Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly Review –

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly, part number TVXL25 The unit comes with a 2-5/16-inch hitch ball A 2-inch hitch ball is also available, sold separately with part number TVBB2 When the time comes to move or align your unhitched trailer, the Trailer Valet XL is at your service The Trailer Valet has an integrated drive system which makes moving the trailer very easy Now, one of the key features about the Trailer Valet XL is it’s ability to be used with the included drill bit

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  1. A very good explanation and informative video and It works well but it`s of no use to anyone with a back problem or of a certain age and if you don`t have a back problem you soon will have with the operating position,  sorry to be negative it`s only my opinion,  the steering handle could be extended and maybe universal knuckle joints on the gearing so you could have an extention bar and socket on the drill. Regards .

  2. Do you think this model would have issue with a boat and trailer total 4,000 Lbs load through grass on side of house?

  3. I am really having an issue with my unit. I have been tightening it very hard and yet can't move it. The trailer valet doesn't stay straight and wants to pup out of the coupler.
    Anyone can help ??

  4. I have to be honest here. If you can't back a trailer into a space without this piece of equipment then you have no reason to be pulling a trailer in the first place.

  5. Very Neat and bet it saves $$ for the buyer because it gives you the option to use a drill instead of having to buy one with a motor or deal with going without one.
    Would love to see a XLT T for tall so I wouldn't have to bend over so much lol, great idea

  6. If I were the inventor, I would consider extending the arms and lengthening the drive chain to eliminate having to bend to operate unit.

  7. I like it, I am 71 years old and will use it on my fishing boat, 20 ft TT. Cart trailer. And yard trailer

    Love the drill power idea, saves space & lots of money.
    He if you worry about your back, try moving trailer by hand. If my back ever becomes a problem, I dill let wife or kid use it. Compliments to you

  8. I love the way you explained yourself on that and it's reasonable prices by 3 $400 I'm looking to get my trailer for my van life because I beginning to live under the Grid or Off the Grid if you will need one of those so I can park it and push it around easier rather than use the pickup to move all over the place so it's a great idea

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