Train from New Jersey Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to New York Penn Station | Epi#19

Hipfig travel channel offers travel video guides for more than 20 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like our travel videos subscribe to this channel to see more. Hey welcome everyone to hipfig’s video guide series on New York City. In this video we’ll be discussing the most convenient and economical way to get from Newark International Airport or EWR to your hotel using Airtrain and New Jersey Transit trains. So keep watching for tips to make your trip to New York City easier. New York has three main airports: John F Kennedy International airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark International Airport or EWR which is located in New Jersey and handles both domestic and international flights. In this video we will only address EWR, if you want details about JFK or LaGuardia airport go to for more information and videos There are many choices for transportation into NYC by rental car, or private shuttles, rail, taxi, or bus. Most ground transportation is available on the lower level at each terminal outside of baggage claim Airtrain Newark is an economical (free within airport) and easy way to get into NYC. After disembarking and picking up your baggage follow the signs to Airtrain. Airtrain is a free monorail like service which transports airline passengers to and from different airport terminals at EWR and connects EWR to the New Jersey Transit (trains) and Amtrak Airtrain stops at all terminals and at the Airport Station for the New Jersey Transit and Amtrak. It is free within the airport. From Airtrain’s Airport Station you can transfer to the New Jersey Transit trains to reach New York Penn Station. Airtrain runs 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. New York Transit Rail (trains) service to and from Newark Airport operates 21 hours a day but there is no rail service between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. (no service ) You can purchase your New Jersey Transit train tickets from the ticket machines at Airport Station using cash or credit cards (purchase tickets to NY Penn station) Use your tickets to pass through the fare gate at Airport Station. For schedules look at the departure board and be especially aware of the last train times. Walk down to your designated platform and get on your New Jersey Transit train heading towards New York Penn Station. The ride will take an hour or more depending on train schedules. Exit the New Jersey Transit train at New York Penn Station. From Penn Station you can walk to your hotel or if necessary transfer to a New York City MTA subway line, or catch a cab to your hotel Check with your hotel for the MTA subway stop and line closest to them Happy Travels! Go to for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube, and be sure to subscribe for regular updates.

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  1. Pretty helpful vid. Thought flying in EWR, snag a 24hr shuttle to airport hotels to save $$$, and then shuttle to the airport to either ride the NJ Transet or Newark Express bus.

  2. So user-friendly. So economical So timely. So convenient. Way to go, NJ-Transit! You so gratifyingly over-deliver, because it takes about 35 to 40 minutes from EWR to NY Penn! ALL OUR BEST TO YOU!

  3. I will use newark airport when I go back from new york trip. Is it same way from manhattan to newark airport?

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