Tourism – Travel Services

♪ (music) ♪ The Travel and Tourism program really gives you a number
of different avenues that you can explore. Some of the major focus areas
are in the travel agency field, of course, but also into the airline sectors. It’s a two-year diploma program and introduces students
to issues affecting the industry and up-and-coming things,
such as ecotourism. No matter what you want to do there’s a course in the program that can lead you
to that place in the workforce, and it opens up a whole
different world of opportunities. Your teachers are fantastic resources. They are connected with the industry, they can really help and support you. The placement I did prepares you
for a number of different avenues. It gives you a chance
to have some contacts that know the college, that know
the instructors and past students. I really had the opportunity
to work on the ground as a customer service agent
with an airline, and eventually,
once I had completed school, I applied back into the same company and, since then I’ve worked
from a customer service agent up to a flight attendant and I’m very happy in it. ♪ (music) ♪

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