have lots of
storage. So we have some towels in here. We have my clothes in here and Michael’s
clothes in there. We also have a closet for our hanging clothes. And over here you’ll notice I use baskets
as basically another drawer. So I have my makeup, some books. Under here, we have a library. Over there, I have my socks and things. And underneath the bed, we have tons and tons
of storage. We have our fresh water tank, our water pump,
Christmas decorations, some winter clothes, just tons of stuff. Underneath the bed is where Roni sleeps and
in the bed is where Chase sleeps. They’re both very spoiled — we’re fully
aware [laughing]. Thank you all so much for watching. We could not be happier with how it turned
out. And we’re so thankful that you’ve followed
along with us on this journey. The next thing that’s up on the list is
the Travel and Adventure Series. So we’re going to show you guys what life
is like in the RV out on the road. So stay tuned for that. Also, if you guys are interested at all in
supporting what we’re doing so we can continue creating this content, we have a Patreon page
that offers you some valuable insight and also gives you some opportunities for gifts
and also some opportunities for personal interaction with us. So if you guys are interested in doing something
like that, make sure to head over to our Patreon page and show your support. Anyway, I think that does it for this video
and I guess all I can say now, is we’ll see you guys on the next video. Bye! [Music playing]. It’s not recording. [Horrified whisper] Since when?!?

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