Trailer Leaf Spring Replacement Demonstration –

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  1. I will put a video request to show how to remove one leaf from a leaf spring.

    The bolt that goes through the center of the leaves is what holds it together. If you remove that bolt, you will be able to remove a leaf. Please remember that you will be reducing the weight capacity by doing so. Be sure to tighten the bolt and nut when you are finished.

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our tech support team at 1-800-298-8924.

  2. Ok thank you.I was afraid of removing one of the clamps that hold the leafs together because I thought that I would have compress it in some way in order to cancel the spring force.

  3. @LostInMadness220 The shackle links are used to connect the rear of the spring with the rear hanger for this suspension setup. The shackle links add an extra pivot point to the leaf suspenion proivding more range of movement for the spring, allowing the axle to ride over bumps more smoothly and helping the suspension to absorb more shock.

  4. @samsung30501 If, by caravan, you mean trailer, than this can be done and we have a kit for it on etrailer(dot)com. However, it will need to be installed by a professional installer or welder at a trailer or RV shop. If you are referring to a Dodge Caravan, this should not be done by anyone.

  5. Hi, How tight does the shackle links have to be? the bottom part has to be super tight and the bolt that goes to the frame how tight does it have to be?

  6. There is no torque rating we can refer you to, it's really done by the feel of it. However, our experts and installers recommend that it is not super tight, where you can't move it at all. But it needs to be snug, where you can still move it freely but there is some tension and tightness. We can also refer you to etrailer(dot)com and go to the help info tab, the help articles link, then the trailer suspension link. Let us know if you have any more questions, we are happy to help.

  7. thank you. I thought the same. I stripped a u bolt torque to 45ftlbs then watched this. Just tighten until plate slightly bends is perfect!

  8. Etrailer has the best parts. I know I ordered some parts from amazon from another trailer parts place and the parts from amazon looked used. I will always order from etrailer from now on.

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