Trailer Accessories & Upgrades (2019)

Hi I’m Crystyn I’m Doug and you’re
watching Travels and Travails. Today we’re gonna show you a few accessories for
your trailer that will make your life a little easier. We’d love to bring you on
our adventures. If you’d like to come, click the subscribe button. 1. Anderson
“no sway” weight distribution hitch. The Anderson “no sway” weight distribution
hitch is the best hitch that you can purchase at the Casita store. This hitch
has built-in sway controls so that no separate sway control bar is needed. We
purchased this Anderson hitch because we really needed to redistribute the weight
of the Casita to prevent the rear of our vehicle from sagging. However the one
that we purchased came with the wrong brackets. If you purchase the hitch from
Casita you’ll get the correct brackets for your Casita trailer. The Anderson
“no sway” hitch is also an option on new Casita purchases. On this hitch, the
ball moves inside of the ball mount for totally grease free ball. 2. Anderson
trailer jack block. Doug really likes this trailer block because it eliminates
the need to carry wood blocks as well as providing more stability than blocks of
wood provide. It also has a magnet at the top that secures the top of the jack
block to the foot of the tongue jack. 3. Anderson Camper Leveler. The Anderson
camper leveler is quick and easy has infinite adjustment as compared to
traditional leggo-style leveling blocks. No more backing up and moving forward to
readjust the number of blocks under your wheels. 4. MaxxHall 2-pack solid
rubber heavy duty black wheel chocks. These hard rubber chocks are more secure
than plastic chocks and they don’t slip 5. Camco adjustable height aluminum
platform step. Have you ever been in unlevel spot that positions or your
trailer step very high off the ground? This platform
has come in handy when we’ve been in that situation. It makes getting in and
out of the trailer so much easier; plus you can adjust the height of each lake
in case the platform is on an unlevel spot. You can also raise or lower the
height of all the legs as needed. Check out our next video to follow the

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  1. Just came across your channel. Thanks for the info on the hitch. Kind of curious how your Toyota pulls your Casita? I have 2018 a V6 all wheel Highlander and I am wanting to pull the 17 foot deluxe. How do you like the Casita? Thanks Michael Q

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